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   Chapter 2 Help Me! Who Can Save Me!

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Depressed, Nancy sat in the dressing room.

No matter how much she begged, Mr. Chen still refused to tell her Stefan's VIP room number.

It was no wonder why he refused. The Royal Club belonged to the Mu family. There was no way that Mr. Chen would offend the master for a nobody like her.

However, she couldn't sit and let all of this happen.

She must go and ask for justice.

Nancy snuck into the staff's changing room and quickly changed into a waitress outfit.

Without another word, she hurried into the employee elevator. 'It's no matter. I can search them all one by one,' she thought with determination.

It was the first time she'd done something so rebellious. Her heart soared inside her chest as an uncomfortable feeling rose up in her stomach.

When the elevator stopped and opened, Nancy looked up to see Queenie standing. Her face was pale and sweaty.

"Hey! Are you okay?" Nancy grabbed her shoulders and glanced at the hemline of her dress. It was torn.

From the looks of it, Queenie must've encountered a couple of rowdy customers.

Queenie's face changed the second she saw Nancy. There was a pause for a second before she removed Nancy's grip from her shoulders. "I'm fine."

"You've been harassed. I'll take you to Mr. Chen," Nancy said firmly, her rage bubbling up inside of her.

"There's no need for that." Queenie shook her head. "It might just cause a scene. Why are you here?"

"Do you know which room Mr. Mu is?" she asked.

Queenie was silent for a while before she finally spoke up, "I think he entered V304 earlier. Why? What are you going to do?"

"I plan to talk to him."

Nancy didn't give much more information before stomping to the room that was mentioned.

She didn't know that this was her road to hell.

If she'd known, she would never even have thought on going.

Nancy had overlooked the guilt shining on her friend's face and walked right into the devil's trap.

She quickly stopped the waiter from delivering the wine to V304, furrowing her eyebrows when the waiter walked away.

Nancy was expecting to see Stefan's cold face when she opened the door,

only to see a completely different sight.

There was a group of men inside the room, showing off their exquisitely designed gold watches. Just as she opened the door, the men stared at her as if she were a piece of meat entering the lions' den.

"Sorry, I made a mistake," Nancy apologized, about to retreat.

"No, you didn't!" Someone came over to grab her wrist. "We were actually waiting for you, Miss Nancy!"

"You all..." She looked at all of the men one by one, narrowing her eyes. "You recognize me?"

"Of course! Your father used to be our best friend!"

"We recognized you when you were playing downstairs."

"In fact, you could even call us your uncles!"

"Come here, Miss Nancy. Let me introduce to you..."

Without any room for refusal, she found herself being pulled into the room.

Although they had said nothing but good things, their eyes were telling a different story. The way they leered and gazed at her made her even more uncomfortable.

'Queenie told me Mr. Mu would be here,' she thought.

However, as she glanced at her surroundings, Stefan was nowhere in sight.

She was pushed into the sofa as the men surrounded her.

Nancy never heard of her father having such friends.

'All his friends shunned him when he died, so where the hell did they come from?'

"I'm actually just here to deliver the wine." She faintly smiled. "I'll be leaving now." Just as she was about to leave, someone blocked her way to the exit.

"And why are you leaving?"

one of the men questioned. From the way the others bowed their head in respect, he must've been their leader.

He was incredibly large with equally big ears. There were tattoos covering his entire body.

"Did you hear? Our boss, Johnny, wants to have a drink with you before you leave!" The ma

n shook Nancy's hand, a creepy smile entering his darkened face.

Glancing at Johnny's tattoos, her eyes widened in fright.

"I'm Johnny, an old friend of your father's. Would you mind drinking with me, at least?" The corners of his lips quirked, before raising a glass towards her.

Nancy wanted to refuse, but the glass was already right on the corners of her lips. Seeing the men's urging gazes, she knew that she had no choice but to consent.

"S--sure." "What a good sport Nancy!" "Let's propose a toast!"

Several men came to give their toasts. From her observation, it could be as useless as praising her eyes or her lips. Either way, she was still required to drink each glass from them.

Nancy wasn't a lightweight. She could handle her drinks, so it was weird that she was growing more and more dizzy by the minute after her third drink.

'There must be something in the wine!' she realized.

Generally speaking, she wouldn't see double no matter how much drinks she took. Nancy knew how to handle herself.

Her face paled as her limbs went cold at the thought of being trapped in a room with these unknown men.

"Who the hell are you?" she demanded.

"Who are we? Sweetie, your father owed us millions of dollars. Now that he's dead and you have escaped without a trace, where do we get the dollars now? Luckily, we meet you here." He bared out his yellow teeth. "Tell me, how will you pay us back?"

"I'll pay you, no matter the costs. Let me go first," Nancy demanded.

"But, Miss Nancy, I'm afraid you've misunderstood us," he started. "It's impossible for us to let you go. You're not worth much, but your body on the other hand..."

"Please don't!"

Nancy tried to shake off the hand running down her skin, but it was to no avail. There were hands holding her limbs just to prevent her from moving.

"Don't touch me. Please..." she pleaded. "Let me go. I'll find a way to pay you back."

One of the men reached forward to tear her collar. The ripping of fabric echoed throughout the room.

Their laughter felt like arrows stabbing her in the back. With the dim lighting and their eerie faces, it felt as if she was already facing her own version of hell.

'How do I get out? What should I do?

God, please, help me!'

Tears were running down her cheeks as she felt a sense of despair drowning her mind altogether. She glanced up at the men, her fingers curling into fists.

"At least do me a favor and stop pulling. I can take these off myself. I don't want my manager to get angry at me."

"You're such a clever girl, Nancy. At this rate, you might be able to pay your father's debt bit by bit."

"Let me go,"

she snapped, struggling to stand up on her own. At the same time, her eyes glanced all over the room, hoping to find a sharp object that she could use.

With her eyes shining with humiliation, she unbuttoned her shirt one by one.

When she knew that they were distracted, she quickly rushed out of the room and into the corridor.

Her fingernails pierced through her palm as she gritted her teeth.

She needed the pain to keep her awake. Now that her sight and strength were wavering, she needed to rely on her acute hearing to get her by.

Nancy stopped at another door, furrowing her eyebrows when she heard a faint sound, "Mr. Mu."

This was where she was supposed to be!

Mr. Mu!

She rammed through the door with all her might, glancing backwards to see that the men she'd escaped were now close to her.

Now was her chance!

She managed to pull open the door, only to see a tall figure standing before her.

It was Stefan.

Her legs were unsteady causing her to stumble into the man's arms, her arms trembling slightly.

"Help me..." she pleaded, tears welling up in her eyes. "Please, help me."

'If he could help me, then I'll treat him like a God from now on!'

"Help me..."

she begged once more before collapsing on the ground.

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