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   Chapter 9 I Don't Want To Touch You!

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"Nancy, do you think I'm as childish as a three-year-old child?"

Allen was not as angry as before. He frowned, but he didn't let Nancy go and said in a low voice, "you'd better explain it clearly."

Nancy sighed with relief.

"I saw you come out of the hotel with him early in the morning." Allen wasn't that hardhearted. He still cared for Nancy.

"Did you see that?" "How do you know where I am?" Nancy was surprised.

She was thinking. It turned out that Stefan dropped the white BMW behind and its driver was Allen!

"How do you explain this photo to me? Who are these men?" Allen took out his mobile phone and showed the photo to Nancy. "Aren't you playing the piano at the club? Does your manager want you to drink with them?"

It was a photo taken from the side, in which she was dragged into the elevator.

"Who sent you the photo?" Nancy frowned.

Allen said, "it doesn't matter how I get it. You have to explain to me first."

"The man with a tattoo on his arm is called Johnny. He is the brother-in-law of Albert. It's a scheme of Stefan..."

As Nancy straightened out the train of thought and was about to tell Stefan' scheme, Mr. Yang said behind her, "Miss Nancy, Mr. Mu is looking for you."

It really scared Nancy.

'Didn't he make any sound when he was walking?'

Mr. Yang's face was more serious than usual.

"Please, Miss Nancy," he said.

"Make it clear first," said Allen.

Mr. Yang said in a low voice, "Miss Nancy, Mr. Mu wants to introduce you to everyone. It's not good to be late!"

She struggled to get rid of him, "Allen, I'll be back soon. When I'm back, I'll tell you everything."

Allen let her go and watched her trotting towards the meeting place. He remembered Nancy standing next to Stefan, so he suddenly regretted letting her go.


He strode, trying to stop Nancy, but was stopped by Mr. Yang.

Instead of being gentle and cultivated, Mr. Yang stopped Allen by stretching out his hand.

"You don't have to go." Said Mr. Yang.

"She is my girlfriend!" Allen said angrily.

"Mr. Qi, please watch your language. It is ex-girlfriend." Mr. Yang said unhurriedly.

Allen saw Nancy, who was held by Stefan, standing under the spotlights in the meeting place, with a bright face.

"What nonsense are you talking about! Go away!" Allen angrily pushed Mr. Yang away. He got up the courage to rush over and let Nancy stand beside him.

Mr. Yang stopped him, "Mr. Qi, last month you went on a business trip for Thermal Lake project. The hotel provided a room for two people. Isn't it Miss Nancy who lived with you?"

Allen got annoyed at once. He grabbed Mr. Yang' collar and said in a hurry, "you..."

Mr. Yang got rid of him smartly and pushed him away. He said, "Mr. Qi, it's a piece of cake to turn over if you step on two ships."

"It's impossible for me to give up Nancy!" Allen stepped back but tried to stand still.

Nancy saw Allen quarreling with Mr. Yang. She was nervous, without saying a word. Even she didn't hear what Stefan was saying to the reporters.

She just wanted to explain to Allen as soon as possible.

Suddenly, Stefan held her into his arms.

At this moment, the meeting place was in an uproar, and shutters of cameras were quickly clicked, so that people couldn't open their eyes in the flashlights.

Nancy raised her head, but was shielded by Stefan.

When Stefan touched her face, she frowned and stared at him. "What do you want to do? Don't fool around. There are so many people watching us!"

Stefan smiled strangely, and there was a shallow dimple at the corner of his mouth.

He kissed her before she could push him away...

The crystal lights in the meeting place were excellent, and the two were bathed in warm golden light. Everything was perfect. Countless flashlights flashed, as if the

y were a couple and received all blessings...

Only Nancy knew it was not the case at all!

His fingertips were cold. His kiss was also cold.

It seemed that a viper was licking her body.

What made her more anxious was that she saw Allen leave angrily.

She tried to push Stefan away, but he put his arm around her shoulders.

She flushed with shyness.

In fact, she was pissed off, about to kill someone.

She glared at Stefan.

"You must be ugly in the picture." Stefan whispered, "even uglier than in the video!"

He was close to her ears, so her ears turned red.

She forced a smile, clenching her fists.

She really wanted to beat him. 'How could he be like this? An angel's face, a devil's heart!'

She was like a puppet, performing on the stage with Stefan.

Under the envious gazes of the crowd, she gracefully retreated.

As the car door was closed, the noise couldn't be heard.

"Are you cursing me in your heart?" He asked casually.

"Delete the video as promised, then call it even." Said Nancy.

"Did I promise you?" He closed his eyes and leaned his head back

But he didn't notice that he would smile every time she got angry,.

She exactly hated his complacent smile.

"Don't you think you are extraordinary? Are you happy to fool with everyone?" Nancy was furious.

"Not everyone." "Only you," said Stefan.

"Stop the car! I want to get off!" She decided to stay away from this devil.

No one responded. The atmosphere were embarrassed.

Mr. Yang turned around and asked, "Mr. Mu, the cruise is ready. Shall we go now?"


"Stefan, stop!" "Are you deaf?" Nancy shouted.

"I won't stop." Stefan said casually.

Both the driver and Mr. Yang in the front row laughed, with their heads lowered.

'What's wrong with Mr. Mu? It seemed that he was like a child.'

"Where are you taking me?" "I don't want to see your vicious face any more!" Said Nancy.

"Me neither. Don't you see that my eyes are closed all the time?" Stefan calmly replied, "no matter how vicious I am, I need to eat. Aren't you hungry?"

"You can stop the car and let me leave. Out of sight, out of mind. It'll be OK." Nancy could do nothing about it, but she was indeed hungry. She just said stubbornly, "I don't want to have dinner with you!"

"Where are you going?" Asked Stefan.

"I'm going to..." Nancy almost blurted it out. Then she pulled a long face and said, "it's none of your business."

"Are you going to explain your innocence?" Asked Stefan.

"Does it have anything to do with you?"

"If you dare to tell the matter of HS Group to another person, then the video of you..."

"I can't stand it!" Nancy was so angry that she scratched her hair and rushed to Stefan. She remembered where Stefan put his phone, and quickly reached in.

Suddenly opening his eyes, Stefan was frightened with a pale face. "What are you going to do?"

"Where is your phone? I saw you put it here this morning! Or in your pocket?" Nancy was looking for his phone, so she touched him.

"Hey, where are you touching? Stop! Stop it!" Stefan was frightened.

Both Mr. Yang and the driver, John, were curious about the situation.

Suddenly, Mr. Yang shouted, "red light! Stop!"

Out of the blue, the driver slammed the brakes on. Nancy bumped into Stefan's chest.

Her hand seemed to have caught something indescribable. She blushed and took her hand back in horror.

Stefan remained frightened, his handsome face unnatural.

"Get off!" He said in a cold voice.

Nancy looked at him and thought, 'what kind of man? Why does he look like a woman who has been humiliated?'

"Get out of here!" Stefan shouted.

"Humph!" Nancy rolled her eyes at him and opened the door to get off.

'I'm not afraid of you at all!

I don't want to touch you!'

She slammed the door.

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