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   Chapter 42 Do You Know This Guy

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It seemed that she was quite familiar with it, so Nancy didn't care much about the infusion.

She ran out of the hospital in a rush and did not have time to say hello to Henry.

When she got on the taxi, the driver asked, "Miss, where are we going?"

After being stunned for about 30 seconds, Nancy said the name of her younger brother's school.

She held her cell phone, with full of cold sweat in her hands.

If something happened to her brother, she would rather choose to kill herself. Even if she died, she would feel ashamed to see her father.

'Carl, don't be afraid. I'm here...'

Nancy thought to herself.

Arriving at the school gate, Gary and Carl's head teacher were waiting anxiously. Both of them looked bad.

Nancy even forgot to pay the fare. She got out of the car directly. The driver shouted for a while and then she went back. With her fingers trembling, she paid for the taxi.

"Uncle Gary, what happened?" Nancy ran to Gary and her face was pale.

Gary answered, "Miss Wu told me that you took Carl away when I was here."

Nancy turned to look at the female teacher. At this time, the female teacher also did not know what to do. She said, "Sorry! Sorry! It's my fault..."

"Miss Wu, nice to meet you. I'm Carl's sister." Nancy reached out her hands and shook with the teacher reluctantly. She took a few deep breaths and calmed down. "How is it going? You said that Carl left with his sister, right? Did you see the guy with your own eyes?"

Miss Wu replied in a panic, "No... When it was too late, Carl said that he was hungry and asked me to take him for hamburger. It's getting dark, so I took him out in case he got hungry."

Miss Wu felt embarrassed and said, "What a coincidence! I was in a hurry to go to the bathroom, so I told Carl to wait in the mailroom of the school, and asked the staff in it to look after him. When I came out, Carl was gone... I thought it was Carl's family who picked him up, so I didn't care until his uncle called me. Alas... Shall we call the police?"

"Where is the staff? Where is he?"


ou spending the night at Allen's house tonight?"

Carl looked at her with a puzzle and nodded.

"I want to talk to my sister," he said.

"We can't contact your sister right now. Let's wait for a while. Are you full?" said Queenie.

"Yes," Carl said and nodded.

"Do you want anything else? I'll buy it for you!" said Queenie with a smile.

Carl shook his head.

"It's still early. Let me show you around, okay?" Queenie asked. "Do you have something you want? I'll buy it for you!"

Carl said, "No, thanks. I can't just ask everything from you. I'm not a jerk."

"You're just a kid. How can you say that?" said Queenie as she rubbed Carl's head.

After waiting for a long time, she raised her eyebrows and said, "I'll take you to the Game Center. I play games very well! I am even better than your cousin Simon!"

"Really?" Carl's eyes lit up.

After all, Carl was just a kid. Even if he was confused, as long as she did not show any malice, he would not be so cautious.

At the school gate, Nancy kept calling Queenie, acting like a headless chicken.

"Nancy, don't turn around. Call the police," Gary persuaded.

"No use for that. Uncle Gary, it doesn't work. The police won't step in," said Nancy.

Her phone was almost out of power.

As she made up her mind, Nancy made a phone call. "Stefan, my brother is missing. Please help me find him..."

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