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   Chapter 1 Offend Him I Don't Even Know Him!

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The night was decorated with beautiful lights. As neon lights flashed over the streets, everyone would look up at one of the most famous club in A City.

It was the Royal Club--the prime place to throw money around.

It was like a huge black hole, sucking out people's pockets while emitting nothing but extravagance.

"Miss, we're here."

Hearing the driver's words, Nancy Cheng woke up from her slumber.

She ignored the driver's lustful gaze as she handed out a two-dimensional code. Without another word, she got off.

"Didn't expect you to be a prostitute here."

She didn't pay attention to the driver's murmurs.

At the moment, her mind was already swimming with thoughts on how to pay her mother's medical fees.

Looking up at the huge signboard of the Royal Club, Nancy Cheng took a deep breath before stepping in with a smile.

If God was real, then she hoped that He was there for her.

"What took you so long?" The club manager raced over and pointed a finger at her nose. He scrunched up his face. "You're late...again. Do you want to quit this job? If it's not for Austin... Whatever... Just go and change before you ruin our reputation any further than you already have."

Nancy Cheng could only nod apologetically. Without another word, she weaseled her way into the clothing area while he was still complaining of her lack of 'class'.

"This club may be high-class, but his words were as similar to a street rat's."

A delicate woman squeezed into the dressing room like a butterfly.

Hearing her familiar voice, Nancy Cheng waved her over. "Queenie, come and help me."

"You're always being bullied by him. Hell, he couldn't even be this mean with the girl that came from the countryside days ago." Queenie Lu shook her head, sneering as she zipped up her friend's dress.

"What would I do without you?" Nancy Cheng sighed in relief before raising up a paper bag for her to see. "Look, it's a cake from the coffee shop I work for during the day. I bought it just for you."

Queenie Lu laughed. "I've promised Allen to look after you. You're so lucky to have met a man as good as him--so handsome and rich," she sighed. "Will he pick you up tonight?"

"He's going to work overtime tonight. He might not be able to come."

Nancy Cheng knew that Mr. Chen, the club manager, only bullied her because she was just a pianist. She'd never be able to amount to anything. However, the 'princesses', whose jobs were to entertain the guests, were different. If they were to meet an important client, he wouldn't dare to mess with them.

That included Queenie Lu, one of his brightest flowers.

"Ready? It's already late. I'm warning all of you to do your best tonight. An important guest is coming, so mistakes will not be tolerated," he shouted, stretching his neck from the curtains.

Holding her skirt by her hands, Nancy walked out of the clothing area in small steps before sitting upright at the piano. Without another word, her slender fingers flew across the white and black keys.

She played Flight of the Bumblebee first, and the entire hall was filled with the flavors of springtime.

It was only in front of the piano did she really feel calm about it all.

'Distinguished guest.'

It was hard for anyone to get into a place like the Royal Club. Cars less than one million dollars couldn't even stop right in front of the gates, except of course a taxi, so Nancy couldn't help but be curious about who the distinguished guest was.

Every time Allen Qi drove his BMW 3 Series, he had to park it far away to avoid being embarrassed by the men in the bar.

'So how distinguished can this guest be?'

Nancy saw attendants lined up on both sides of the entrance as Mr. Chen fixed his tie.

Soon, a tall and thin figure appeared at the end of the hall, wearing a haute-couture suit from Giorgio Armani.

Since h

e was far away from her and the lights were dim, Nancy could only see the outline of his figure.

But she did recognize what clothes he had. It might have been a long time ago, but Nancy also came from a long line of luxuries.

"Welcome, Mr. Mu!"

Mr. Chen took the lead and bowed respectfully.

All the attendants of the Royal Club bowed and shouted in unison.

Nancy snorted.

'From the Mu family... Huh...

He's a young man... so he must be the Stefan, the second oldest of the Mu family.

If I remember correctly, he has just taken over the Mu Real Estate, the most important industry of the Mu Group.'

She narrowed her gaze. From the looks of it, he also seemed very good-looking.

Distracted, Nancy pressed on the wrong key but she immediately recovered.

She was calm and relaxed. Only a few people could tell the minor mistake that she'd just made.

All these men were absolutely good for nothing! All they did was drink and cheers all day.

Nancy smiled when nobody noticed.

What she didn't know was that, not far away, Stefan Mu froze.

"What's wrong, Mr. Mu? Is there a problem?" Mr. Chen broke into cold sweat when he saw the man's calculating gaze.

The crowd followed Stefan Mu's gaze to the pianist at the other end of the room.

Nancy's face burned with shame as she avoided Stefan Mu's cold eyes and sour expression.

Did he notice it?

Her heart skipped a beat.

"Mr. Mu, she is the daughter of Conrad Cheng from Star Electronic. I know her uncle, so I let her play the piano here," Mr. Chen said hurriedly. "Is there a problem?"

"I don't care who she is. The way she plays..." Stefan Mu scowled as he thought of the accident that had happened in Star Electronic a few days ago. "Tell her to stop playing. Her salary should be deducted."

"Yes! Mr. Mu, please don't worry!"

Mr. Chen breathed a sigh of relief once Stefan Mu made it to the elevator.

As soon as Mr. Chen turned around, he saw Queenie Lu not far away, smiling at him.

"Queenie, stay away from him. I've heard how much of a neat freak that man is. He may look down on women like you," he slowly said. "You can serve the men in V304 though. They're incredibly rich."

Those men...

The corners of her mouth twitched.

"Well, are you okay with that?" he continued. "These men can afford a peak VIP room. They'd shower you girls with money if they have the chance."

"I'll head there in a second." Queenie winked in reply. "Who can say no to that?"

Mr. Chen smiled in satisfaction as she twisted her body and walked over to her assigned room.

As Nancy was playing to the next music score, she heard Mr. Chen's words. "There's no need to play tonight. You can get off work early."

Nancy beamed up at him. "Really? Isn't today pay day, Mr. Chen?"

Mr. Chen was not amused. "I don't even know if you're able to play the piano the next time around since you offended him, and you have the audacity to ask for your pay?"

"I offended him? I don't even know him." She furrowed her eyebrows.

"This is Mr. Mu's idea. I suggest you go. If he comes down and sees you, he might make a fuss about it," Mr. Chen insisted. "I can't offend such a man! He's practically raining with money!"

Hearing that, Nancy lowered her head. Since she left late from her work at the cafe, she came here by taxi. Now, she had no more money to take another taxi ride home. It had all been in vain.

'How on earth did I offend him?

I don't even know him!'

Life had once told her that a person shouldn't be filled with pride. Because, without food, her pride was completely useless.

She grabbed a hold of his hands. "Mr. Chen, please... I can't work for nothing... You know my family situation," she begged.

"Alas..." Mr. Chen shook his head.

"How about this?" Nancy offered. "You tell me what room Mr. Mu's in, and I'll go up and apologize."

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