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   Chapter 21 Nancy Has Been Kidnapped!

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After a long time, Nancy didn't come out. Simon looked at his watch.

Everyone knew about Stefan and Nancy. People in the club wouldn't make things difficult for her, and people who hated her wouldn't show their dislike.

She had been in there for such a long time...

The moment Nancy stepped into the club, some people gathered around her.

They asked all kinds of questions.

Even though Mr. Chen who was always impolite to her served her tea.

Nancy perfunctorily talked with them, only wanting to take her things and leave.

In the makeup room, she looked everywhere but didn't find her purse.

After she asked several times, everyone didn't tell the truth.

"Miss Nancy, please take a seat. I'll settle your salary." Mr. Chen handed the hot tea to Nancy.

Nancy took the money and estimated that it was more than she expected. She asked curiously, "Where are the things I left behind in the club, Mr. Chen?"

"You don't know?" Mr. Chen was surprised. "Didn't you ask someone to take them away?"

"No, I didn't..." "What did the person who took my things say?" Asked Nancy.

Mr. Chen answered, "It was just yesterday evening. Mr. Mu asked him to bring them away. We didn't dare to stop him..."

Without a word, Nancy walked out of the club.

Mr. Chen said politely, "Miss Nancy, it bothers you too much that you come to take the money. Please make a phone call next time. I'll ask someone to send the money..."

Nancy didn't want to talk to him anymore.

'Why did Stefan ask people to take her things? He was so officious.

But it didn't seem that Stefan did it.

Last night?

When preparing the celebration party...'

She walked out of the Royal Club, lost in thought, and didn't notice that a black Benz MPV was speeding towards her.

At the sight of her figure, Simon, who was far away from her, was not yet happy.

The black MPV suddenly stopped in front of Nancy and shielded the sight of Simon.

Almost in an instant, the door of the MPV was opened, and a man dragged Nancy into the car.

Nancy screamed, but her mouth was immediately covered.

"Nancy!" With a scream of Nancy, Simon quickly ran to the Benz. But the car had already sped away.

He threw the cigarette butt away and swore angrily.

He was irritated. He stared at the rear of the car and took down the license plate number.

The two wheels couldn't be faster than the four wheels.

He took a deep breath and went back to his motorcycle. He made a phone call and said, "Do you think the GPS in your motorcycle is useful, Baron?"

He was worried about Nancy, so he took off the anti-theft tracker and put it in the pocket of Nancy's trousers a few days ago.

He didn't expect that something would happen.

After asking Baron for the account password of the anti-theft tracker, Simon used his phone to locate Nancy.

Staring at the small map on the screen, Simon forced himself to calm down.

He called again, "Charles, help me check the plate number and send the information to my phone later."

Recalling the scene just now, he clearly remembered that the men who had kidnapped Nancy were trained. It seemed that they had done this many times.

He looked at his motorcycle worriedly. After thinking for a while, he called a strange number.

"Nancy was kidnapped. I'll send the location to your phone. If you didn't do it, you must know who did it. If anything bad happens to her, I won't let you go!"

Without waiting for his reply, Simon hung up the phone, put on his helmet, and rode the motorcycle to catch up with her.

At the same time, Stefan was in the underground parking lot.

He became worried at once. Mr. Yang asked, "What happened?"

"Nancy was kidnapped." Stefan calmly stared at the location on the screen and said, "You represent me to the dinner with the partner tonight. Ask John to drive th

e car and pick up several vice managers. Explain to the partner. Give me the key of the 458 car in the underground garage."

"Do you want to go there on your own, Mr. Mu?" Mr. Yang said anxiously, "Is the news reliable? It's so dangerous."

Taking over the key, Stefan strode, unbuttoning his suit.

In the front, Queenie stood beside the BMW of Allen, and she was anxiously calling. Apparently, the call couldn't be put through, so she kept calling.

Stefan glanced at her.

The BMW was started, but the man in it was gone.

There were two new butts beside the feet of Queenie. One of them was thrown away after half of it was used.

Obviously, Allen had been waiting for her at the parking lot. He started the car first and turned on the air conditioner.

He got out of the car to smoke, just because he was impatient.

Queenie was talking in the meeting room while he smoked half the cigarette.

Stefan didn't say a word. He just walked to his car and started it.

The location point on the screen of the phone still moved towards the suburb.

Queenie stopped the car before it was driven.

"Mr. Mu, Allen disappeared. Does it have anything to do with you?" Asked Queenie boldly.

"No!" He rolled down the window and glanced coldly at her. Without waiting for her to ask again, he stepped hard on the accelerator and drove out of the garage.

Originally, Stefan wanted to remind her to check the drive recorder.

But on second thought, he realized that Allen had anything to do with him.

Queenie was worried, just stamping her feet.

She opened the door of the BMW and sat in the driver's seat.

The key was still there. Where could he go?

His phone was turned off.

She noticed that her phone was almost out of power, so she powered it on quickly.

When she calmed down, she saw that the electronic touch screen of the car was stuck.

She felicitated that it was an old car, so its electronic display screen was stuck sometimes.

At that time, Allen got off the car and stood by the side of it. When he made a call, he found that the Bluetooth was still effective. Perhaps the phone suddenly left, so the screen was stuck in the conversation page.

Queenie saw the caller ID 'wife'.

"Nancy!" She quickly called.

Simon was racing at full speed. Just then, his Bluetooth earphone rang, and there was a call coming in. He thought that Charles had found the license plate information, so he answered it, "Do you know the license plate number, Charles? Who is this?"

"Are you home, upperclassman? Can you do me a favor?" Asked Queenie anxiously.

"It's you?" "I have something to deal with now. We'll talk about it later," said Simon.

Upon hearing this, Queenie tentatively asked, "Don't hang up now, upperclassman. Can you get in touch with Nancy?"

"Why are you looking for Nancy?"

"Allen disappeared. Finally, he answered the phone call from Nancy." Said Queenie.

"Bullshit!" Said Simon. "Nancy was kidnapped. I saw it. She wouldn't call Allen even if she could."

"What? Did you mean Nancy was kidnapped?" Queenie asked in surprise, "Where are you now? Hello! Hello! Upperclassman? Simon!"

Simon hung up the phone. The buzzing of the wind, the rumbling of the engine, and the way he roared weren't strange to Queenie.

He rode his motorcycle very fast.

Queenie quickly checked her cell phone book. She hadn't been in touch with them for a long time. She ever thought she would never be in touch in them.

"Does my upperclassman borrow your car, Baron?"

"Miss... Fairy?"

"He is in danger now, and I don't have time to talk to you anymore. You must have a tracker in your motorbike, right?"

"Well... This is... "

"Don't waste time, Baron. My upperclassman is really in danger. Give me the location of the motorcycle! If an accident happens, you can't afford that!"

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