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   Chapter 22 Don't Go! You Are Trapped.

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The moon was hanging high in the sky.

Several bright lights penetrated the night in the suburb and gathered in the same direction.

"What do you want? Where are you taking me?" asked Nancy.

In the black MPV, she couldn't see the direction of it as her eyes were covered.

Earlier, someone grabbed her hand and unlocked her phone with her fingerprint.

Her mouth was covered by a hand. Hearing that they were calling Allen, she could do nothing.

"You are mistaken. He won't come to save me," Nancy replied in a cold voice, "I have nothing to do with him now."

According to the contemptuous laughter of these people, Allen should be doomed, too.

"Miss Nancy, do you think we are stupid?" someone said, "you and Mr. Mu are a couple? Then who is this 'Darling' in your phone? I call just to make sure which unlucky guy will answer the phone. I don't want to catch the wrong person."

"I know you! You are Johnny's bro," said Nancy.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Nancy!"

"Did you catch Allen? Why? Aren't you afraid that Stefan will find you? He will never let you go!" shouted Nancy.

Although Nancy was unwilling to admit her relationship with Stefan, it seemed that only mentioning the Mu family could intimidate these people.

"Really? Why can't we find anyone of the Mu family from your contact list? "

The man who seized Nancy burst into laughter and said, "Johnny was right. You and Stefan are just acting."

Sweat began to break out on her forehead.

As expected, Johnny wouldn't give up so easily.

However, in order not to show her timidity, she still said calmly, "I have made an appointment with Stefan. We will have a dinner together. If I don't meet him today, he will definitely come to me. Maybe he will call the police. I advise you to release me. Don't ask for trouble."

"Let you go? It's impossible!" the man beside her said, "Johnny has suffered a lot for you. We have to take his grievances back from you. The place where we will take you will definitely not be found! Even if he loves you now, we will see whether he still loves you after playing with us! By the way, is it more exciting to let your dear boyfriend see it with his own eyes?"

Nancy was shivering all over.

She forced herself to calm down and said, "I was pulled into the car by you in front of the club. If he doesn't see me, he will go into the club and check the surveillance video, then he will know that you did it!"

"Well, Miss Nancy, you are still so stubborn to lie to us now? Stefan is your boyfriend. Can you tell his phone number? Let me have a small talk with Mr. Mu, okay?" a man laughed and said.

Nancy felt that someone touched her lips so she bit it hard.

"I warn you, don't touch me, or you'll be in real trouble!" she roared.

Although she knew she was ridiculous that these people must have planned for a long time if they dared to do so.

Probably, they took her to the car from somewhere that was exactly the blind spot of the monitor.

Otherwise, they wouldn't be so arrogant.

The reason why they brought Allen here was to confirm her relationship with him.

As long as they were sure that she and Stefan were not a real couple, then...

She was so screwed.

Nancy was terrified and restless, sweating all over.

'Simon should have seen the scene just now?'

She could only pin her hope on Simon.

In any case, the car with the two wheels couldn't run faster than that of the other four.

These people were experienced and must be very vigilant, so they didn't hear that there were motorcycle following them.

At this moment, through the monitoring function of the tracker, Simon heard the conversation in the MPV and knew that it was Johnny who was behind all this.

Then he thought of several possible loc

ations. He targeted an abandoned industrial garden on the outskirts of the city.

He used the navigation to map a nearer path and drove on the path.

Then he sent the destination to Stefan.

At a fleeting speed, Stefan drove at 180 miles per hour. He didn't care whether he had exceeded the speed limit or the traffic light.

In his heart, there was only the silly and adorable face of Nancy's.

He felt very uncomfortable at the thought that the stupid woman would get into trouble because of him.

He could not help but feel fretful for no reason.


I have told you that she is my woman. How dare you touch my baby?'

Stefan narrowed his eyes, dialed the number, and said, "Choose the best hatchet men. I want to go to the deserted industrial garden in the west of the city."

'Anyone who dares to offend me, you'll be deposed or even dead sooner or later!'

Unconsciously, he had already seen Nancy as a family.

On the other side, according to Baron's long-distance guidance, Queenie was getting closer to Simon.

The BMW was running at full speed, and Baron kept telling the route instructions through the Bluetooth in the car.

"Queenie, there are only two roads away from Simon. He took a fast path and I could see that he was going to the abandoned industrial garden in the west of the city. I am sending the map to your car with the help of navigation system."

Looking at the map, Queenie speeded up suddenly, changed lanes and overtook. It all happened so fast.

"Baron, you are so smart to install a set of invisible GPS device in your car," she said, "otherwise I really can't catch up with him. Thank you."

"The motorcycle is all my property, of course I value it." answered Baron.

A moment later, he said abruptly, "Queenie, we had a clear division of labor and we were invincible back then. In fact, I have something to ask you. Since you still care about him, why did you cheat Simon? He loves you so much."

"I have nothing to say." Then she hung up the phone.

She didn't need to explain to anyone for what had happened in the past if Simon didn't say anything.

Let bygones be bygones.

Now her heart was occupied by Allen and she would not mention anything of the past.

Where Simon desperate to go was...

an abandoned industrial garden in the west of the city...

Queenie drove with composure, thinking all the information about this place.

The industrial zone used to be a big paper mill. Because it was reported by the people that it was not up to the standard of country, it had been suspended and turned into a junk yard.

She heard that there was some connection between the industrial garden and Albert. That was...


Then she came up with a good idea.

'It was very likely that Allen and Nancy had been caught by Johnny!

In that case, it might be the reason why Stefan hurriedly drove his sports car out.

If that was the case, Stefan would have arrived earlier.

If they all get there and have a frank talk, then I would be screwed.

The fact that I cheated Nancy into a private room might come to light. If Allen knew about it...


Since it was Johnny, I couldn't be there.'

Queenie slowed down gradually.

'If Nancy was caught by Johnny, she would be dead definitely. Allen was basically safe.'

Clenching her teeth, Queenie dialed Stefan's number, "Mr. Mu, if you're on your way to the west industrial garden, I advise you not to go there. You're trapped."

Hearing this, Stefan frowned, lightly hit on the brake, and suddenly slow down his fast car.

He was a suspicious person.

'What happened tonight was really too bizarre.

How did Queenie know about the western industrial garden?

How did Simon get my number?'

Stefan pulled over.

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