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   Chapter 11 You Crack The Password So Fast

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On the other hand, Nancy sat on pins and needles. To avoid the driver's sharp eyes, she kept gazing outside through the window.

She cursed in her heart, 'Damn bitch. You're a shaky man, Simon. Can't you come here first and then go back to finish your games?'

Suddenly, she heard her brother Carl shouting at her, "Nancy!"

She got off the car quickly and flung herself upon her younger brother regardless of the rain.

"Hey! The fare! " The taxi driver also opened the door and got off.

Simon came up, stopped the driver impatiently and scolded, "Are you kidding me? You are already at the front door. You still think we won't pay you the money? I will scan to pay you. Where can I find the QR Code?"

He blocked Nancy's view with his body while scanning the QR Code.

A white BMW car was driving out of the community.

Allen was so disturbed that he didn't dare to stay any longer and didn't pay attention to the conditions around the gate of the community when he sent Queenie away in his car.

"Nancy, you can have a guess who I saw in the viewing corridor." Carl lost his breath with Nancy's embrace. He raised his face and said as he got his freedom again.

Simon walked towards Carl, held him in his arms and choked him, saying, "Hey! Little boy! You won't say anything if you can't see it clearly. Be quiet!"

Carl was such a smart boy that he stopped saying when he understood what Simon was talking about.

"Don't bully my younger brother!" Nancy slapped Simon's hands away. She caught the hems of her skirt and walked back with Carl. "Simon, hold the umbrella here. Why do you only care about yourself? You selfish bastard."

"Fine!" seeing that Nancy was wearing an evening dress with high heels, Simon complained, "how could you treat your cousin like a servant? Look, this umbrella is already on your side, and I'm all wet! Mind the step, your honor! Be careful! "

Carl said, "Nancy, he was soaked when he was eavesdropping."

"What did I eavesdrop on?" Simon nervously stared at Carl and said, "don't talk nonsense."

Nancy didn't notice what was going on between them, because she had something more important to think about in her heart.

When they got home, they found that uncle and aunt had already gone to bed. So they crept back to their bedrooms.

After taking a shower and changing into comfortable clothes, she knocked at the door of Simon's room.

Standing by the window, Simon stared at his phone and checked his Wechat Moments, which was named 'The Fairy'. He didn't even notice that the drizzle fell on his arms.

The sudden knock on the door startled him.

"What do you want?" He opened the door, looking at Nancy.

Standing on tiptoe, Nancy looked into the room. "What are you doing? You're being so careful. Are you watching something?"

Then Simon continued, "It's getting late now. I was afraid that you would want to have sex with me since it was not the right time. We can't be together anymore."

"Go to hell!" Nancy squeezed into the room and said, "I need your help."

"You have to talk about it in the dead of night?"

"Urgent," she put Stefan's phone on the table and asked, "do you have any ways to unlock it? It's okay if we can get something from it."

"Whose phone is this?" asked Simon.

Nancy said mysteriously, "The less you know, the better."

"When do you need it?" asked Simon.

"You'd better get it done now." Hearing what her had said, Nancy didn't think it would be possible. But when Stefan realized that he had lost his mobile phone, he would find her definitely.

Simon exclaimed, "You thought we were making science fiction movies? This is the latest iPhone 7. Why don't you tell me where you got it? All the hackers who are able to do this only appear in the movies. If Mr. Jobs knows that you looked down upon his team, he will go on the rampage."

"If I tell you whose phone it is, you will find a way to deal with it?" Nancy got what he meant.

"Give it a try," said Simon.

"It's from Stefan," said Nancy.

And Simon replied, "So it's true that you two got along well with each other? You're excellent, sis. Don't you know that my mother is very good at gossiping? Today, she told me that you have gone much further. I don

't believe that. Now you have Stefan's phone. It seems to be true."

"I stole it," Nancy added, "I've learned a lot from you. It worked."

"Be careful what you say. I have washed my hands of it. A absolutely good man now." He stared at the phone, shook his head and said, "I can't deal with it."

"It means a lot to me, bro," Nancy saluted and said in a generous tone, "please come and help me. I really appreciate it!"

Simon didn't say a word because he didn't believe what Nancy talked about Stefan and herself. Even if she didn't tell him, he knew she had hidden something. She wouldn't call him brother if she could deal with that.

"What's in it?" he asked.

"Something that is a threaten to me."

"That would be interesting."

Sitting beside the computer, Simon made a phone call.

"Bro, send me all the information about Stefan!"

Nancy knew they had a chance, so she looked at him quietly.

He was so fascinating when he was focusing on something. If only looking at his gentle and elegant face, no one would believe that he was a person who had been in prison.

When Simon was taken away by the police, it happened to be a rainy night as well.

No one would believe that a top technical talent graduated from the top university would commit a crime for 200000 dollars, not to mention that he majored in network safety.

Though Simon was still at school, he was able to get the offer from one of the five hundred companies around the world. He was the big man and the dream guy in the hearts of many girls. As long as he worked out in a big company for a few years, he could be a manager directly and had a great future when he was back in the Star Electronic.

Now, everything was impossible.

He even couldn't find a job. There was a company that wanted an eSports player before, but he was rejected because of his previous criminal record.

Until today, the whole thing remained a mystery. Nancy only knew that he had hacked a website, transferred tens of millions out and then transferred back to it. But two hundred thousand was gone finally.

Nancy remembered that Simon never mentioned anything to the lawyer, and all he knew was his pleading.

Later, it was Conrad who took his money to repay and redouble the victims and asked the victims to write a letter of understanding. Then Simon was imprisoned for three years before he was released from the jail.

He had never brought up those memories and nobody knew what he was thinking.

"Simon." Nancy looked at him and wanted to ask something. With rosy lips and pretty white teeth, Simon was always a man of scholar shape. Over the years, his face was even whiter than before. She could also see his blue beard on his transparent white face.

"I'm done!" he whispered and then handed the phone to her.

Then she smiled and complimented, "You are so awesome!

How can you crack it so quickly? How?" Without holding the phone, Nancy quickly deleted the video.

Simon stretched himself and said, "Just have a try. I didn't expect him to be a grateful person."

"What's the password? Please tell me," asked Nancy.

Simon mysteriously said, "It's a top secret. What do you want to delete? Don't peep into other's privacy. It's useless to tell you the password. He will definitely change in the future."

"How did you get it?" asked Nancy.

"It's good for us to watch more gossips." Simon took the phone from her and looked through the photo album. Then he said with a smile, "such a bastard! How could he remember the woman so clearly even without a picture?"

"What are you talking about?" Nancy glanced sideways at him.

Just then, Stefan's phone rang.

"Please don't... answer it!"

Before she could finish her sentence, Simon picked up the phone and used the speaker-phone mode.

"Finally." Stefan's voice made her feel much colder than how she feel about the cold air after the rain.

Nancy dared not make a sound. She constantly winked at Simon to ask him to hang up the phone.

Simon looked at her with a smile and said nothing.

"Nancy, I'm waiting downstairs!" Stefan's voice was as cold as knife. "I'll count from one to ten. If you don't go downstairs at once, I'll flatten this community tomorrow morning!"

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