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   Chapter 12 Mr. Mu, It's My Turn To Threaten You...

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Nancy walked to the window with the phone. She saw Stefan holding a black umbrella. Then their eyes met..

'Oh my God, it's so scary.'

He looked like a villain.

Nancy turned back immediately.

"Eight, seven, six..." Stefan calmly counted, with the phone on.

Simon put all the information about Stefan into the hidden folder of the computer and said slowly, "Go down now. The building was constructed by my mother's company. You will be the sinner if it is bulldozed."

"Stefan, you'd better stay still! I'll come down. Wait for me." Said Nancy.

She rushed downstairs, still wearing her slippers.

She had never run so fast.

When rushed to Stefan, she heard his word 'one'.

She bent over to take a deep breath.

"Why are you here?" She grinned after Stefan was silent for a long time.

"Give it to me!" He stretched out his hand.

"What?" She was more like a young fool now.

"My phone."



Stefan stared at Nancy, who was wearing a common white T-shirt and sports pants, with black shoulder-length hair. Her shoulders were wet by the rain, and her thin clothes molded round her body...

Perhaps because of the heavy rain, her eyes looked a little wet, which made her look like an innocent deer.

Nancy felt uneasy under his gaze. She just grinned.

Stefan couldn't take his eyes off her.

Her clothes got wet and she felt cold, so she shivered.

She put her arms around her chest to cover the phone tightly.

Stefan frowned when seeing her action, "Give it to me."

Nancy raised her head and took a step forward to hide under his big umbrella while staring at him.

Perhaps because she didn't wear high heels, she found he was so tall when she got close to him...

She stared at his eyes just now, but now she could only see his lips when raising her head.

"I have deleted the video." Nancy said in a tough tone.

Stefan was a little surprised but calmed down very soon. He sneered, "Do you think I don't have a copy?"

"You came to my house in order to find your phone. It turned out that this phone is very important to you." Nancy thought, 'I have guessed it right. He won't let me go so easily.'

"So what?" He looked at her, 'Do you think I dare not rob the phone from your chest?'

"You must come with me and explain to Allen clearly. Otherwise, I will sell the information of the phone to the journalists." Said Nancy.

"Are you threatening me?"

"I learned it from you!"

Stefan didn't say anything more, but he held Nancy's arm.

"You'd better stop! Open robbery? It's useless to snatch the phone. Now that I can unlock it, then... Ah..." Nancy stepped back subconsciously.

But Stefan didn't let her go. The road was slippery. Without any support, she slipped and was pulled away.

"Hey! I will shout! Where are you going?" Asked Nancy.

"As you said, go to explain." Said Stefan, expressionless.


It was already after twelve p.m. Wasn't it a little late?

She was pushed into the car.

Simon watched the Rolls-Royce driven out. Sitting in front of the computer, he carefully checked the location point in the map.

Then he found that Nancy was heading to Allen's home.

Opening we-chat, he sent a message to the fairy, "Nancy is on her way to Allen's home. Be careful."

Staring at the green sending key, he was a little hesitant. They had not been in touch for so many years, and now the first sentence he sent was...

"Simon, why don't you let me talk about the matters between the fairy and Allen?" Carl walked in, in pajamas.

With his hand trembling, Simon pressed the sending key.

He turned around to look at Carl and then looked at his phone. A mixed feeling was in his heart.

He looked at the screen. The location point was only one intersection away from the place where Allen lived. He sighed, "Nancy will feel more pain if someone else tells her."

Carl didn't fully understand. He rubbed his eyes and asked, "Am I helping you lie?"

"Do you want me to lie?" Asked Stefan.

The air conditioner in the car made Nancy shiver. She held her arms tightly and asked seriously, "What are you talking about? What do you mean? Just concealing part of the truth."

"I won't talk about your striptease," said Stefan. "What are you going to say about Johnny?"

"I can't explain it. It's your scheme, so you need to explain it to Allen!" She stared at Stefan and added, "You just tell how you have threatened Queenie, Johnny and Albert, how you saved me and how you threatened me!"

"It's none of my business that you entered v304." He said coldly, with a little sneer.

"A villain will never claim his guilt." Said Nancy.

Stefan didn't answer.

He was so calm.

But Nancy felt a little uneasy: it was so late. Allen must have fallen asleep. What if he was woken up...

"Are you afraid?" He seemed to see through her.

Nancy replied with her eyes, "You should be scared."

It was strange that the gates of all the housing estates could be opened by money. If it didn't work, there wasn't enough money.

So the Rolls-Royce Phantom was unimpeded.

When the railings at the gate of the housing estate were lifted, the security guard specially saluted.

She couldn't help but snort.

Usually, the security guard wasn't like that.

Seeing Nancy in the back seat, the security guard laughed. After the Rolls-Royce entered, he slowly went back to the security room, "These young men are really good at enjoying... It's going to be raining for the whole night."

"It seems that the rain is not going to stop. Allen, I'm not leaving tonight. I'll stay with you." After taking a shower, Queenie walked out of the bathroom and sat beside Allen.

Then, Allen stared at the video carefully, trying to catch some editing traces.

Upon hearing her words, Allen looked at her. Queenie had changed into his white shirt, with a beautiful collarbone exposed. Her legs were long and straight, and her perfect body hidden in the loose shirt was tempting.

Allen frowned. "Where are your clothes?"

"My clothes got wet. I've put them in the washing machine. They won't be dry until tomorrow morning." Said Queenie, "What's wrong? Do I look bad? There are Nancy's clothes in the wardrobe, not suitable for me, so I picked one shirt of you."

"Go change. Don't wear this." Allen said in a numb tone.

Queenie had expected that she was so charming that she would be praised by others.

She said gently, "This is the most expensive one in your wardrobe. I can't wrinkle it."

However, as she lowered her head, there was a little sadness in her eyes. Seeing that, Allen felt pity for her. He sighed, "I didn't mean that... Nancy gave it to me."

"Well, I know Nancy is much better than me..." Said Queenie.

Looking at her lonely back, Allen felt bad. Thinking of Nancy, her concealment, and the relationship between she and Stefan...

He stood up, pulled Queenie back and held her into his arms.

"I didn't mean that!" He blamed himself, "It's all my fault. I'm a bastard. I'm so sorry for you and Nancy. I..."

"It doesn't matter. It's my own business that I love you. You don't have to blame yourself." Queenie put her head on his shoulder. She thought of the we-chat message, and couldn't help but smile, "Nancy, you come at such a good time...

"Allen, since the first time I saw you, I know you are the one I love. I am satisfied that I could spend one night with you in the Thermal Lake. It is natural for you to look down on someone like me. I don't ask for anything, but if you decide to be with Nancy, I will wish you both silently..." Said Queenie in a sobbing tone.

"Stop!" It stabbed Allen's heart. He touched Allen's face and said, "Don't say that... It's all my fault..."

"It's not your fault. You don't even know how good you are..." With tears in her eyes, Queenie tiptoed to kiss him.

Such a gentle kiss, such a woman who loved him so much without asking for return totally softened Allen's heart.

The gentle kiss gradually deepened and became uncontrollable...

Just then, at the other side of the door, Nancy was about to ring the doorbell but she was stopped by Stefan.

"Intelligent door lock," said Stefan. "Can you open it? If he is sleeping and don't hear what you said, it will be in vain. I won't come here the second time."

Somehow, Nancy felt uneasy.

Only through Stefan' reminder did she realize that Allen always forgot the key when going out, so she changed the lock. Why did she knock at the door? Such an idiot.

She pressed her finger on it. With a beep, the door was opened...

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