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   Chapter 404 Arrogance

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After dinner, Alina called Eric and reported what she had known to him.

After that, Eric asked about Sheffield, "Is he obedient? How are you two getting along? If he doesn't listen to you and piss you off, tell Dad and I'll help you teach him a lesson."

Hearing Eric's words, Alina replied calmly, "We get along very well. He is very obedient and helped me a lot. Dad, don't worry."

"That's good. I won't call Sheffield. You go to bed early."

"Okay, bye, Dad."

Taking a deep breath, Alina threw her phone on the bed. When she caught a glimpse of the clothes in the trash can, she was stunned for a while. Then she looked away and lay down on the bed as if nothing had happened.

After a tiring day, she fell asleep soon after lying down.

On the second morning, after washing up and having breakfast, Alina looked around and found that the room light next door was on and her eyebrows were raised high.

Didn't he say he got lost? How could he come back?

Alina couldn't help complaining in her heart. Taking the elevator, she went downstairs to the food street on the second floor. It was not open to the public in the morning, but only provided the buffet breakfast for the guests living here.

The five-star hotel's buffet breakfast was quite rich. There were all kinds of flavors.

After having breakfast happily, she went back with steamed buns and porridge in her hands.

The reason why Alina was so kind-hearted was not because of her conscience, but because she was going to the factory with Sheffield later. The free breakfast time of the hotel was about to end. If she did not pack the breakfast for him, he had to eat outside and she had to wait for him. She didn't want to waste time, so she asked the waiter to pack for him.

Fortunately, the room card of a single room could provide breakfast for two people for free, otherwise it was impossible to pack it up.

Alina went straight to the door of Sheffield's room and rang the doorbell.

With a click, Sheffield in a white robe half opened the door. When he saw Alina, he asked expressionlessly, "What's wrong?"

"Breakfast." Alina handed the bag to Sheffield.

Staring at the bag for a while, Sheffield asked doubtfully, "Why are you so kind?"

"In half an hour, I will set off for Glen. It's up to you whether to eat or not." Alina said angrily and hung the bag on the door handle.

Seeing that Alina turned around and walked into the room, Sheffield hesitated for a moment and took off the bag.

He opened the bag and opened the packing box. There were only two kinds of breakfasts, and Sheffield's eyes were full of disgust.

She didn't even bring him a glass of milk or soy milk. Too bad!

After finishing the breakfast, Sheffield wiped his mouth and felt that he was not full.

After all, he was an adult man. Some steamed buns and a bowl of porridge were really not enough.

In the next room, Alina changed her clothes and read through the materials that Eric gave her. She looked at the time and then took her bag and was ready to leave.

This time, she only rang the doorbell onc

s ears turned red uncontrollably. He didn't know if he was angry or annoyed.

The driver couldn't help laughing when he heard Alina's chuckle. He said proudly, "Little girl, do you think I'm right? In fact, my sister told me all these. She said that the good-looking boys nowadays have awkward personalities, strong self-esteem and duplicity. I didn't believe it before, but now I believe it." When he said the last sentence, he specially looked at Sheffield from the rear-view mirror.

Sheffield stared at the back of the driver and thought, 'Damn it! I'm not like that. Don't talk nonsense!'

Glancing at Sheffield, Alina asked with a smile, "How old is your sister?"

"Fourteen. She's fifteen next year. She's so naughty that I have a headache!"

"The young girl is indeed a little rebellious."

The driver was a talkative person. Along the way, he talked with Alina about his sister, children and wife. There were worry and happiness in his tone.

With the driver chatting with her, the half an hour drive was much faster than last time.

When they arrived at the gate of Glen, Alina waved goodbye to the driver happily. Then she looked at the indifferent Sheffield and said, "Let's go to visit the boss of Glen."

The boss of Glen was called Samuel Fu. He had invested in this factory with his relatives and friends. He owned most of the shares. If they wanted to merge and acquire Glen, the first person they needed to deal with was him.

Alina knew from Mr. Zhao that Samuel would come to the company on Monday, so she came to block him in the morning.

The office was in the first three-story building on the left of the gate of the factory.

The building was in an old-fashioned layout. In front was a corridor, and behind was a row of offices. The stairs were in the middle.

There was no receptionist or security guard here.

Alina climbed up the second floor with Sheffield and turned right. When they passed by the first office, they were stopped by the staff inside. "Who are you? Who are you looking for? What's the matter?"

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