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   Chapter 14 You Have Already Had an Affair with Her

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With red eyes, Nancy couldn't hold back her tears any more. She responded, "You are asking me what qualifications do I have for you?

You think you do something right?

I saw you make love with my best friend. My heart is broken. Why don't you get down on your knees and make an apology right now? But you just protected her behind your back, aggressively pointed at my nose and questioned me."

She took a deep breath and felt her head was splitting. It hurt her so much that she could clearly feel her heartburn. She felt that if she closed her eyes, she would be able to fly in the air. She imagined that she would kill the two people in front of her with two broadswords in her hands, and run out through the wall, which would make her very happy.

Allen shouted, "You know exactly what you have done! Don't be a spoiled lady all the time, okay? Who is right and who is wrong? Are you really a noble person? What are you doing now? Queenie has apologized to you so humbly. Can't you just take it? You're being pushy. Do you think you're still 'Miss Nancy' of the Cheng family? Who do you think you are? You think you're great? So you can do whatever you want? You've even played me around and now accused me of being immoral!"

"Allen, please don't say that. Nancy doesn't mean that. Don't quarrel because of me, okay?" said Queenie in a soft voice, holding Allen's arm.

Nancy frowned and stared at Allen. "Do you really think you are right? Then get out with her!"

When she spoke, she kept herself upright but she couldn't help shaking with anger.

She tried to maintain her manner, as if she cursed and rushed up to rip off the two people, she would lose her last bit of self-esteem.

She wanted to leave, but where could she go?

'The world was so big that I couldn't find anywhere for myself.'

Her heart was filled with anguish, and every breath made her feel painful.

She felt that she was like a strong pine on the top of the iceberg, and she tried hard to stand upright in such howling winds and heavy snows.

"Nancy!" Allen rushed over and held her shoulders with his hands.

His eyes flashed with fury. He knew it was hard to defend himself right now.

However, she looked so clam, which made him take himself as a bag of rubbish. And she just wanted to get him out of here as soon as possible.

"Don't touch me, okay?" Tears welled up in her eyes. She tried to get rid of him. "Don't touch me with the hand that has just touched another woman. Let me go!"

Upon seeing his face, she still remembered how passionately he had sex with Queenie in bed just now.

It made her sick.

"I am wrong. So you think you are totally right? You did the same thing with Stefan. What right on earth do you have to criticize me?"

Allen asked coldly. He put his hand on Nancy's shoulder, forced her to look at him and said, "Maybe Stefan was not the only one that you slept with that night? Another five, right? You also slept with those five men! I just couldn't help myself for one time. And there was nothing happened between Queenie and me. Why do you think it's all my fault? How can you drive me out? Just because you bought it? Did you buy it by yourself? It's all your dad's money! I had to humble myself to you; I was subordinate to your father; I tried my best to work for the Star Electronic. I deserve all these! Nancy, now that Conrad was dead, you have nothing. You are no longer "Miss Nancy" of the Star Electronic. You are just a barmaid now. Have you noticed that? Do you think you are still as noble as the peony flower? Wake up, please!"

Hearing that, Stefan stopped.

With a plain face, the man frowned.

'What a jerk!

Obviously, Allen felt himself guilty. But he just cried out these hurtful words, trying to crush her.

What he wanted was the house. He just didn't want to leave it.

I had never seen such a shameless man.'

"Mr. Mu, let me get it! I'll tell Miss Nancy everything happened in the Thermal Lake!" Mr. Yang was gearing up for his show, eager to beat the asshole up. He hated that guy and decided to teach him a good lesson. Miss Nancy was too kind and easy to be bullied by others.

After a long time, Stefan nodded and agreed.

Before Mr. Yang entered the door, they heard a loud slap.

Allen struck to reach out his hands and wanted to hold Nancy into his arms.

Surprisingly, Queenie gave herself a slap at this time. Then, everything remained at rest.

"It's all my fault. I'm a shameless woman. I'm despicable. Nancy, I have fallen in love with Allen since the first time I saw him. Knowing he is your boyfriend, I have to keep my love deep in my heart. I know I'm not as good as you. And we are sisters. I never thought

of taking your man away. Last time when I went to the Thermal Lake together with Mr. Qian, Allen was there and helped me out on the table. We were both drunk," said Queenie with tears in her eyes.

