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   Chapter 16 Don't Let The Bad Man Take Advantage Of It!

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The rain finally stopped.

At about 8 a.m., the sun rose. Nancy was still sleeping.

But a series of rapid doorbell woke her up.

When she opened her eyes, she looked at the warm house, as if it had been a long time.

She found herself lying on the sofa, covered with a blanket.

'Was I sleeping?

How did I fall asleep?'

She rubbed her sore eyes and looked at several beer cans on the tea table, while her lips still sensed the taste of ice beer...

'Oh, I almost forgot Stefan was here tonight!'

Suddenly, she sat up and touched the blanket. The room was empty. The TV was broadcasting morning news, and the volume was very low.

She even couldn't remember when Stefan left or when the blanket covered her.

The cold voice of Stefan was still lingering in her mind. When she was about to fall asleep, she seemed to hear him saying that V304 had nothing to do with him.

Stefan would never disavow what he had done.

She reminisced carefully about that night...

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door and rang the doorbell. But there was no response, and the person outside was flustered.

She sprang to her feet, rushed to the door with bare feet and opened it.

Simon was knocking at the door with all his might, but he couldn't stop and rushed into the room.

"How did you know I am here?" Asked Nancy in surprise.

Simon breathed a sigh of relief, "Are you all right?"

Nancy shook her head.

"You scared me!" Simon walked to the bar counter, and poured himself a glass of water.

Without any expression on her face, Nancy walked behind him and asked, "How do you know I am here?"

Early in the morning, Simon knocked at the door and went inside without mentioning Allen. Obviously, he knew something. Last night, Stefan took her here. How did Simon know?

He slowed down.

Embarrassed, he asked, "Did you cry? Look at your face. It's so swollen."

"Tell me the truth!" She took out the fruit knife and patted it.

"I followed Stefan's phone and knew you were here." Simon put down the glass, and said slowly, "Last night, Stefan's phone left the housing estate for a short time, and then returned. He stayed there until 6 a.m. He went to the company, but you didn't go back home, I'm afraid that you would do something stupid..."

There were just a few sentences.

But he didn't only trace Stefan's phone last night.

He also hacked the monitoring system of the housing estate. When he saw Allen, who was not properly dressed, had a bruise on his face, and left with Queenie, he was disappointed.

Simon opened the refrigerator, "Are you hungry? I'll make you a sandwich."

"Why would I do something stupid?" Nancy put down the knife and grabbed him, "What do you know?"

"I saw them in the viewing corridor last night." He was boiling milk and frying eggs.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

He didn't reply.

He would rather keep silent than lie to Nancy.

Why didn't he tell her?

He thought that after Queenie saw his we-chat message, she would leave, and everything would be fine.

"What happened last night?" He asked.

Nancy didn't notice the change of expression on his face.

We often ignored the emotions of intimate people.

Nancy walked to the sofa, turned her head to look at Simon who was preparing the breakfast carefully, and said, "I caught Allen in bed. His girlfriend is my good friend. Double betrayal! It's drama, right?"

"Good friend?" Simon's hand, which was cutting ham, stopped for a moment. He raised his head, looked at Nancy, and said with self-mockery, "How could you have a friend like that?"

"My uncle introduced me a job."

"Did you meet in the Royal Club?"

"Yes, she works there."

"I told you not to go there. It's n

ot a good place for you." Simon lowered his head and covered the sandwich with cheese chips.

While he was lowering his head, a ray of sunshine shone his side face.

Nobody knew that a lot of old and musty memories welled up after a dark box in his heart was slight opened.

'Queenie, you are still the same.

You seemed rich and beautiful in the we-chat moments. I thought you had a good life.'

"The milk is about to be overcooked!" Nancy walked into the kitchen, covering her nose and turned off the cooker. "What are you thinking about?"

"I didn't sleep last night. I'm tired." Simon came out with a sandwich and said, "Eat it, and then go away. Don't you be annoyed to stay here?"

Looking at his tired face, Nancy didn't say anything more.

She was eating warm milk with a little burnt smell and a sandwich.

Nancy thought that the idea of committing suicide last night was ridiculous.

If she really leaped last night, the two persons would realize their dream.

Her family would feel sad, and her enemies would be happy.

Then Simon walked around in the room. He focused on the computer on the desk, which was in the standby state. He sat down naturally.

There was the surveillance video of the hotel on the screen.

"What are you looking at?" Nancy came over and bent down curiously.

"I think Allen cares about you very much." Simon pointed at the screen and said, "This guy worried about you, so he checked the surveillance video of the hotel. Girl, what happened to you that night?"

Looking at the video, Nancy frowned. No wonder Allen said something like that.

He thought that she had been raped by Johnny and these men.

That was why he didn't feel guilty after cheating her.

"Maybe you not only slept with Stefan that night. Five men? Did those five men touch you?"

When she remembered what Allen had said, she angrily clenched her fists and cursed him in a low voice, "Allen is an asshole!"

"Everyone in the world will think like that when they see the video, not to mention him." "He is a man and you are his girlfriend. Why didn't you tell him anything about your accident? Everybody would be mad at you. You were dragged into a hotel room by five men. What would Allen think?" Said Simon.

Nancy raised her voice, "Can you cheat me if you are angry? It doesn't make sense. You men are all so strange. Do you have sympathy for him? Do you think I should forgive him?"

Suddenly, Simon stopped and frowned.

"No, the video has been edited, but very well done. Few people can know that. That's a master..." He said.

After saying this, he got serious.

She stared at the video, shivering.

How did Allen get this video?

She said coldly, "I'll go to ask him!"

"No need to ask." "I know who she is," said Simon.

Nancy looked at him in surprise.

"Simon, stay away from that woman called Queenie," he said.

She gritted her teeth. Since she went the Royal Club, Queenie had been looking after her and guarding her. They were like sisters.

'Were they all fake?

I should stay from Queenie and Allen.

Should I realize their dream and watch them live happily in my house?

Will I attend their wedding one day and wish them to live to old age in conjugal bliss?

No! Never!'

"Hey, what are you thinking about? I tell you, murder is illegal." Simon flicked her forehead.

"Give me the phone." Said Nancy.

"There is no need. It is useless to curse them."

"Who will curse them? I will ask the professional to restore factory setting of the electronic door lock."

"What are you..." Looking at calm Nancy, Simon felt a little scared.

"I bought it with a large sum of money. Don't let the bad man take advantage of it!" Nancy declared.

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