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   Chapter 45 East Harbor, First Dock!

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As Carl fell asleep, Allen said coldly, "You have made a big mistake this time! He is just a kid. How could you... "

"Don't worry. He just needs a good sleep. You can keep him company and no one will hurt him." Said Queenie. "Allen, trust me. I won't do anything stupid. Once I get what you want, we will leave the city."

She smiled as she took off Carl's wristband from his wrist and said, "He's a cunning child. As long as he get a place with the Internet, he will secretly upload his trail. Doesn't he think I don't know it?"

Allen suddenly pulled her back and said, "What do you want to do?"

"The less you know, the better. You can pretend you know nothing, can't you?" Queenie sneered and pointed to Carl, "He has been playing the game for a whole day. He is sweaty now. You help him to bath and take him to sleep."

She took off Carl's sports wristband as she spoke.

She touched the screen of the wristband and thought, 'Nancy, I hope you won't disappoint me.'

"Where are you going?" Allen pulled her back.

"You'd better pretend that you don't know anything." Queenie took the car key, tiptoed to kiss him, and said with a smile, "Wait for me, I will take back what you want!"

Allen chased after her as if he was worried about her. He whispered to her, "Don't hurt anyone. I don't want to see anyone get hurt either you or her."

"Allen, what are you talking about? Nancy is my best friend." Said Queenie with a smile.

After she reached the underground parking lot, Queenie started her phone.

Before she got into the car, her phone rang.

"Nice meeting you, Nancy." But she didn't answer.

She drove Allen's car out, and the music played in the car was Nancy's favorite.

The magnificent and grand symphony clearly represented the feelings of the two people.

Innumerable notes sounded in the night sky, connecting the two people far apart.

"It gets through!" In the ward, Nancy was very excited. "Baron, it gets through!"

Baron banged the table and said, "I took a lot of effort to invade the cloud database of this company, and I found the walking track of the sports wristband!"

"Where is my brother?"

rything clear first. Your brother may not be there."

Nancy said, "I will go there if there is a glimmer of hope. That's my brother, not anyone else! Baron, if you really want to help me, don't stop me."

"How about if I go with you?" Baron asked.

Nancy said, "I can go there myself. If Queenie sees you, she will be out of control, and my brother will be in danger. It's a dock!"

"You are alone. Aren't you afraid of danger?" Asked Baron.

Nancy showed a sad smile and said, "At least we are friends. Be patient. We'll talk. There will be nothing to worry about."

She shook off Baron's hands and walked out of the ward quickly.

Then Nancy walked to the gate of the hospital, stopped a taxi and went straight to the First Dock.

Sitting in the car, she kept calling Queenie.

Queenie finally answered the phone.

Nancy said coldly, "Did you bring my brother to the dock? What the hell do you want to do? I warn you. If you dare to hurt Carl, I will never let you go! "

"How could I hurt him?" Upon hearing this, Queenie replied, "If you are here, we three can enjoy the night tour of the East Harbor. The view is great. We will wait for you..."

After hanging up the phone, Queenie parked her car at the dock, got off the car and threw the wristband into the water.

She looked at the boundless dark harbor and thought, 'I've never wanted hurting anyone. The God is so unfair to me that I have no choice.'

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