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   Chapter 19 Are Tears Sweet

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Henry walked to the door and stopped. He turned around and said to Nancy, "Patient's family member, please come with me."

"Go ahead. I'm here." Nancy was worried, so Simon patted her shoulder.

Following Henry, Nancy stared at his heels.

"Is my mom fine now?"

She looked up at Henry's back, feeling flustered.

When Henry walked to the end of the corridor, he said, "The patient is in good condition. Don't worry."

"When will my mom wake up?" Asked Nancy.

Henry was silent for a long time, but Nancy already understood what he meant before he said.

It seemed to be impossible.

He talked to her in the corner instead of his office. Did he mean that she must have mental preparation?

Her tears welled up.

'Oh my God! Why was this happening? Why?

Why couldn't I replace my parents to suffer it?

Why did my family always get hurt?

My dad passed away, and now it was my mom...

I was willing to sacrifice myself for their health and happiness! Just take my live away! Come on! Take it!'

Nancy was so sad that she almost fainted.

"Be careful!" Henry held her immediately. Looking at her red eyes, he felt a little pity for her. He took out a candy from his pocket and put it in her hand. "Let's take a seat over there and talk."

Henry held Nancy, walked to a chair and sat down.

Henry bought warm milk for her.

She didn't take the milk, just crying. From last night till now, she seemed to have cried all the tears in her whole life...

"Eat the candy." Henry said. Then he touched the back of Nancy's hand with the bottle of milk.

There was a person in the world who could make others moved even his words were plain.

Everything he did was just right, like the sunshine, with the power to calm down people's heart.

Henry was such a person.

Nancy ate the candy unconsciously.

The sweet milk candy made her comfortable.

"Does it taste good? You cry while eating candies. Are your tears sweet?" Henry smiled, passing the warm milk over. "With sugar."

After she took the milk, Nancy found that she was very weak, as cold as an ice stick in a hot summer day.

"Thank you." She said softly.

The sunlight came in from the French windows behind them and shone their backs.

Henry' eyes were gentle.

"Don't have psychological burden." He looked at Nancy and said with thin lips raised, "The doctor is talking to you. It is not a bad thing. We have to deal with more things in the future. I want to know you as a friend. Hello, I'm Henry."

As Henry reached out his hand, Nancy swallowed the warm milk. In spite of the milk remaining on her mouth, she quickly grasped Henry's hand and nodded, "I'm Nancy."

Henry looked at her upper lip with a little milk and her red nose. He smiled and handed her a handkerchief.

Nancy took the handkerchief, bowed her head and wiped her mouth.

A faint fragrance of mint came from the blue Givenchy handkerchief...

She took a deep breath and became more sober.

"Dr. Young, can my mom wake up?" Asked Nancy.

Henry said, "Now it needs calling treatment, which requires cooperation of the family. I heard from the nurse that you seldom came to the hospital, which was not good for the recovery of the patient..."

"I know." Nancy felt guilty. It was not that she didn't want to come. She had to work in the day and to play the piano in the evening. It was alread

y midnight when she came home.

Nancy regretted learning music. It was so useless at last.

If she had learned something more practical, she wouldn't be as useless as a rubbish now.

"And," Henry asked seriously, "Is there any difficulty in your family? May' medicine has been stopped because of arrearage..."

"Yes." Nancy nodded, looking at her tiptoes with embarrassment, and she said, "Please don't stop the medicine. I'll pay back the money as soon as I can. Please use the required medicine, even imported medicine. I can afford it, just needing some more time."

While she was speaking, Nancy made up her mind.

Even if there was a slim chance, and even if she could only expect the miracle, she couldn't give up.

She was her mom. Maybe this was the last moment of her life.

Give up...

A heartless beast could say such words.

'No matter how hard it was and how tired I was, I would try my best to get all the money, ' she thought.

Nancy made up her mind.

She thought, 'I don't have nothing at all. Since he isn't kind to me, why am I kind? I'll sell the house I bought for Allen! I'll get the money!'

"And," Henry said, "I read the CT of May's brain, and found a small amount of extravasated blood. We'll treat it conservatively first to see if the extravasated blood can be absorbed. However, you need to have mental preparation and money preparation. If her condition gets worse, she may need a second operation."

Nancy excitedly grasped Henry's white coat. Before she said anything, Henry smiled gently and said, "Don't worry too much. As a doctor, I have the obligation to explain all the details and possibilities to you. You should trust me as much as possible!"

She nodded in a daze.

"Then I'll go to work now."

Looking at Henry walking into the shadow of the sun, Nancy clenched her handkerchief...

When Nancy and Simon arrived at the payment department on the second floor of the hospital, they were informed that the fee was paid.

Moreover, the medical fee of Nancy's mom could be owed first. Her medicine wouldn't be stopped.

After inquiring several times, Nancy finally realized that Henry had paid the fee.

Henry also reported to the director of the hospital, making she owe the fee first, but the medicine wouldn't be stopped.

Nancy stood in front of the payment window blankly. She thought Henry's smile and his act of reaching out his hand to raise the spectacle frame.

'Why do you help me?'

An older staff came in and happened to hear the young staff explaining to Nancy. He said unhappily, "Mr. Yang has specifically said that we couldn't say it, you have said too much!"

"Mr. Yang is so strange. He did something kind, but he didn't allow us to talk..." The young staff murmured.

Simon asked Nancy, "Girl, you just talked to him for a while. What did you say to him? Why did he help you?"

Nancy shook her head and replied, "Nothing special."

"Well, don't think too much about it. Let's go. We will return the money to him later." Simon comforted her, "Haven't you heard what the nurse said? Every department's director was allowed to apply for several places like that every year, in order to take care of those poor people. Did you tell your hardship to him?"

"Do I need to talk it? It's so obvious!" Nancy returned and asked the staff in the hospital for Henry's phone number.

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