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   Chapter 5 Striptease

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A man was chasing the Rolls-Royce and shouting crazily in front of the Hilton Hotel.

Even if Nancy in the car turned her head to look back, she would see her anxious boyfriend.

"Sir, please don't make any noise here," the doorman said seriously.

"Allen, just let it go. Let's go back."

An attractive lady got off the car and said. People of good taste could identify that the Hermes bag in her hand was a fake product.

Although she was carrying brand bags, she was still petty.

Allen turned around to look at the woman and said in disappointment, "How could Nancy... You said that she was taken away by several old men, didn't you? How could she be on the Rolls-Royce? No, I must follow them and ask her clearly! Queenie, get in the car!"

Queenie fixed her eyes on the Rolls-Royce that had driven out. She recognized that it was Stefan's car.

'How did Nancy get involved with Stefan? In such an early morning, they walked out of the hotel together...'

Then she got on Allen's BMW to chase after the Rolls-Royce.

Suddenly, she felt the car was not so good.

When she got on his BMW for the first time, she thought it was the luxury one.

But now...

While despising her vanity in her heart, she said to Allen, "Allen, don't worry. Nancy is fine. She must be fine..."

"How can she be fine?" Allen asked. "Look at the picture you sent me. She was so drunk and she was taken to the hotel by someone. You told me that's okay?"

"The car in the front belongs to Mr. Mu," Queenie said with a pretended lightness. "But Mr. Mu is not that kind of person. He never cares about women when he goes to our club. Nancy will be okay with him. As you have seen, Nancy wears the latest Prada, and she has a pair of red high-heeled shoes from Christian Louboutin. They are both Nancy's favorites. It seems that Mr. Mu treats her very well... She didn't wear them last night... "

"Enough! Stop!" shouted Allen. Allen only felt a little angry in his heart, but what Queenie said in a way that seemed inadvertent made him more and more angry.

He smashed the gas pedal, chased the Rolls-Royce and honked the horn at the same time.

'Nancy is my girlfriend!

Early in the morning, she came out of the hotel with another man and got on his car. I couldn't even catch up them...'

"Nancy, what the hell do you think I am?" said Allen, grinding his teeth.

At the moment when she saw Nancy get in the Rolls-Royce, Queenie didn't care about her friend Nancy any more. Instead, she became insanely jealous.

"Allen, don't be swayed by your emotions. Nancy isn't that sort of person," said Queenie softly. "She never minded your second-hand BMW three series..."

Allen was even angrier. 'If she didn't mind, why did she tell her best friend that this was a second-hand car?'

Allen used the turn signal to turn left and stepped on the gas, trying to overtake the car.

"John, throw off the white BMW behind you in the next traffic light," Stefan whispered with his eyes closed.

"Yes, Mr. Mu," John replied.

Nancy was perking herself at mirror. Hearing their talks, she wanted to turn around.

"You want to know what happened last night?" Smiling, Stefan handed the iPad to her and said, "late last night, you were not influenced by efficacy of the drug, but empowered by the wine. When you were stripteasing, I took some funny videos."

At this moment, John suddenly speeded up and ran a red light.

Seeing the unexpected red light flashing, Allen, who was follow

ing closely behind, slammed on my brakes and got stuck in the pedestrian crossing.

He stared at the Rolls-Royce that was speeding away, and angrily pounded the steering wheel.

"Allen, are you okay?" Queenie gently held his hands, saying, "They are going out of town. There are the deluxe private estates and resorts over there... It seems that Nancy and Mr. Mu are going there to have fun. Don't worry..."

Allen blasted the car horn. Passers-by raised their eyebrows and thought he must be crazy.

Inside the car, Nancy's face totally turned red. She took a look at Mr. Yang and John, who were insensitive in the front, and said nervously, "Be quiet. Striptease? What are you talking about? "

She knew she was not good at drinking and always made trouble when she was drunk.

It was as if there was a tiny devil hiding in her body. The alcohol was the key to unleash it.

She got drunk and got embarrassed several times, however, it was lucky that her friends were always there.

"You can check it out yourself." Stefan found it very interesting to look at her red faces.

Because he seemed to infuriate a kitten who never lost her temper.

"Don't talk nonsense. I won't do striptease," Nancy said guiltily.

Stefan clicked on the video.

"Ah!" Nancy watched her singing and lurching here and there on the screen, quickly taking the iPad and pressing the mute button.

The video played in silence, but she still felt ashamed when looking at the crazy woman on the screen.

"Stop!" She put the iPad close to her stomach and held it tightly.

"I've kept it in my mind," Stefan tapped his head.

And then Nancy picked up the iPad and saw herself jump on the bed, swinging a bra and dancing...

It was so embarrassing even the video played in silence. Back then, Stefan just watched and even took the video with his mobile phone. Was that what he did?

"Ouch!" When she saw herself fall down from the bed, she couldn't help feeling sorry for herself.

'So that's why my knees are blue and I get so many bruises.

It turns out to be a fall.'

"You just stood and watched? And why did you hold the camera so firmly? The video went so smoothly," With a stiff face, Nancy asked, "Mr. Mu, didn't you feel sorry?"

"You would pick yourself up. You also cried one. Just listen!" Stefan still showed no emotion while passing a pair of earphones.

She put on earphones, hearing herself shout, "I'm Nancy! I'm brilliant! Nancy is always the first! I say 'Nancy' and you say 'Brilliant'. Hey! Hey!"

Then she sang a song of Queen's, "We are the champions! my friend... and we'll keep on fighting till the end... we are the champions... no time for loser..."

"..." Nancy thought that she lost her face not only in this life, but also in her next life.

She dared not to look up at him.

No matter how crazy he was, she was much more crazy than he.

Then she ended the video and deleted it.

Stefan took out his mobile phone, spun it between his fingers and said, "Don't worry. There's still a copy here."

Nancy rolled her eyes and remembered what he was sending to the computer this morning.

It turned out to be this!

"Mr. Mu! Dear Mr. Mu! Your Honor! I beg you. Please delete it," Nancy lowered her head and said submissively.

"No way," said Stefan. "It depends on you."

"What do you want from me?" Nancy slammed down the iPad angrily.

"You have to be obedient," he smiled and answered, "maybe I will consider to delete it if I am in a good mood."

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