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   Chapter 44 Your Sister Would Be Here Soon

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Baron looked at the video of the vehicle license again and again.

He seemed to be confused and asked, "Why did Fairy ask continuously? Why is Simon leaving?"

Nancy said, "He was coming to rescue me as soon as possible. I guessed that Queenie said something that infuriated him in order to stall him."

After thinking for a long time, Baron covered his forehead and said, "That's my fault. I shouldn't tell him. If I hadn't told Simon... Simon wouldn't be so angry. And nothing would happen to him."

"Concerning about the two hundred thousand three years ago, is there any evidence to prove that what you said is true?" asked Nancy.

Baron shook his head and said, "It has been a long time. We can't keep the evidence. You know, it's easy for people in this industry to get rid of the evidence."

"It's easy to get rid of the traces. Why did the police still find Simon?" Nancy pointed out sharply and said, "If that was the trial work of your group, then it should be a game, why did nothing happen to you? Why was only he found? Don't you feel weird?"

Baron kept silent for a long time. Three years ago, they had no time to think about the reason for this in order to clear the relationship.

Besides, Simon had taken the fall. No one would have thought of that again.

Nancy kept saying, "Three years ago, the lawyer in charge of Simon's case was one of my dad's good friends. My dad knew all the details of the case. He told me explicitly that Simon was found by the police because someone reported him."

Baron pulled a long face and refused, "No way! Only the four of us know what happened that year. There won't be anyone else..."

"So... he is one of you," Nancy said, "as long as we think about who could get the most benefits after Simon was in jail, we'll know who he is."

"That's just your guess." Baron shook his head. "You don't have any evidence."

"I believe that the police will keep the phone number and information of the accuser. Once we could investigate the record, we will probably get some clues," said Nancy confidently.

However, Baron didn't know how to explain. "Do you think the Police Station is your backyard? You think you can do everything there? It's not easy and very risky to hack into the system if

ed it on Moments.

"Yes, I got it!" Nancy enlarged the photo and handed it to him, asking, "Can you see it clearly?"

Baron nodded and stared at his computer intently.

After a long while, he looked up and said to the stunned Nancy, "don't stand still. Keep calling!"

At the same time, the doorbell of Allen's house rang.

He opened the door and shouted surprisingly, "Carl? I'm Allen. Do you remember me?"

Then he held Carl up and walked around, "Hey, guy! You become much stronger!"

Carl was somewhat disgusted and said coldly, "I'm not a child anymore."

Since he had won a lot at the Game Center, he became admired for Queenie now.

This was the most brilliant woman he had ever seen in the game. She was almost as talented as Simon.


He still didn't completely trust them. As soon as he entered the room, he asked, "Where's my sister? Where's Nancy? Allen, where is my sister?"

"Well, as for her..."

Allen just smiled like a fool and didn't know how to answer.

He stared at Queenie with reproachful eyes, 'What did you get him for?'

With a smile, Queenie handed a cup of milk to Carl and said, "Your sister will be here late. Drink the milk first..."

Carl was dubious and insisted, "Allen, Fairy's phone is out of power. Please give my sister Nancy a call."

"Okay! I will call her!" "Drink the milk Now, and I'll call her right away," said Allen.

Carl took the cup and drank it up.

Then, he could no longer bear to see Allen call his sister.

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