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   Chapter 402 Business Trip III

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"Clank, clank, clank..." Thinking of this, her phone rang. It was from Eric.

He must be calling to ask about it.

As expected, as soon as the line was connected, Eric greeted her casually and asked her about the situation of Glen.

Alina found an excuse to say that she was drunk last night and her head was still painful. She would call him back later.

Hearing this, Eric couldn't ask more questions. He hung up after saying a few words of concern.

Staring at the phone for a while, Alina sighed and dialed Sheffield's number.

The phone was quickly connected, and Sheffield's cold voice came through, "What's up?"

"I want to know what you had learned from Mr. Zhao last night."

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. I didn't learn anything."

“……” One hundred ways to kill the hero flashed through Alina's mind in an instant!

"Beep, beep, beep..." Listening to the prompt tone of the phone hanging up, Sheffield's mood suddenly became a little better.

That woman must be pissed off now!

Alina was really pissed off. Last night, she chatted with a smile and drank a lot!

She knew that the hero was hostile to her and she understood his hostility, so she didn't care about his daily verbal provocations at all. But now they were working together on business, and the hero was deliberately dragging her down. It was really annoying.

Since the hero couldn't help, Alina decided to take him as a moving doll from now on.

She picked up the phone and unlocked it again.

"Hello, Uncle Zhao. I'm Alaina. I was drunk last night and didn't drink with you until the end. I'm so sorry! Are you free this afternoon? I want to invite you to tea to express my apology. Of course, I hope I can learn more life experience from chatting with you. You won't refuse me, will you?"

"Okay, thank you, Uncle Zhao. See you at half past three in the afternoon."

Alina made an appointment with Mr. Zhao again. This time, she was going to shoot straight.

There were still a few hours before they met in the afternoon, and she could use these hours to do some preparations.

Alina called a taxi to the suburb again. This time, she was alone and had her makeup and hair adjusted.

When she arrived at the Glen's factory, she pretended to be an ordinary worker and went to the guard room. She smiled and asked the doorman whether the factory would recruit workers or not.

Seeing that Alina was a pretty girl, the doorman kindly told Alina that the factory didn't recruit workers now.

Alina sighed with disappointment, "Alas, why don't you recruit workers? I've asked several factories and they all say that they don't want workers. I think your factory is very big and the profit should be good. Why don't you want workers?"

Seeing the disappointment on the girl's face, the doorman sighed and said, "The profit was good two years ago. The business is bad now, and the boss is worried!"

"If the profit is not good, won't many people be fired in your factory?"

"Some young workers had already resigned and gone to the factory with good pay. They used to work overtime in three lines, but now they have half a day off from time to time in one line. I could be fired at any time as a doorman!"

The doorman sighed as if he had taken Alina, a strange girl, as a confidant.

"This factory seems to have been operating for many years, right?"

"Almost twenty years!" When he said this, there was a flash of prid

pped at this floor and opened the door.

Alina walked in first.

There were two people in the elevator, a man and a woman. It seemed that they were a couple.

When the man saw Alina coming in, his eyes lit up. What a beautiful woman!

The woman's eyes lit up when she saw Sheffield coming in. What a handsome man!

Feeling the man's gaze, Alina nodded to him with a smile.

The beauty took the initiative to smile at him! The man's heart skipped a beat. He couldn't help straightening his body and standing more straight.

The woman's eyes were fixed on Sheffield next to her. But when she felt her husband's excitement, she glared at Alina and pinched him hard on the waist.

'What are you looking at? No matter how beautiful she is, you still have a wife! I'm not dead yet. How dare you stare at another woman!'

The man was so painful that his face twisted. He tried his best to hold on in front of the beauty and did not cry out.

Alina was amused by the two.

Seeing that she smiled at the man casually, Sheffield pursed his lips and the corners of his mouth drooped. She really liked to seduce men!

The elevator arrived at the first floor. As soon as the door opened, the woman dragged the man and walked quickly, as if there was a monster in the elevator.

Looking at the two people's receding figures, Alina smiled.

Seeing the smile on her face as she stared at the man's back, Sheffield felt a little depressed.

What's so good about that man!

"It's no use staring at him. That man has already had a wife!" Sheffield noticed that the man and the woman were wearing the same wedding rings.

Alina looked at him strangely and didn't know what he meant.

She didn't want to talk to him for the time being.

"Miss Li, the taxi I called for you is waiting at the gate."

When Alina returned to the hotel, she asked the lobby manager to call a taxi for her.

Seeing her coming down, he immediately beckoned to the doorman to guide them.

"Thank you." The doorman opened the door for them. After they got in, Alina gave him a tip with a smile.

"You're welcome. This is what I should do." The doorman was a little surprised and took the tip with embarrassment.

In this country, only a few people would tip the doorman, especially ladies.

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