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   Chapter 8 We Are Not A Couple!

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After changing into an evening dress and putting on an exquisite makeup, Nancy felt a little strange when she looked at herself in the mirror.

"Miss Nancy, Mr. Mu has left for the car," Mr. Yang said, "are you ready?"

When she followed Mr. Yang to walk to the car, Stefan had been sitting in the car quietly and waiting for her.

He was wearing a suit with the same color of Nancy's evening dress. They looked like a couple.

In the night of the city, the car dashed towards somewhere much darker.

At least for Nancy, she would never forget what had happened after.

When she was forcefully taken away by the Johnny gang, her mobile phone and bag were left in the Royal Club.

During the whole day that she spent with Stefan, information about her was spreading rapidly online.

All kinds of photos used a trick of the camera to show how intimate the two were.

The headline of gossip news was a hot topic with the bold title.

It had been a long time since the Mu family had some love affairs.

Everyone excitedly forwarded and commented, surrounded by plenty of voices.

At this time, Nancy knew nothing about that. She was a woman who couldn't see or hear anything.

She was still dreaming that her life after the celebration party would be no different from that of before.

It was just a party.

As soon as the door was opened and confronted with the reporters around, Nancy was stunned before she could steady herself.

When a number of cameras flashed, it seemed that she saw the lightning in front of thunder.

Like a beast hiding in the dark, every reporter dashed towards them. They stared at Stefan and Nancy, opened their mouths and showed their powerful fangs.

"Miss Nancy, there are rumors online that you have a relationship with Mr. Stefan. Do you have anything to tell us?"

"Miss Nancy, there are pictures of you and Mr. Mu coming in and out of the Evian Villa together. Is it true?"

"There is a video which also showed that you two went out of the hotel together this morning. Miss Nancy, did you stay with Mr. Mu at the hotel last night?"

"Miss Nancy, how did you meet Mr. Mu? What is your next plan?"

"Miss Nancy, somebody said that you chose to be with Mr. Mu in order to rebuild the Star Electronic founded by your father with the financial resources of the Mu Group. Is it true?"

"Aha, Miss Nancy. Someone revealed that your father was in a huge debt before he died. Did you hang out with Mr. Mu to pay off the debt?"

"About three months ago, your father was involved in a case of self-accusation of the Star Electronic. According to an insider who knew about it, the company was involved in serious tax evasion. And somebody said that your father killed himself from fear of punishment. What do you think about that?"

"After your father's death, the finance director of the Star Electronic also died in a car accident. Is there any connection between the two?"

"Miss Nancy, would you please give an explanation?"

"Miss Nancy, is there anything else hiding between Mr. Mu and you? Miss Nancy! Miss Nancy! "

Nancy was surrounded by a group of people and drowned in a louder murmur of voices. She could see people's mouths moving, but she couldn't hear what they were saying.

With the oncoming hot wind in the midsummer night, all these sharp criticism deeply hurt her heart.

At the mention of her father, Nancy couldn't control her anger anymore. She used all her strength to push away those people who had wronged her father.

'Who are you talking about? No one was charged with tax evasion. And nobody suicided himself to escape the rule of law.'

What are you talking about? Nonsense!'

She was so anxious that she was about to shed tears and run away. But before she did that, Stefan put his arm around her shoulder. Like an iron wall, he blocked her escape.

Nancy looked up at him while he s

till kept his calm.

'Did you do all of this?'

Seemingly aware of Nancy's doubt in her heart, Stefan slowly shook his head.

The bodyguards turned back the reporters. Stefan held her hand and walked inside confidently.

Her cold hands were still shivering.

She thought she could forget what had happened three months ago, being optimistic and starting her new life. But it turned out that she couldn't.

Her father killed himself and died. And her mother was down, lying motionless in the hospital. She also had to look after her younger brother.

'No, I can't be defeated.

Hold on, Nancy!'

With the disturbance of reporters, Stefan held Nancy's hand and they walked in together. That seemed to be their solo show.

All people at the party looked at the couple walking in quietly.

Nancy found someone special in the crowd.

Most people gazed at them with their admiring, jealous, or contemptuous eyes.

But the man's face was red with anger.

That was Allen who angrily stared at his girlfriend Nancy.

He was so angry that he almost smashed the champagne glass in his hand.

In the early morning, he saw his girlfriend coming out of a hotel with another man but he couldn't catch up with her.

Their photos were overwhelming online. Then, they appeared together in public.

As a planning manager of the Mu Real Estate, when he saw his boss holding his girlfriend's hand, Allen even didn't have the courage to pull her away.

"Allen." She tried to shake off Stefan's hand.

Stefan walked to the stage alone and started to make speech in a cold voice. However, he stared at Nancy all the way. When he saw that she was violently pulled out of the stage by Allen, he raised his eyebrows disdainfully.

Nancy was dragged to the hallway beside the dressing room and then asked, "Allen, are you mad?"

"I can't be mad?" Allen lowered his voice and asked harshly, "where did you go last night?"

But before her answer, Allen interrupted her and scolded her, "When did you become Stefan's girlfriend? Nancy, what the hell do you think I am? Your father didn't like me before. Your uncle is just a contractor but he also treats me badly. Everyone thinks that I don't deserve you. Do you think so? Stefan is richer and more capable than me, right? I know you can't make do with someone like me!"

"I..." She didn't know what to say for a moment. She felt wronged. She was on the verge of breakdown when she saw the veins on Allen's forehead. She had thought that Allen would be worried and anxious, but she didn't expect such criticism from him.

She wished she could be held gently, and someone could tell her in a soft voice that it was a bad experience for her and she would be all right.

"I'm sorry." Nancy was afraid that he would say something uncontrollable with angry. Their relationship for so many years would be cast to the winds.

"Sorry?" Allen was even angrier. He shouted, "You are telling me that you have cheated on me and you want to dump me, right?"

"No, I just don't want you to be so angry. I..." At the thought of what had happened last night, Nancy was shivering with fear. She grabbed Allen's hand tightly and said in a hurry, "Allen, it's not what you think. There's nothing happened between Stefan and me! Calm down and have a nice talk with me, okay?"

"Tell me, what happened last night? Say it! " Allen was so angry that he tried hard to get rid of her. Seeing the tears on her face, he became even more irritated. "Don't cry like that. If my colleagues see your tears, I can't imagine what they will think."

Nancy was silent. At that moment, she kept her selfishness. Seeing Allen like this, she couldn't tell him what happened last night.

'Could I clear myself?

What if Allen also thought I was dirty?'

"No, I don't. We are just a couple in disguise." She calmly took a deep breath and lowered her eyes.

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