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   Chapter 4 Didn't You Take Off My Clothes

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When Nancy was taking a bath, Mr. Yang came here, with two new suits in his hand.

"Mr. Mu, we got the base number. Employees of the company are busy in revising the bidding proposal. We have already prepared a celebration party tonight," said Mr. Yang.

Stefan turned sideways to let him in.

"Mr. Mu, shall we inform chairman and madam of tonight's celebration party?" Mr. Yang asked.

"It's not a big deal. It's just a small real estate project. You don't have to inform him," said Stefan.

When Nancy came out of the bathroom, Stefan had already got dressed. He was correcting his sleeve buttons, standing in front of the mirror.

Nancy took a closer look. They were sleeve buttons of Cartier. Then she looked at his haute couture velvet suit.

'Why does he wear so elegant? It seems that he is going to walk the red carpet, ' she disdained him in her mind.

"Miss Nancy, I have dealt with the clothes you wore last night as Mr. Mu requested. This is for you. Please try it. If it doesn't fit, I will change it," said Mr. Yang respectfully.

When she saw Mr. Yang, Nancy still felt a little embarrassed. After all, she only wore a bathrobe. She took the bathrobe and seriously said, "thank you."

"It is an unalterable principle that you work hard for earning money," said Stefan. "Do you think everybody is like you and is still complacent after making mistake? If I were Mr. Chen, I would ask you to leave immediately!"

Nancy stuck her tongue out and said, "I didn't expect that you have no human kindness. You heard it..."

Seeing her escaping like a kitten, Stefan shook his head reluctantly.

'This woman was really stupid, or she pretended to be.

Her family broke up. She lived a tough life. How could she be so heartless.'

Thinking of the way she stuck her tongue out, Stefan lowered his head and smiled.

"Get dressed. Come out!" Stefan urged.

Embarrassed, Nancy said, "I I... Come in, please."

"Troublesome!" Pounding on the door, Stefan said, "count to three, come out quickly!"

After he counted to one, Nancy opened the door. She blushed and said shyly, "I, I..."

"Nancy, I have my bottom line..." Stefan took a deep breath and said coldly, "don't go too far!"

"My hands are short and I can't zip up my dress. Can you help me?" She said it all in one breath and she was so shy that she couldn't help turning her back.

Stefan's face was stiff. 'Was there any woman in the world who couldn't zip up her dress?'

Staring at her white smooth back, he shouted impatiently, "Mr. Yang! Come here! "

Turning around and holding his hand, she hid herself behind the door and said, "no need for Mr. Yang. He is a man and you are a man too. Please pull it for me. You have already seen it and he hasn't seen it yet. I... I don't want to bother him!"

Mr. Yang stood behind them, listening to these words and keeping from laughing, and lowered his head.

"What do you mean? Do you think I like to look at you?" Stefan frowned in disbelief.

"I don't want to mention it on purpose. Didn't you take off my clothes last night?" Nancy whispered.

Mr. Yang said in a low voice, "Mr. Mu, I'd better wait outside."

"Out!" Feeling embarrassed, Stefan turned to Nancy and said slowly, "what nonsense are you talking about? You took off all your clothes and tried to seduce me!"

"Me?" said Nancy, glaring at him. "No way!"

"How would I fall in love with a woman like you? Humph!" Stefan scorned her.

"What am I like?" She didn't understand why she was detested.

"You..." Failed to find good words to say, Stefan spit out, "disgusting!"

"You are swearing at me!" Nancy also looked at him and said, "som

eone looks like a decent person, but does not have any politeness."

Stefan clenched his teeth and was about to lose his temper.

Mr. Yang said wisely, "Mr. Mu, our appointment is going to be late. We'd better hurry up."

Stefan looked at Nancy. Her face hadn't been made up, and her cheeks were delicate. Her eyes were full of anger. Her lips appeared pink.

Her long half-dried hair was on her face, with water dripping.

She was like a juicy peach in summer, or a wet grass after rain, which made people want to take a bite and touch her.

"Troublesome!" He grabbed her shoulders, turned her back to him and zipped up her dress.

"Hurry up and dry your hair!" "I'll give you ten minutes," said Stefan.

"For what?" Said Nancy, "it's time for us to separate, isn't it?"

"It's not up to you to decide. Did I allow you to leave?" Stefan looked down at his Patek Philippe and said contemptuously, "you only have nine minutes and fifty one seconds left."

Nancy was still trying to fight back, but obviously Stefan didn't want to give her any chance to refute.

"Mr. Yang, please don't buy clothes of this brand for her in the future!" Stefan sat down at the table and enjoyed his breakfast.

Mr. Yang nodded, "yes."

"Hello!" Said Nancy, "what do you mean 'future'? Who will have 'future' with you?"

She couldn't hold back her grievance at the thought that she would never wear Prada dress again.

Taking a sip of coffee, Stefan said in a cold voice, "only eight minutes left..."

Nancy cleaned up as fast as she could.

"Miss Nancy, please get on the car first and then make up. Mr. Mu has left." Mr. Yang brought a pair of high heels and a cosmetic bag. He urged, "you should go now. The car has arrived."

"Where are we going?" Nancy was confused.

Mr. Yang didn't say anything and just kept urging her.

Then she walked in her high heels and wore a black Prada dress which fitted her exactly. She made her way to the hall of the hotel and walked towards lengthened Rolls-Royce Phantom at the entrance of the hotel.

She enjoyed the attention of everyone, full of luxury and dissipation.

In the past, her life was almost the same as this.

Or maybe her past life was a limited edition.

In the past three months, she had changed from a well-off lady to a heavily burdened worker.

She had gone through the fickleness of the world and all kinds of dangerous things. Only then did she understand the saying was nonsense that when God closed the door for you, he would always leave a window for you.

There were so many miserable people in the world that God couldn't help all of them. Let alone he didn't open the window for you, he would lock you in the room for poisoning you most of the time.

Nancy thought Stefan was like a smoke shell which was made by God.

She got on Rolls-Royce Phantom when the doorman made a deep bow to her.

"Tell me, what do you need me to do for you?" Asked Nancy. "You are a businessman. My father told me that you Mu family wouldn't do a losing business. What do you want me to do?"

The car was whizzing along the road. As she looked at Stefan, she paid no attention to the one, out of the window, with a disappointed and depressed handsome face, brushing past her.

But Stefan saw him.

There was an old BMW three series parked behind them. The man in the car didn't have time to calm down, so he ran out.

Staring at Nancy, Stefan asked, "do you know how to play golf?"

Nancy nodded.

"You are right." "Anyway, you are the daughter of Star Electronic's CEO. Let's play golf," Stefan said.

Nancy looked at him and thought, 'is it just playing golf? So easy?'

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