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   Chapter 3 Did We Have... Sex

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Before Nancy lost her consciousness, she could hear Stefan scoffing in the background. "If you want to have some fun, take her somewhere else," he snapped at the men.

Just when she thought he'd be her lifesaver, he turned around and bit her right when she needed him the most.

Her hope was extinguished as her vision faded to darkness.

When the men heard his approval, they laughed boisterously as they lugged the unconscious girl towards the elevator.

Stefan glared at them coldly, his lips inching up to a smirk.

"Mr. Mu, what should we do next?" Mr. Yang, his secretary, asked in a low voice.

"Follow them, of course," Stefan replied.

In the Royal Club dressing room, Queenie was haunted by fear and guilt.

Her fingers trailed down the credit card she was holding as their words echoed at the back of her mind.

"As long as you get Miss Nancy to come here, we'll give you fifty thousand in tip. Otherwise..."

She had been hesitating the whole time. Until Nancy showed up in the elevator dressed in a waitress outfit.

She had considered it as a sign of her friend's fate.

However, the card holding the fifty grand still weighed down on her hand. She couldn't believe that she'd do this, that she'd actually sold her friend's virginity at this amount.

Although she was ashamed of herself, a part of her was also pleased to see her friend's worth.

Queenie didn't know why she felt satisfied.

She gazed at the cheesecake hidden in her designated dresser.

"Look, it's a cake from the coffee shop I work for during the day. I bought it just for you,"

Nancy had said to her, a bright smile marring her face.

Without any reason, Queenie felt her heart lurch at the sight. She grasped the card firmly in her hands as she ran out of the dressing room as fast as she could. She pressed the elevator button anxiously. 'Come on.'

Seeing that the elevator was still stuck in the third floor, she immediately rushed up. That was when she saw an unconscious Nancy being dragged by a group of large men.

Fear shot through her spine as Queenie hid from the men. She could only record what was happening.

Meanwhile, she could hear Stefan's calm voice. "Don't lose them. Take a clear picture of their faces."

She held her breath and inched deeper into the crevice in hopes that they didn't see her.

"Ask all of them to go back to the company to finish their jobs. Tomorrow morning, the base price for the land of the HS Group will be handed out," Stefan ordered.

Mr. Yang bowed his head. "Brilliant, Mr. Mu. Even if Albert won't take crap from anyone, he won't just let his brother-in-law go to prison like that."

When Queenie came out, Stefan and his secretary had already gone down the elevator.

She ran down the stairs, mind still in a daze.

Seeing her go down, Mr. Chen stomped towards her. From his hardening gaze, she could tell that he was growing impatient. "Weren't you in V304? How did Nancy get involved in this matter? Did you know Nancy was being taken away?"

"Is Johnny the brother-in-law of a local gangster?" she asked softly.

"Did Johnny tell you that? They don't normally know this but..." Mr. Chen quickly whispered the name in her ear.

Queenie lowered her head to look at the record on her phone before staring at Stefan's retreating figure.

'Mr. Mu, you'll think really highly of me in the future.'

"Hey, where are you going?" Mr. Chen staggered up once he saw Queenie walking away from him. "It's still office hours! I'll cut your pay!"

When Nancy woke up, she looked around to see that she was in a hotel.

The events of what happened hours before flooded in her mind.

She remembered the dim room and the men's wretched faces as their hands tried to run down her skin. She shivered in disgust.

Although she knew what happened, she couldn't remember how she got here.

Stefan's voice rang in her ears.

"If you want to have some fun, take her somewhere else," he snapped at the men holding her hostage.

With a trembling hand, she lifted the sheets to find

herself completely naked.

Cuts and bruises decorated her legs and arms as if she'd just been in a brawl.

Nancy closed her eyes, as tears streamed down her face.

Right then, she heard someone showering in the bathroom. Her hands curled into fists.


I'll kill you!'

It wouldn't be a l

oss if she could get her hands on one of them. She glanced around the room in search for her clothes.

When Nancy couldn't find them, she decided to wrap herself with a quilt and walked towards the bathroom step by step.

She stopped, realizing that she didn't have a weapon with her.

Her eyes ran down the room, before widening in realization.

This was a presidential suite. As she walked over to the dining area, she saw a Western style breakfast set on the table. She grabbed the hilt of a knife,

inching towards the bathroom.

As soon as she was already at the door, her heart started beating quickly in her chest as the knife she was holding began to tremble.

With a splash, the door finally opened. Warm vapor escaped the bathroom.

Nancy squinted, trying to get a better look at the man stepping out.

Her jaw almost dropped.

The man was definitely not the fat guy who tried to drug her. No. This man had well-defined muscles, thin lips, and an equally angular jaw line!

It was Stefan!

He was just wearing a towel, wrapped around his hips. He was gripping it tightly as it wasn't tied up yet.

"Why are you here?" She lowered down the blade. "What did you do... to me?"

Her last two words were said so softly that even she couldn't hear herself.

"Get out of my way," he snapped, nose scrunching in disgust.

'How could it be him?' she thought.

'He just said how he didn't want to save me,


"No way!" Nancy waved her hands up in the air, raising her voice. "Did you

or did you not have sex with me?"

As she raised her arms, the sheet around her body slipped to the ground, allowing Stefan to see what was left for the imagination.

Stefan sighed, covering his eyes with one of his hands. "Go away," he snapped again.

From the way he phrased things, it seemed that he was growing more and more disgusted by her looks.

Nancy flushed as she hurriedly pulled the sheets up. "I'm sorry," she murmured,

before pausing.

'Why the hell am I saying sorry to him?

What the hell am I sorry for? Sorry for not being as pretty as you think?'

Nancy scowled. She was pathetic!

Unwilling to talk to her, Stefan reached for his table and sat down. Within seconds, he turned on his computer and stared at the screen intently.

Looking at his muscled back, Nancy gripped the sheet on her body.

She just needed to figure it out. "Mr. Mu..."

"Shut up!" Stefan pinched his nose in frustration. "Can you at least clean yourself up first? You're making me want to kill someone."

She stopped herself.

At that moment, she scrunched her nose once the stench of alcohol reached her nostrils.

"I..." She wasn't finished.

Stefan quickly picked his laptop and headed over to the sofa.

"I have to figure this out, please!" She pressed. "Last night, did we have sex?"

Just a look at her, Stefan already felt as if he was bathing in the depths of hell. He gritted his teeth.

As memories of last night washed him,

he found that he'd rather stay in the bathtub for the next three days.

'That damned woman threw up all over me, and she expects that I'll sleep with her?'

It was the first time he'd ever seen someone vomit, much less vomit on him!

Just the thought of it made him want to take another shower.

"Fuck off!" He scowled, not wanting to recall what happened.

'Remind me to never do anything out of kindness anymore,' he thought bitterly.

He saved her out of the goodness of his heart, but she paid him back by pestering him to no end.

"Did we do it or not?" She walked closer. "Please, it's really important to me."

"No, we didn't." Stefan picked up a pillow from the sofa and pressed it against her. "Now if you come any closer, I'll kill you!"

"Really?" Nancy jumped up. "So you saved me? Thank you! I'll go take the shower now."

When she finally retreated, his shoulders sagged in relief. However, just as soon as he threw the pillow far from him, she returned.

"Um...where are my clothes?"

"I threw them," he replied. "If you make one more noise, you'll follow them too."

"Okay." She pouted before heading over to the bathroom.

Nancy screamed the moment she saw herself in the mirror. Her fingers trailed down her mascara-coated cheekbones and bloodshot eyes. It was like seeing a ghost as her reflection. No wonder, Stefan hated looking at her.

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