"Enough! Stop it!" shouted Allen. He let go of the angry Nancy and tried to drag Queenie away.

"Allen, we can no longer lie to her." As she was speaking, she turned to Nancy and complained tearfully, "Nancy, I am sorry that I can't control my love."

"Go on." Nancy screamed as she rushed toward the bed and pushed Allen away.

"At that night in the Thermal Lake, Allen and I got drunk and did something sorry for you. But as we said, that was the last time we had sex. Allen loves you so much that he didn't want you to be sad," said Queenie.

"What about this time? What is it?" asked Nancy with a stiff face.

'It turned out that they had sex more than once.

It's only me who don't know they have had an affair. Only me!'

Nancy stared at these two cheaters with her bloodshot eyes.

"Allen was just too sad." said Queenie, lowering her eyes.

"Only beasts can't control themselves!"

Seeing that they didn't move, Nancy exerted all her strength to push them out of the door.

'Sad? He was too sad? How ridiculous they were!'

"Fuck off! Get out of here! Get out! "

screamed Nancy in a hoarse voice. She couldn't behave with grace and ease any more.

In a panic, Allen said, "Calm down, Nancy. It's so late now. Do you want others to laugh at you?"

"If you don't want to be laughed at, get out of here immediately. I don't want to see you any more." Nancy screamed, filled with tears on her face.

"This is my home. It's so late now. Where do you want me to go?" Allen was angry and asked, "can you just stop acting like a child? Let's sit down and have a good talk, okay?"

"I hate you so much that I want to kill you right now. I have nothing to say to you." Nancy kicked him hard and shouted, "This is not your home! You didn't pay for it. How can it be yours? That's me who used my father's money for this house. You don't deserve to stay here. Get out!"

At this moment, Allen had to put up with her tussle and retreated back to the door, with his arm around Queenie.

In order not to attract the attention of neighbors, he did not dare to say anything, nor to retort. He just looked at Nancy silently, who was acting like a shrew.

Nancy threw all their clothes out and closed the door.

Leaning against the door, she slowly crouched down, bit her own arm and cried.

The sobbing sound echoed in the empty room. Nancy felt so aggrieved and painful that she just wanted to cry out.

The past between she and Allen played back again and again in her heart.

"Allen, your apartment is too far from the company. I'll buy you an apartment which is nearer."

"I don't think it's a good idea. Your father will look down upon me if he knows."

"No, he won't. I'll buy you with my private money. He won't know, so we just need to write your name on it."

"Allen, how many kids do you think we will have after we get married?"

"Three. Two boys and their little sister. Both of our sons spoiled our daughter so much that she was just like a princess. Okay?"

"Allen, how about getting married in the spring? I want to be your bride when the spring comes."

"Two years later I will make a formal proposal to you, when I make achievements in the Star Electronic. At that time your father will not have any problem about us."

"What if I become an old woman?"

"Even if you become old, you are still my princess!"

'Fuck! I have nothing now.

After so many years of love, I tried all my energy to give my love. But in the end, it turned out to be a drama.

I don't want to let it go!

Why? How did it come to this?

Oh my God! Why do you punish me like this? What on earth did I do wrong? Was I a bad guy in my previous life?

My dad was dead, and my mom was in a coma. And I? I had been discredited by Stefan, and my boyfriend was having an affair with my best friend.

Then what's the point of my living?

Maybe I should...'

She strongly desired to be relieved herself from this world.

Nancy bit her arm hard. Her arm was bleeding, but she didn't feel any pain. Even if she was stabbed with a knife, it couldn't reduce the pain in her heart.

Seeing the pale moonlight outside the balcony, she stood up and walked to the balcony step by step.

There was no fence on the balcony.

'Why was I still alive?

Why not end all this and get it over?'

When she was in a daze, she saw her dead father waving at her on the balcony.

'Dad, you are always alone in another world. Are you afraid of that? I will come to you right now.'

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