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   Chapter 83 To Get You Now

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As soon as James came out of the police station, he saw Shawn and Stefan waiting for him.

"Shawn, what's wrong with you? Your Face? Who hit you? Alas... " He ran out excitedly, hugged Shawn and said in less fluent Chinese, "I'm alive. This is the darkest night in my life. Shawn, you haven't forgotten me. Thank you!"

Shawn patted him on the back. It was also his darkest night.

No, it should be the darkest morning.

Now half of his face was covered with bruises. As soon as he had an expression, he would grin in pain and the corners of his mouth would twitch, as if he had a sequelae of stroke.

Shawn felt guilty for his interaction with Nancy last night, so he hugged James more tightly.

Stefan cleared his throat and said, "There are so many people coming and going. Are you serious?"

James let go of Shawn and turned around. He was surprised. "You are... You are Stefanie! Alas... What a pity."

Stefan lowered his eyes, stared at his elder brother and asked, "What's going on?"

"Nothing. Let's go." Shawn patted on Stefan's shoulder and said, "Stefanie, you drive. I have only one eye to see. I have a bad vision. Get in the car. Let's go!"

While they were talking, Shawn pushed Stefan and James into the car.

In the car, James looked at him with confusion. "Shawn, why are you more miserable than me? You have wounds all over your face!"

Stefan snorted and sneered, "He deserves it. He has been involved in a love affair!"

"Shut up!" Shawn said, "You don't look like a young brother at all. You should respect your elder brother and treat him as your father, understand?"

Stefan said, "I'll ask father to arrange blind dates for you to arrange your marriage. In this way, you don't have to hang out with these women all the time and don't worry about getting sick."

"What do you mean by 'all the time'?" Shawn protested, "Why do you say that? What did you see?"

"I only saw it once. I wouldn't know how ridicu

rried that this was also a test for her by SR. She shook her head and said, "It's okay. Don't waste time. We should hurry up. Go back before dark."

Lily looked at her face and said, "Nancy, you have to let those bad things go. Only in this way can you forget them in your heart, right?"

Nancy shook her head.

She couldn't forget it.

No one knew what kind of hatred and pain it was.

It was this darkness in the bottom of her heart that made her efforts to become what she was now, making her a better person, and an invincible weapon.

How could she forget.

SR had been using this to train her and make her cold.

Without this hatred, she couldn't have become like this.

"Nancy, you always think that Michael and SR saved you, so you have never doubted them or your mission..." Lily said softly, looking at the place where the sky and the sea met.

"What do you want to say?" Nancy asked.

"Have you ever thought that it's not what you think?" Lily turned around, stared at Nancy's pale eyes and asked, "Have you ever thought that your misfortune was planned by someone, just to get you now?"

These words were beyond Nancy's imagination.

As the saying went, suspicion begot ghosts. Suspicion was a terrible thing. As Pandora's box was opened, everything would turn black.

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