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   Chapter 17 A Rookie Wants to Do Something Unusual.

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This day, every people in the Mu Group was more nervous than usual. Stefan was looking rather green so everybody just sit tight to not to annoy him.

After a series of meetings, Stefan returned to the CEO's office.

He picked up his new phone bought by Mr. Yang and unlocked it. After the activation, he was inexplicably angry while he was setting up his touch ID and passcode.

'The video had really been deleted by the woman.

How did she do it?

She unlocked the phone and deleted it easily in such a short time.

No matter how she did it, it was impossible to use that cell phone anymore.

The password must be changed, too.'

"Mr. Mu," Mr. Yang knocked on the door and said.

"Come in!" Stefan replied and put away his phone.

Mr. Yang came in and said, "Mr. Mu, we have the analysis report from the technical department here. The video has been normally deleted, with no means of destruction, nor using any other software. And there is no backup in the cloud."

"So that woman had broken my password?" asked Stefan.

Mr. Yang said, "According to the technical department, yes."

Stefan was silent.

"Mr. Mu, Miss Nancy is the princess of the Star Electronic. The company have developed rapidly over the past two years. They focus on the safety information. As the only successor of the company, we can take it for granted that she has the key technology, even the unknown advanced technology." said Mr. Yang.

Stefan thought it was impossible.

'If Nancy had that ability, she didn't need to work in a coffee shop or play the piano in the Royal Club. Instead, she could work in a technology company.'

He said, "Ask someone to investigate everything about her!"


replied Mr. Yang. He took a few steps and turned around.

"Anything else?" Stefan said and frowned.

Seeing that he was tired, Mr. Yang looked down and said, "Nothing. Do I need to cancel the schedule in the afternoon and you can go back to have a rest?"

"No, thanks." Stefan said.

Getting out of the CEO's office, Mr. Yang thought, 'Mr. Mu looks bad today. So I'd better not talk about that thing now. All I need to say is the result.

It doesn't matter who changed the video in the hotel.

Because Mr. Mu always said that he only cared about the result instead of the process.'

Stefan pressed his temples with his hands, and thought of Nancy curling up in the sofa and still sobbing in her sleep.

He didn't know how she was now.

The internal phone rang. Stefan frowned and pressed the speaker, "What?"

"Mr. Mu, there is a Miss Lu waiting for you at the reception desk. She said that she has something important to discuss with you. But she doesn't have an appointment. How should we arrange for her? She also said that you will regret if you don't see her, Mr. Mu," the female secretary faltered on the phone.

Stefan was about to ask the strange woman to go far away, but something occurred to him all of a sudden. He asked, "What's her full name?"

"Queenie Lu," replied the secretary.

"Let her wait in the reception room," said Stefan lightly.

'Nowadays, a rookie wants to do something unusual.

How could she dare to come here!'

Queenie stayed in the reception room for a long time. She felt that the third cup of coffee had already turned cold, but Stefan still didn't show up.

No matter what she said, she only heard that Mr. Mu was in a meeting and please wait patiently.

She even could hear her coughing sound in such a huge reception room.

She knew that Stefan was deliberately embarrassing her.

Feeling bored, she took out her phone, took a selfie and posted it in Moments.

The neat and concise office environment and the bright light made her look delicate and capable, like a female white-collar worker.

There were a great number of people liked the comment when Queenie posted it on her WeChat Moments.

A few minutes later, Allen called her.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"In your headquarters building," Queenie said, "let's have dinner together tonight. I'll wait for you."

"What are you doing there? It's office hour," Allen suddenly raised his voice and said, not very happy.

Queenie answered in a soft voice, "You sa

id that you want me to find a decent job, right? They are going to set up a network technology company in the Mu Group, and they keep recruiting new employees. I'm here for an interview. If I succeed, I can go to work with you in the future. "

"You?" after a long pause, he asked, "is that okay?"

He had heard about that the group was preparing for the Internet technology company. It was said that the youngest daughter of the chairman, who was Stefan's sister, would be the CEO of it. However, that was only spread inside. They were still in the process of recruiting new staff in secret. How did Queenie know that?

He thought, being a clumsy woman like her, Queenie was probably interviewing for an receptionist or others in the Secretary Office.

Hearing the contempt in Allen's tone, Queenie depressed the corners of her mouth a little and said as gentle as usual, "If I can't handle it, I will just take it a trip. I am just here to tour the company and widen my vision. You can focus on your work. I have to hang up now."

As soon as she hung up the phone, a new message came in via WeChat, "Did you swap the surveillance video of the hotel?"

"No," replied Queenie.

She stared at the screen and thought for a while. Then she typed quickly, "Since you have been released from jail, you'd better change your temper of being a busybody."

She had still not sent the message.

A new message came in. "Don't deny it. I know you have the ability to do that. I had reminded you last night. Why didn't you just go?"

She smiled and deleted what she had already typed.

"It's none of your business," she sent back and replied.

"Don't hurt Nancy, or I will break up with you."

When she saw the words on the screen, a sharp pain struck her heart.

'Who the hell is Nancy? Why does everyone want to protect her?'

"My senior, there's nothing between you and me. It's only your wishful thinking," Queenie typed and sent the message.

The old memory in the school faded away in her mind.

The handsome young man in white shirt who could give up everything for her, now is warning her for another woman.

She noticed the new message of WeChat, saying, "Nancy is my cousin."

As she read the message, Queenie felt relieved and knew that Simon still cared about her. And she understood that Simon said that because he just want to be sure she was okay.

She sent a picture with love, and attached, "I'll treat you to dinner some other day, my senior."

Then she smiled happily.

Queenie despised herself for many times. 'Is there a woman like me in the world? Just want everyone to love me, but I won't love anybody. Maybe I love myself best in this world.'

On the other side, looking at the picture that Queenie sent, Simon smiled unnaturally like a crazy man.

Nancy patted him on the shoulder and asked, "Why are you giggling? Did you date someone?"

"What are you thinking about?" he retorted. In order to shift the topic, he quickly locked the phone to keep it away from Nancy and said, "I'll go to the hospital with you later, but you have to go home with me for dinner after that. My mother have asked me to let you go back with me tonight in any way."

When they were talking, they stood beside the bus stop and waited for the bus.

Suddenly, it reminded Nancy of the scene when Allen moved into the new house.

The happy laughter between Simon and her still echoed in her minds. But everything was totally different now.

Hearing no response from Nancy, Simon lowered his head to look at her, whose face was already covered with tears.

In a summer afternoon, Nancy was wearing a white shirt, a light blue loose jeans and a pair of small white shoes, looking like a lonely bird surrounded by the chill.

Simon heaved a sigh. He put his hands on her shoulders and said, "Men and women in this world will choose to either have a happy ending or break up with each other."

"Of course not," Nancy added, "there are still a group of hard people who are unwilling to give up!"

Simon consoled, "Nancy, don't take things too hard."

"The bus is here,"

said Nancy. Then she wiped her tears and went to the bus.

Simon hurried to catch up with her.

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