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   Chapter 90 You Just Like My Body

My Sweet Super Wife By Kong Chan Characters: 7796

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Stefan put his hands on her wrists and put his knees against her legs, making Nancy unable to move.

The kiss was more like the bite of two little beasts.

Their mouths were filled with the smell of blood.

The more Nancy resisted, the more Stefan wanted to conquer her.

He didn't get up until he was almost out of breath.

Nancy stared at him. Looking at his red and swollen lips and the blood at the corner of his mouth, she thought she might not be better.

"If you were a man, let me go." Said Nancy.

Her lips were numb and she could hardly feel her lips moving when she spoke.

"Look at you now. If I let you go, I will really not be a man."

Fire was burning in Stefan's eyes. Love and hatred were mixed and eroded his heart.

There was only one thought left in his mind: conquer her!

Although he knew it was the most shameless way.

His reason had completely disappeared.

He couldn't understand why he couldn't extricate himself from this woman and he couldn't control himself at all. What was the difference of her? Was there some kind of addictive poison hidden in her body?

Driven by his instinct, Stefan started a new round of attack.

He kissed her hard, as if he wanted to tell her what he couldn't say.

Nancy couldn't get rid of him, and her hands and feet gradually lost their strength.

Stefan's action became gentle.

He lifted the quilt on Nancy. He was as familiar with her body as his.

He knew all the ways to make her give up resistance.

He was familiar with every inch of her skin.

"Let me go..."

Her voice was gradually lowered. Finally Nancy whispered.

But this way made her feel uncomfortable. She felt that she was being violated and insulted.

"If you don't let me go, I swear that I will confiscate your tools!" She gritted her teeth and said.

But Stefan was really good at it.

This familiar feeling reminded Nancy of the past.

She thought of the luxurious ward, the small bed, the dumplings at midnight, Stefan's concern for her, and his anxious eyes.

"Ah!" Nancy's body suddenly trembled, and all the muscles in her body were twitching.

The pain that she had not been felt for a long time came again.

This time, it was more painful than ever.

It hurt so much that Nancy gritted her teeth and made a squeak.

She screamed painfu

"I knew it before the celebration party. I didn't tell you at the first time because I wanted to see a good show."

Nancy's tinnitus completely disappeared, and Stefan's voice became clear.

"What else?" She asked.

After thinking for a while, Stefan said, "After you disappeared, I wanted to kill Allen, but because of one sentence of the chairman, for the interests of Mu Group, I endured it. I personally transferred him to be the research and development director of Mu Group. I saw him get promoted and get a pay rise, and even hold a grand wedding ceremony, but I could do nothing."

This time, Nancy was completely awake.

She calmed down.

Stefan even thought she had fainted. He looked down, touched her face and asked carefully, "Are you fine? Are you all right? "

Nancy nodded.

It turned out that Allen was married.

"Who did he marry?" She asked softly.

"Lu." Said Stefan.

Nancy stared at the ceiling blankly. A bitch and a dog were a perfect match.

"What are you thinking about?" Stefan asked.

"Nothing." Nancy numbly replied, and she was sweating and exhausted. All she wanted to do was to lie quietly.

After tidying up the hair on her forehead, Stefan thought to himself, 'I've told you so much that I realize I'm such a bastard. No wonder you don't want to see me, no wonder you hide from me, no wonder you haven't come to me after you survived, and you even want to get rid of me and start a new life...'

"Stefan, you never really like me." "You just like my body," Nancy concluded in a cold voice.

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