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   Chapter 43 Something That Makes Her Scared

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Stefan was walking in the underground parking lot. He had asked Mr. Yang to ask the staff of the funeral home, knowing that Nancy had gone with Henry of People's Hospital in the city.

When he called her but her phone was powered off, he was so angry that he wanted to demolish the People's hospital immediately.

He got angry with her complacently and wondered when Nancy would call him.

After waiting for a while, he still didn't receive any call from Nancy.

He was so worried that he could hardly sit still. When he was about to go to the People's Hospital, Nancy called him.

He stared at the screen, and waited for a while deliberately before he picked it up.

On the other end of the line, Stefan felt uneasy while he heard Nancy's sobbing voice.

"Don't worry," Stefan comforted her.

All of a sudden, he didn't feel angry any more.

Nancy asked, "How can I not be worried? He is my own brother. He was picked up by Queenie. What should I do? What should I do? If you can, help me. As long as you can find my brother, I will sign whatever you ask."

"Where are you? Wait for me there!" said Stefan.

With her phone in her hand, Nancy nodded quickly.

"Nancy, what's going on? Is that your friend who took away Carl?" Gary asked.

Nancy nodded and said, "One of my colleagues in the Royal Club."

"Why did she take Carl away?" Gary asked with confusion.

Gary couldn't figure out why Nancy was so nervous since they were colleagues.

From a distance, Stefan's car came into view.

She said to Gary, "Uncle Gary, it's none of your business. You can go back first."

"But... Nancy, are you sure you can manage on your own?" Gary asked in hesitation.

"Well, don't worry about me," Nancy said, "Uncle Gary, you haven't rested well for several days. You look much older these days. You can go back to have a rest. I can solve it."

Looking at the car drove slowly towards them, Gary was confused.

"Well, I'll go back first. Call me if you need anything,"

o deal with. Please come here when you have time," said Nancy.

"I can come now," Baron replied, "I'll be right there."

After a while, Baron arrived at the ward.

Noticing that Nancy didn't look well, Baron asked, "did Uncle Gary give you a hard time during the day?"

In fact, he saw that Nancy was slapped by her aunt Mona, but he didn't know how to help her.

Then Nancy sent the video of the drive recorder to Baron and said, "Look."

"This is..." Baron's eyes widened in surprise. "How did you get this?"

"It was taken by the drive recorder in Fairy's car," said Nancy.

Baron's face was deadly pale. Looking at the time of the video, he surmised that it happened not long after he had finished the phone call.

"What did you tell Simon on the phone?" asked Nancy.

"We didn't say anything special," Baron rubbed the back of his head and said, "I just told him to make his misunderstanding with Fairy clear. And forget about the money..."

"Wait, what money?" asked Nancy.

Baron said, "Simon also had the same reaction at that time. It seemed that he didn't know what I was talking about. Three years ago, it was Fairy who took the 200, 000. Simon chose to take the blame for her..."

Nancy clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.

'So that's why. Well, Queenie. That's it, ' Nancy thought.

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