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   Chapter 6 Apologize To My Girlfriend Right Now

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'You have to be obedient.'

Looking at herself in the mirror, Nancy was pondering.

Just a few words sounded so heavy.

The car was farther and farther away from the noisy city.

The scenery outside the window kept changing.

"Mr. Mu, we're here." Mr. Yang reminded him in a soft voice.

Looking out of the window, Nancy murmured, "Evian Villa? We are going..."

It was the most mysterious private resort in A City.

She had heard from her father that anyone who could enter this place was a big shot.

It wasn't spending much money that made a person come in.

"Get off!" Stefan ordered, for he sensed her anxiety.

Thousands of bad ideas popped into her mind.

She madly imagined the article she had read before...

'Would he give her to one big shot?

Or his business rival?

Imprisoning her in a private manor for one hundred nights...

Oh my god... No wonder he helped her wear famous brand clothes and make her up.'

Mr. Yang had already opened the door for her, but he found that she grabbed the door tightly and refused to get out of the car.

"I... Could I refuse to go there?" Nancy looked at Stefan beseechingly.

She stared at him as a trafficker, but Stefan was not pleased. He said, "we just play golf. It's the best golf course in the country."

Thinking that he was cold-blooded but kind, she decided to trust him.

When she changed her clothes and walked out of the locker room, she saw Johnny walking towards her, with tattooed arms. It was doubtful about what Stefan just said about playing golf.

"You bitch! You set me up!" Johnny was exasperated and walked towards Nancy quickly.

As soon as she saw his face, Nancy's stomach was full of acid saliva. Fear washed over her like tide water. She was shivering all over.

She looked around and found no one heard Johnny's yell.

'Where was Stefan?

Hadn't he changed his clothes?'

When Johnny rushed towards her, with anger, she knew that she should run away, but her legs were weak.

When her wrist was gripped, she looked terrible and just wanted to throw up.

"Tell me! Didn't I touch you? Well, how dare you collude with Stefan to scheme against me!" Johnny grabbed her and tried to drag her away. "Come with me. You have to make it clear! Don't you want to sue me? You bitch! I will let you sue me! Make it clear now!"

Nancy didn't know what he was talking about. But fury engulfed him. She felt like her wrists' bones were going to be broken.

"Let her go."

Hearing the voice, Nancy turned around and saw Stefan walking towards them. He looked younger in a polo shirt and dark gray trousers.

But he still looked aggressive.

A middle-aged man followed him. He was obviously an officer.

Johnny let her go. The moment he saw Stefan, he changed from an angry bird into a spiritless chicken.

To be exact, Johnny was afraid of the one behind Stef


"Johnny, did you hear that? Let Miss Nancy go!" The middle-aged man behind Stefan said coldly, "apologize to Miss Nancy! Now!"

Nancy frowned, and looked at Stefan's face, interrogative.

"Brother-in-law, I didn't do anything wrong!" Johnny pointed at Nancy and said angrily, "this woman seduced me! She worked with Mu group! She set a trap for me and took pictures in order to threaten you! I really did nothing, I didn't even touch her. I'm wronged!"

Johnny dared not to tell something else. He was hit by someone and woke up in the morning.

"Shut up! There are so many people here! Aren't you embarrassed enough?" The middle-aged man shouted coldly, "apologize to Miss Nancy quickly!"

Stefan walked to Nancy, took her hand and asked in a soft voice, "does it hurt? Are you okay?"

Nancy looked at him in a daze. Since when did he become so gentle?

"Mr. Li, please apologize to my girlfriend at once!" He stared at Johnny.

"Girlfriend? Is she your girlfriend?" It suddenly dawned on Johnny why Stefan set him up, for he had offended Stefan's girlfriend.

Stefan held her and pulled her into his arms.

Nancy felt that everyone was looking at her, blushing. When she was held in his arms, she tried to get rid of him, but failed. His arms were like the iron pillars, making her unable to move.

"Apologize to Miss Nancy! Quickly!" The middle-aged man came to Johnny and shouted coldly.

Johnny stared at them, lowered his head unwillingly and said vaguely, "my workers made a mistake. They offended Miss Nancy and Mr. Mu. I'm so sorry."

Embarrassed, she nodded and didn't know what to say.

Everything happened was beyond her expectation.

She didn't understand what Johnny said.

"Miss Nancy, my brother-in-law offended you. Please let him go for my sake." The middle-aged man said to Nancy.

Albert Shen.

Looking at him, she felt a little familiar as if she had heard him in the news a few days ago.

"It's not good to stand here. How about having a cup of tea..." Said Albert.

When she was still in a dilemma, Stefan said, "Mr. Shen, I don't want to bother you. My girlfriend was scared, and I'm afraid she can't drink tea well."

"Stefan, where is the negative film?" Johnny rushed forward and stopped Stefan.

Nancy heard that clearly.

What negative film?

"I have made a deal with Mr. Shen." Stefan glanced at Albert and took Nancy's hand to leave.

Nancy left.

Albert stared at her back, with serious expression.

"Brother-in-law, I really didn't touch her. Before I finished taking off my clothes, Stefan broke in..." Johnny said, lowering his head.

"Enough!" Albert said, "you shouldn't have done that, especially for Mu family!"

"So, the money Conrad owed me..."

"Be satisfied that you're not going to jail. Do you still want money?"

"Bitch!" Johnny stared at Nancy's back, unwilling to accept this fact.

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