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   Chapter 20 a rabbit with a snake

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"You don't go home with me for dinner?" asked Simon.

"I'm going to the Royal Club. I'm not going to have dinner with you. I can't eat anything. Uncle and aunt will worry about me when they see me like this," Nancy replied.

On the way back home, it happened to be the rush hour for returning from work, and Simon tried his best to protect Nancy in front of him. He lowered his head and looked at her worriedly.

Another group of people rushed up. Nancy was squeezed closer to Simon. She shook and grabbed his arm.

She could smell the smell of Simon's and remembered the smell of Simon's given off by his body washes because he kept using the same ones since he was a little boy.

Simon stared at her eyelashes and said earnestly, "Why should we still go after that? Aren't you afraid that they won't let you go?"

"My bag is still there. I have to get my phone and card back. Besides, I need to get my salary this month. I can't work in vain," she continued.

Johnny and his men were not idiots and wouldn't give up after being intimidated by Stefan. As long as they carefully investigated her relationship with Stefan, they would find something different.

Here was the building of the Mu Group.

Queenie sit in the reception room and watched the dimming sky, noticing that the white-collar worker went off duty one after another and all the lights went off.

The power of the cell phone was only 20 percent left.

She breathed a sigh of relief and stood up.

No one came to inform her, no one asked her to leave, and everyone treated her as the air.

She opened the WeChat app and sent a voice message to Allen. "Have you finished your work? Don't forget to have dinner together. What do you want to eat? "

Allen replied, "It's up to you."

With a satisfied smile, Queenie sent a voice message, "Honey, I will wait for you in the parking lot."

Just as she turned around, Stefan appeared.

"Mr. Mu, you finally come to see me?" Queenie said with no anger but a smile.

"What do you want to say?" asked Stefan.

'This woman was by no means a simple woman. Any women would be very angry or even leave after waiting for someone for a whole day.

But she could still be so calm.'

"I'm here to make a deal with Mr. Mu," said Queenie. She played the audio recording on her phone.

In the record, they could only hear two short sentences, "Ask all of them to go back to the company to finish their jobs. Tomorrow morning, the base price for the land of the HS Group will be handed out,"

and "Brilliant, Mr. Mu. Even if Albert won't take crap from anyone, he won't just let his brother-in-law go to prison like that."

Upon hearing the voices of his and Mr. Yang's, Stefan fixed his eyes on Queenie.

It was the first time that he had seen what this woman looked like.

'Well, she was born to be a top-billing star.'

"Mr. Mu, you don't want this to get out, do you?" Queenie said, "you have just taken over your father and become the CEO of the Mu Real Estate. You implement your first big project with the HS Group, which is very important, isn't it?"

"What do you want?" asked Stefan.

The white light in the reception room fell on their faces, and both of them were gloomy, with no blood on them.

"Mr. Mu, could you please sit down and have a good chat with me? We need to make friends," said Queenie.

"Name your price," said Stefan.

Before asking this question, he was full of confidence. A woman like Queenie must do it for money.

In this world, as long as

money could solve the problem, it was not worth taking it seriously.

"I don't want the money," said Queenie in a calm tone.

Stefan looked at her with the kind of contempt in his eyes. He obviously didn't believe what she said.

"I don't have that much time," he said.

"Mr. Mu, do you like Nancy?" asked Queenie.

Since he entered the reception room, for the first time, there was a strange expression on Stefan's face.

Without waiting for his answer, Queenie said directly, "Let me guess. I don't like her, so I just take advantage of her. I'll dump her as soon as the project of the HS Group finishes. "

Stefan kept his silence.

"I also know that you have asked someone to change the surveillance video in the hotel, in order to prevent Johnny from finding out the truth," Queenie said, "Mr. Mu is such a gentleman. I'm sure you didn't have sex with Nancy. Did you come with her last night to explain to Allen?"

Failed to read her mind, Stefan just looked at her coldly.

"I can delete the recording, without any back up. I hope Mr. Mu will keep the relationship with Nancy and don't kick Allen out of the Mu Group," said Queenie.

"Is this the deal you said?" Stefan sneered, "what if I don't agree?"

"You can't refuse me. It is harmless for you to accept my suggestion," said Queenie.

Before he nodded his head, she deleted the record in her mobile phone and waved her phone up, saying, "Allen is waiting for me in the parking lot. I should go now."

Staring at her back, he thought of Nancy.

Of course, a little white rabbit like Nancy would not be able to fight against such a beautiful snake like Queenie.

At this moment, the moon was high in the sky and Nancy was on her way to the fiery pit.

Sitting on the back seat of the motorcycle, Nancy could feel the wind howling at her ears.

She buckled her helmet, bowed down and shouted at Simon, "Watch out!"

Hearing that, Simon slowed down the motorcycle.

"Where did you get the motorcycle? I might as well ride on my own!" complained Nancy.

"I borrowed it from my bro. I sent you home out of kindness. You don't even say anything good to me. You ungrateful little girl!" he said.

Before she could complain, he stepped on the gas with more strength.

The motorcycle was like a mad cow, roared and plunged into the darkness.

Nancy was about to complain, but she was frightened by the crazy motorcycle.

In addition to shrieks, she slapped his back and shouted with all her strength, "Be careful! How dare you! Now we're on a motorcycle. You're not afraid of death, but I am! Ah! ! !"

"I'm riding with good riding skills and never had an accident. Don't worry!" he roared with great pride.

After the rush hour at night, it became much more empty in the roads of the city.

He drove as fast as he could in the darkness of the night. When the night fell, the lights of every house were flickering. All of a sudden, he felt that he was alive and everything was fine.

They reached the Royal Club.

To avoid being despised, she asked him to wait at a distant place.

"Take your things and come out quickly!" reminded Simon. Simon took the helmet from her.

"Okay, don't worry," replied Nancy. Without looking back, Nancy headed to the Royal Club.

"Wait!" Simon shouted. While trotting after her, he said to her that her clothes had been stained with mud. He put a small box into her jeans pocket without her seeing.

"Come out quickly! I'm hungry. I'll wait for you," he shouted at her back.

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