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   Chapter 35 Party A and Party B

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"A lawyer?"

The next morning, Nancy was in a wheelchair, and a nurse pushed her to the CT room. When she came back, she found a person in the room.

There was a slightly overweight middle-aged man who was wearing a very serious look on his face.

He stood up at the sight of Nancy and introduced himself.

"Why did you send a lawyer here?" Nancy looked at Stefan and asked.

"Miss Nancy, I was entrusted by Mr. Mu to draw up a document overnight. Please sign it after checking it." The lawyer handed her a document.

Nancy took it over and asked with a frown, "What's this?"

Stefan looked at her coldly, "Take a look by yourself!"

Turning her eyes to the paper in her hand, she saw the document which read 'Party A: Ron Mu and Party B: Nancy' and she shook her head, "What's this? I don't want to sign it!"

"Get out, all of you!" After saying, Stefan drove other people out and locked the door.

When she saw him locking the door, Nancy felt that her heart beat fast.

'What was he doing?

He even dared to lock the door...

He did the same thing last night!'

Nancy put the contract on her knees and hugged herself tightly, asking, "What are you going to do? I will scream! The doctor said that I will die if we do that one more time!"

Stefan put his hands on her wheelchairs and said, "One more time for what?"

He smiled, just like a naughty child who had played tricks.

But his eyes were burning with fire.

Nancy blushed and said, "No way! I'm gonna scream!"

"What are you screaming for?"

"You are assaulting me!"

"I am forcing you?"


Before Nancy could react, Stefan grabbed her hand and said, "I am assaulting you. So what? What can you do?"

"I..." Nancy tried to avoid him, but was locked in the wheelchair. In a hurry, she stood up and tried to push him away.

Holding her in his arms, Stefan got close and kissed her on her lips, catching her eyes.

"Sign it," Stefan whispered to her and shook the document.

"What's this?" Nancy asked anxiously in a red face, "I'm in Party B.

r came out to see her.

She felt so embarrassed that she had to go back to the ward.

Seeing the indenture on the bedside table, she angrily picked it up, threw it on the ground and trampled it fiercely until the white paper was full of footprints.

"Stefan! You old sneaky, vile, shameless bastard!"

She was so angry that she wanted to hit the wall and then she screamed in a loud voice.

The men outside the door trembled with fear at her shout.

Nancy was pacing back and forth in the ward. She couldn't tell if she got high blood pressure or the post-effect of concussion.

She felt her brain was going to explode.

How to do it?

Her phone was taken away and she was imprisoned by a group of hatchet man outside.

She still needed to contact with Baron and had a lot of things to ask him.

Uncle should have known that something had happened to Simon.

She was afraid that it would make a big change in such a small family.

Her uncle must be worried to death since he couldn't find her.

Stefan messed up all her original plan.

What a rampaging destroyer he was!

Nancy walked back and forth in the ward and pleaded the doorman from time to time.

She did all she could to beg them. They not only didn't let her out, but also refused to lend her their phones.

Out of options, Nancy had to lie back in bed, doubting her life.

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