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   Chapter 13 The Feeling Of Break Debauchery Was Really Bad!

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Allen lived in a cozy house, with a living room and a bedroom. The whole house, as well as everything inside, was bought by Nancy.

At this moment, looking at the high-heeled shoes in the hallway, Nancy thought whether she opened the wrong door or not.

The light in the hallway was more sensitive than its master. It flashed quietly when sensing that someone was coming.

"Don't you dare to come in?" Stefan pushed Nancy inside by hand.

Hearing his ironic voice, Nancy didn't want to escape any more.

'It was Allen's house. I bought it for him. Why didn't I dare to go in?

Because of the company's accident, all things in my family, under the name of my father and mother, as well as under my name, were sealed up by the court.

Only this small house, which was a birthday gift for Allen last year and was written under his name, could escape from such a disaster.

Why don't I dare to go in?

Could it be that there is another woman living here because I haven't lived in it for one or two months?'

Nancy's tears welled up and she was terrified.

Her life couldn't stand any change anymore.

Her heart wasn't so hard, and she couldn't bear the betrayal of her family anymore...

Staring at the high-heeled shoes for a long time, she unconsciously stepped back.

Her back hit Stefan's body, which forced her to stop.

Since they knew each other, he had always done this, making no way back for her.

At first, Stefan thought the shoes were Nancy's, so he didn't think too much. Seeing her state, he couldn't tell if she was shivering due to coldness or anger.

Nancy clenched her fists. Her fingers were so cold that she shivered again.

She took off her slippers, barefoot, looked down at her toes, and walked in step by step.

She passed through the living room with the dim light and went straight to the room door...

The air in the house was so sold, as if she was walking in the snowflakes of June.

She was so wronged.

The door was open, so Nancy stood there and looked inside.

She could hear the voice clearly.

The gasps seemed to come from the hell, louder and deeper.

Stefan didn't enter the room. He just quietly looked at Nancy, because she had already returned the phone to him and said seriously, "I have given the phone to you. You can go now."

It was no need to explain.

In the dim light, there was a complicated expression on Nancy's face.

Suddenly, she smiled.

She asked coldly, "What are you doing here?"

Nancy asked abruptly, with curiosity and shyness, as if she was a child, discovering what her parents were doing.

The two persons were excited on the bed, but they were separated suddenly when hearing her voice.

Allen was stunned.

"Nancy?" He couldn't believe it! Why could she come here in pajamas?

The smile on Nancy's face faded away slowly. She noticed that Queenie wore a white shirt in a hurry. It was bought by her.

Everything in the room, including the bed sheet and the quilt, was prepared by her.

"Why are you here? Alone?" Allen hurriedly buttoned his shirt and belt, got out o

f bed and strode to Nancy, "Nancy, don't get me wrong... We are..."

Looking at him carefully, she found the lipstick mark on his lips.

He buttoned wrong in a hurry, making Nancy feel terrible.

Allen tried to hold her, but she took a step back and dodged.

"Nancy, don't blame Allen!" Queenie walked up to them, with wet eyes, and implored, "It's all my fault. I'm pestering him. It has nothing to do with him. Please forgive him."

"Okay." But Nancy didn't even look at her face. She just watched her shirt, which made her heart pain.


Queenie's speech was stopped all of a sudden. She stared at Nancy with confusion.

Nancy suddenly rushed out of the room.

At that moment, Queenie was so scared that she hid behind Allen.

"Nancy..." Allen wanted her to calm down. However, he found that she neither cried nor spoke.

To his surprise, Nancy rushed to the closet and took out a shirt. She handed it to Queenie and said, "Take off your shirt. It's mine."

Queenie looked at her, dumbfounded.

Nancy grabbed her collar and shouted, "Change!"

What Allen saw were just the angry eyes of Nancy, and in contrast were the aggrieved tears of Queenie.

"Nancy, can you stop doing that?" He shouted.

Nancy thought of the word "prostitution" when seeing Allen shout, but she behaved herself in polite manners.

In the end, she was the one who shouldn't do that.

She gritted her teeth and slapped Allen.


Her hands couldn't help trembling.

The pain in the palm spread to her heart, amplified by ten thousand times.


Did you still protect her?

What about me? What location was I in your heart? What you worried about was that she was wronged.

Oh my God! Did I do something wrong? Why was I punished?

Allen was also stunned. He didn't dare to speak again, with a load on his mind.

He wanted to help Nancy wipe up her tears, but he lost his courage, so he could only see her crying.

Tears welled up as Queenie held Nancy's arms and begged, "Please forgive us. It's all my fault. Allen loves you. He did nothing wrong. Please don't blame him... Nancy, it's my fault. I'm so shameless to keep pestering him... I can explain for what happened tonight. Please listen to our explanation... We did nothing. You have seen it just now. There is nothing between us..."

"You know better than me that he loves me." Nancy said all of a sudden, "You can go now!"

Queenie opened her eyes wide and looked at Nancy.

"Change your clothes and get out." Nancy said in a soft tone, "I bought this shirt, the house and everything here. I don't like to see you here. You don't deserve to stay here. You leave now."

"Enough!" Looking at Queenie who was like a lowly servant, Allen couldn't stand Nancy's arrogance any more.

"Not enough," said Nancy, "not enough."

"Nancy, what right do you have to blame me?" When Allen saw Queenie change her clothes and saw her leave in a hurry, he pulled her behind him.

"Am I not qualified to blame you?" Nancy was trembling, as if the cold air became a knife, cutting her into pieces.

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