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   Chapter 10 It Must Be Her

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There was no wind at night in summer. The air was sultry. Nancy watched Stefan's car driven away.

She walked to the roadside while tittering.

She was wearing stiletto heel and an evening dress, incompatible with the night.

There were cars hurtling past from time to time. The car lamps lightened her smile as a six-year-old child.

She looked at the phone in her hand.

'It's Stefan's phone!'

Nancy knew there was indeed a password after she opened the phone screen, for Stefan was very cautious and she never saw him enter the password. He unlocked his phone with fingerprint.

She had meant to throw it away.

But she didn't. Then Nancy called a taxi, holding the phone.

The moment she got in the taxi, it rained heavily.

She felt so lucky to run away from this devil - Stefan...

Stefan looked out of the window, 'It's raining...'

"Mr. Mu, the rain is heavy." Mr. Yang reminded him, "Miss Nancy has no money. It's difficult to take a taxi. I'm afraid...

How about I return to pick Miss Nancy up?" John, who always kept silent, also worried.

Stefan remained silent all the time.

A sudden flash of lightning appeared in the dark sky. Stefan touched his trousers pocket and then was startled.

He said in a low voice, "Go back! I must find her!"

It was thundering. John braked hard and turned the car sharply in the pouring rain.

Mr. Yang asked worriedly, "Mr. Mu, what happened?"

He hadn't seen Mr. Mu so angry for a long time, and he knew it was not because of Nancy.

"Catch the thief!" Stefan recalled that Nancy bumped on his chest when the driver braked.

'She should be pushed forwards because of inertia. She must do it on purpose!

To shift attention.

Her hand, even if unintentionally, shouldn't touch that part.

Where did she learn the devious trick?'

He'd never thought that he would be touched by a woman, and his phone had also been stolen by her!

"Mr. Mu, I don't see Miss Nancy. I guess she has left by taxi."

Soon the car returned back.

Mr. Yang turned and saw Stefan's smile. He couldn't help but wonder: catch the thief? 'What did Nancy do? Did she steal his heart?'

"Check where she lives!" Looking at the hazy rain, Stefan frowned, "Call my phone!"

'Nancy, do you want to escape?'

It was thundering again.

Nancy sat in the taxi and shivered. The phone vibrated, scaring her.

Looking at Mr. Yang' name on the screen, she thought of Stefan's symbolic smile. She smiled, "You're aware of it fast!"

Nancy just turned off the phone when the second call was made.

"Mr. Taxi, may I borrow your phone to make a call?" She said to the taxi driver kindly, "My phone is powered off. It is raining heavily now. I have to call my family to take out an umbrella for me."

The taxi driver thought that she dressed well and looked kind, so he gave his phone to her.

Nancy called Allen but he didn't pick up the phone. She frowned, "Is Allen still angry with me?"

'What should I do? I shall go back and change my dress, then explain to Allen.'

She called another one.

After a long time, a voice sounded, "Hello."

Hearing this childish voice, Nancy's heart softened and her voice also softened, "Is it Carl? I'm your sister. How did you answer the phone? Why don't you go to bed? Where is Simon?"

It was Carl Cheng who answered the phone, Nancy's nine-year-old brother.

"Simon was playing the games. He said it was a phone fraud, so he let me answer it. When are you coming back? Aunt said you was finding a rich husband. I have seen the photos on the Internet. Come back soon if you find him!" He said.

When she heard Carl's voice, Nancy was so excited that she was about to cry. Before she could ask Carl to go to bed, his phone was taken away.

"Is your sister calling?" At the same time, Simon Lin put down the mouse, removed the headphones, and put aside his mission of Toppling Towers. He asked tentatively, "Nancy?"

"I'll arrive at the gate of the community in half an

hour. You take the umbrella downstairs and wait for me! I don't have the money... Don't always play computer games with my brother. Let him go to bed early," said Nancy in a low voice.

The taxi driver cast a sidelong glance at her. It turned out that she didn't have any money.

With an awkward smile, she gave the phone back to the driver.

When Simon Lin went downstairs with Carl Cheng, he saw two persons talking something in the viewing corridor of the green belt of the community.

He suddenly stopped and turned pale.

Carl Cheng was short. He tiptoed to look through the bushes.

"It's brother Allen!" Carl Cheng was pulled away by Simon Lin as he covered her mouth with his hand before he could shout out.

Carl Cheng detected something wrong and stopped talking.

Simon Lin listened to the conversation in the corridor.

It was raining so heavily that he couldn't hear clearly. It seemed that two persons in the corridor had a quarrel.

He was frivolous usually, but now he was very serious.

"Simon, that beautiful woman is a little like the fairy in your phone." Carl Cheng whispered.

"It must be her!" He stared at the woman in the corridor. She was pushed away by Allen and talked to him, crying. He sensed that there was something wrong between them. He puckered his lips, "Queenie, what a small world!"

Allen was sitting. His body was already wet. He shook off Queenie's hand and said helplessly, "Could you go first? I beg you!"

"Allen, why are you doing this?" Just then, Queenie stretched out her hand to wipe the water on Allen's face.

Allen turned his head to avoid her touch and said in a nervous tone, "We are nearby Nancy's house. If Nancy's family see us... You'd better leave now. I'll catch up later."

"Allen, I just feel sorry for you. You don't have to wait for her. She will never come back. She hurt you first. Only I understand your heart!" Queenie's hand frozen when she saw the dolefulness on Allen's face. She felt heartbroken.She had a deep breath and said, "Allen, this is a good chance. Why not make it clear to her..."

"What shall I say?" Allen stood up abruptly, stared at her and said seriously, "What do you want to say? You have promised me that you will never tell Nancy what happened between us. I suggest you'd better remember it. You shouldn't have come here."

The rain was chilling and Queenie felt heartbroken. She was not willing to accept that.

"She has hurt you so much, Allen... I just feel sorry for you." She said.

"I trust Nancy. I will wait for her explanation." Said Allen.

"I don't know what she told you. I checked the hotel's surveillance video and copied it. You can check it now." Said Queenie.

Allen watched the video that Nancy was dragged into a hotel room by several men and never came out.

"Allen, Nancy loves you so much, so she is afraid of losing you. She might not tell you the truth." Queenie said, "According to the surveillance video of the hotel, I'm sure that no one has left the room since that morning... Five men and a woman... I can't even think of it... Nancy..."

"Stop it!" Allen put his phone back. His hands were quivering unconsciously.

Queenie stepped forward and hugged Allen.

Simon Lin was so shocked that he quickly covered Carl Cheng's eyes by hand.

He was just making an unnecessary move.

Carl Cheng was so short that he couldn't see anything through the bushes.

Carl Cheng asked with a puzzled look, "Simon, what's going on? Why are you covering my eyes? My sister is going to arrive. Hurry up."

The taxi had been waiting outside the community for a long time.

Nancy had to make another call to Simon Lin.

The rain was getting lighter.

Simon Lin' phone rang.

Allen had a guilty conscience, so he pushed away Queenie and looked around. He grabbed her hand and said, "Let's go. I'll drive you back first."

With an umbrella shielding his face, Simon Lin pulled Carl Cheng towards the gate of the community hurriedly.

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