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   Chapter 23 I Don't Mean To Hurt You

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Queenie's delicate voice came from the Bluetooth phone.

"Mr. Mu, this is Johnny's plan. He wants to use Nancy as a bait to induce you to go there alone. If you don't trust me, you can make a call and investigate the person who sent you the information." Queenie said. "I don't know who he is. But I'm sure that he must work with Johnny. He isn't a good man."

She dared not to make sure the source of Stefan's information, so she decided to take the risk.

It would be great if she could delay for a few minutes.

After hanging up, Stefan called Mr. Yang, "I asked you to investigate Nancy. Is there any result?"

Mr. Yang replied, "Yes. The general information is here. The details are still under investigation."

"Is there a person named Simon Lin in her social network?"

"Lin?" Mr. Yang replied, "Miss Nancy's mother is May Lin, and her uncle is Gary Lin... Oh, Simon Lin is her cousin."

"What kind of person is he?"

Mr. Yang replied, "He is very talented, but... What a pity..."

"Pity for what?"

"He was released from prison half a year ago, but he hasn't found a job yet. He's eating the bread of idleness now." Mr. Yang emphasized again, "His previous experience before going to jail is really perfect. What's wrong, Mr. Mu?"

"Where are those hatchet men?" Said Stefan. "Tell them hurry up!"

He was still dubious about Queenie and Simon.

Especially Queenie.

'This woman knew too much.

Maybe she worked with Johnny.

Nancy would be in danger if I went late.

However, as Queenie said, if he reached there alone, it might be a trap...'

So Stefan decided to call Simon to figure it out.

But the line had always been busy.

Because in the meantime, Queenie was also calling Simon.

She wanted to delay both sides now.

As long as Johnny acted quickly enough, everything would be much easier.

As Simon rushed out of the path, Queenie was calling him all the time, so he had to hang it up.

At last, Baron called him.

"What's wrong with you, Simon? Why did I take so much effort to call you?"

"Cut the crap! Just say it!" Because the tracker monitored that Nancy was taken out of the car, Simon was carefully listening to Nancy's condition.

"Does the fairy come to meet you?" Said Baron. "I helped her track your location. From the map, she is 500 meters behind you in a white BMW."

"Why did she track me?" Simon asked, puzzled.

"She said she worried that you would be in danger. I think she still had some feeling with you. If you meet her, you should make it clear. If you figure out the money in the past, just let it go." Baron replied.

"Was the money used for paying your mom's operation fee?" Simon was shocked.

"What are you talking about?" Said Baron in surprise. "The money was taken by the fairy. We all thought that you knew it. My family sold my house for paying my mom's operation fee..."

His words were like a thunder which struck Simon.

He turned back suddenly, and a white BMW was behind him. The dazzling light made his eyes burning.

It was her.

He had thought that he was imprisoned for his brothers. It was worthy of saving a life.

He didn't expect...

He was like a fool, cheated by her so many years.

"What's wrong with you, Simon? Simon?"

Baron didn't hear his voice. He shouted anxiously.

"I'm fine. Bye." Simon's voice sounded unnatural.

Queenie drove the car forwards.

Simon's car slowed down.

With the window of her BMW rolled down, Queenie said, "I finally caught up with you, Simon."

"You took two hundred thousand dollars?" Simon was annoyed, with round eyes. He stared at her.

Taking a deep breath, Queenie said, "Don't say that, Simon. Let's stop and find a quiet place to make everything clear? It's so dangerous!"

"There is nothing to talk." Simon heard Nancy's scream in his earphone. "I have something urgent to do now. I'll settle accounts with you later."

He said as he sped up.

It was only two kilometers away from the western industrial garden. The road was too narrow and rugged.

Since it was in the suburb, there was no street light and the vision was very poor.

"Let's talk, Simon. I don't want you to misunderstand me." Queenie also tried to catch up with him as fast as possible.

"Misunderstanding?" Simon was irritated, "What the hell are you talking about? Just tell me, did you get the money?"

"Who told you that?" "You trust others instead of me?" Asked Queenie.

"Did you take the money?" Simon was on the verge of losing control of his emotions.

Perhaps the anger or Nancy's scream in his earphone, he was both mad and anxious.

The car was speeding up.

"Say it!" He roared.

Queenie also shouted, "Yes! I took it!"

"Why did you lie to me?" Simon asked, "Why did you lie to me?"

"No reason. I need the two hundred thousand dollars."

"Do you know that I spent three years in jail just for the money."

"Did you say you would die for me, Simon? Now you have only been in jail for three years. You felt so aggrieved?"

Simon stared at her face, as if he had never known this person, so strange.

She had changed completely.

Maybe from the beginning to the end she was like this. He was just a fool.

Simon gritted his teeth and stepped on the accelerator hard, trying to get rid of this terrible woman and the darkest days in his life.

There happened to be an arc ahead.

Simon slipped away quickly...

When a hard light aimed at the lane, a dump truck suddenly rushed over like a ghost.

Simon was so shocked and terrified.

Slow down, brake...


His speed was so fast that it was too late even if he had already stepped on the brake.

The tires screeched while the truck driver kept pressing the horn and stepped on the brake.

In front of Simon was a dazzling light.

It was too late.

Everything was over.

He felt as light as a feather and flew.

Queenie was so scared that she stepped on the brake.

Simon' body flew as a black sack and then fell on the ground. The motorcycle slipped towards the fences, emitting so many sparks.

She stopped the car, covered her head and screamed.

'Simon! ! !

I didn't mean it, Simon.

I just wanted to delay.

I didn't mean to hurt you...

It wasn't my fault!

It wasn't my fault...

I didn't want to hurt you. I really didn't want to hurt you...

It was you who drove so fast. It was the truck's fault. It had nothing to do with me.

It wasn't my fault...

It was all your fault! It was all your fault!'

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