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   Chapter 24 Yes! She Is My Woman!

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Simon fell on the ground, without moving.

Perhaps the driver of the dump truck had drunk the wine or he didn't have identification, he didn't stop, and he stepped on the accelerator and fled.

Before Queenie raised her head, the driver had already driven away.

'What should I do?'


Queenie recalled how Simon glared at her with red eyes a moment ago.

She took up the phone and called 911 with her trembling fingers.

'Simon, don't blame me.'

She told herself to leave here as soon as possible. She didn't want anyone to see her here!

It was a path and there were few cars on it.

After checking in the rear view mirror, Queenie was sure that there was no car now, and she stepped on the accelerator with her trembling right foot.

When she passed Simon, she stared at the rear view mirror. In the darkness, there was a light lit up on the path.


It was Simon's phone!

She slammed on the brake, opened the door and got off the car quickly. She picked up Simon's phone.

She even dared not to squat down to confirm if he was still alive.

She held the phone tightly and ran back to her car at a fast speed, and then she got out of this terrible curve.

The past college time flied quickly on her mind while she was driving.

In those young and energetic years, Simon's voice and smile were split into black-and-white photos, which were like slides.

Tears blurred her sight.

How she wished she could go back! But there was a voice in her heart that kept saying firmly, "Leave quickly, don't turn back..."

"Don't worry, Simon. The ambulance will come and save you."

She wiped her tears and put the phone, whose screen had been smashed, into her handbag.

In the abandoned industrial garden, Nancy was taken to an empty factory.

The black cloth covering her was uncovered, and Johnny and several men who looked like devils were in front of her.

"It's not easy to see you, Miss Nancy."

"What do you want to do? Stay away from me." Caught by two men, Nancy could only scream hard, hoping someone could hear her and save her.

"Are you happy to trick me with Stefan?" Johnny walked towards Nancy and pinched her chin. "I've never been treated this way since I was a gang member. No one can hear you shouting. The louder you shout, the happier we are."

In the empty factory, the dirty laughter of these men echoed.

Nancy was so desperate, because Johnny tied her on the chair.

"If you dare to touch me, Stefan won't let you go!" Trembling all over, she said, "You'll regret it!"

Johnny snorted and shouted, "Bring that toy boy in!"

When Allen was brought in, half of his face was swollen and there was blood on the edge of his mouth.

He must have been beaten.

"Nancy!" Allen looked up at Nancy and shouted, "You let them release me! It has nothing to do with me!"

Nancy closed her eyes desperately.

Johnny looked at Nancy and walked to Allen. He pointed at Nancy with a smile and asked, "What does this woman have to do with you?"

It was not until then that Allen found that Nancy's hands and feet had been tied.

"Are you okay, Nancy? Are you okay? Did they beat you?" He shouted anxiously.

Johnny punched Allen and asked, "Are you deaf? I'm asking you what the relationship between you and this woman is!"

Nancy shook her head while staring at Allen and then turned around. She said, "Why do you ask him? He is just a toy boy that I have thrown away."

All she hoped was that Allen would be smart.

At this moment, only the name of Stefan could intimidate Johnny.


Nancy didn't dare to imagine what her fate would be like.

"Nancy..." Allen shook his head in disbelief. "How could you say that? I can explain for what happened las

t night!"

"Don't play the idol play in front of me!" Johnny grabbed Allen by his collar and shouted, "Say it! Is she your woman?"

"Of course not!" As soon as she said, her mouth was covered. She had been winking at Allen all the time.

But it didn't work.

Allen didn't know anything. When he saw how heartless Nancy was, he was even more excited. "Nancy, please forgive me. I have figured it out that she and me are just friends..."

Feeling impatient, Johnny ended his affectionate confession with a right fist.

Johnny pinched his chin and said, "I'll let you go as long as you admit that she's your woman, not Stefan's! Otherwise, I will cut your hands."

Someone brought out a clipper for skilled gardeners and put it on Allen's fingers.

"Say it or not?" Johnny shouted.

Staring at the clipper, Allen clenched his teeth and finally blurted out before the clipper was about to be closed, "Yes! She is my woman, and she has nothing to do with Stefan. She said that she wasn't Stefan's girlfriend!"

Tears welled up in her eyes.

She muttered, her mouth pasted with adhesive tape.

She stared at Allen, trying to imprint his coward in her heart forever.

Johnny laughed wildly and said, "Do you hear that, brothers? This woman is a bitch. She took money from the Mu family and tried to frame me and my brother-in-law. We'll enjoy her tonight!"

"What are you doing?" Allen was annoyed. He broke free from people around him and rushed to Johnny. "What are you going to do to her? Didn't you say that I have admitted it and then let us go?"

"Did I say that?" Johnny raised his eyebrows and asked his henchmen, "Did anyone hear that?"

"I didn't hear it!"

Everyone responded loudly.

"We failed last time. Tonight, I'll let you see what the real lady from the Cheng family is! Everybody, look at her clearly!"

Allen was hit several times in the laugher.

Staring at Nancy, he suddenly regretted being so cowardly and doubting her innocence.

"Stun the toy boy and throw him in the middle of the road!" Johnny said with a smile.

Obviously, Allen was stunned. He could do nothing.

He muttered, "Nancy, I'll be back to save you, Nancy... I'll call the police, I'll call the police right now. Wait for me!"

The two men brought him into the car, came out from the industrial garden and threw him on the road.

"It depends on your fate, boy."

"It's a dark road. Anyone who is blind to drive fast will be run over."

"Call the police? You'll see the hell!"


After they threw him out, the black MPV turned around and left.

Johnny's henchmen were discussing in the car. The one who was driving fast reached before they finished talking.

Queenie thought she had dim eyesight because she saw a black shadow like a sack, and it looked like Simon's phantom, scaring her to slam on the brake.

She screamed after seeing the shirt of the one on the ground, "Allen!"

She got off the car quickly to confirm who the man beaten like a pig was.

"Allen, wake up! Wake up!" No matter how hard she screamed, Allen was still in a coma.

"Call the police..." In a daze, Allen said, "Call the police. Nancy... Save... My Nancy..."

"Hum! Your Nancy isn't yours anymore!" With great difficulty, Queenie carried him on the backseat of the car.

She worried that she would meet Stefan if she drove on the highroad, and she also concerned for Simon.

She turned around and went back as the way she had come.

She heard the ambulance siren when she was close to the curve where Simon had an accident.

She saw medical workers lift him on the ambulance when she drove pass.

'This is your fate, Simon. You can't blame me...'

She thought quietly and brought half dead Allen to the hospital.

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