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   Chapter 401 Cash Or Transfer

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The reason why Sheffield closed his eyes was not because he was tired, but because he didn't know how to face Alina.

He just slept with the person he hated most!

After Sheffield finished, he didn't feel disgusted or regret, nor did he feel the joy and pleasure of revenge, which made him feel a faint trace of fear, but he didn't know why.

It was as if something was out of control.

When he was at a loss, he was suddenly pulled back to reality by Alina's chuckle. What was she laughing at? Why did she laugh? Was she laughing at him or at whom? Why should she laugh at him? What was so ridiculous about him?

All of a sudden, he blurted out the question.

As soon as Sheffield said that, he regretted.

They were in an awkward relationship, and another embarrassing thing happened. At this moment, the one who spoke first was at a disadvantage.

That was another reason why he didn't dare to open his eyes after that.

However, he couldn't take his words back. If he opened his eyes and closed them again, it would be too deliberate and evasive.

Alina turned to look at Sheffield seriously and asked, "What are you going to do after you slept with me?"

The muscles all over Sheffield's body tightened, and he suddenly became vigilant. He warned in a disdainful tone, "It's just a pleasure. Don't expect me to be responsible for you!"

Hearing this, even Sheffield himself felt flushed.

He was not a scumbag. After all, she was Alaina, the daughter of Wendy. She used to bully him when he was young. He wouldn't be responsible for her even he slept with her thousands of times, let alone sleep with her for once!

Tut-tut, how could the hero say such irresponsible words? It was he who took the initiative and forced her to do so. Now it seemed that she forced him to do so!

Fortunately, she was not Alaina. If she were, she would have been pissed off!

Alina didn't dare to ask the hero to be responsible for her. She couldn't afford a man with a halo.

Not to mention that he already knew the heroine, even if he didn't know her, she didn't dare to dream. What if he would suddenly tell her that he loved her only because he got used to her and his true love was the heroine? And what if he said true love came first? Then she would rather die of anger!

"Don't worry. Although I didn't do it voluntarily, I don't need you to be responsible for me. We are all adults, so we can solve it in the adult's way."

Sheffield was curious about the adult's way, but he had an indescribable feeling. "What way?"

Alina smiled politely and said, "There are two ways. One is that you give me money and I'll think of myself as a prostitute, and the other is that I give you money and you're a pimp. It's up to you to choose."

As a man with strong self-esteem, how could Sheffield allow Alina to treat him as a 'pimp'? He chose the former without hesitation. "How much do you want?"

Alina moved her sore body in the quilt, stretched out a naked arm and showed five fingers. "Not too much. Ten million is enough."

As a female supporting role, she didn't have to talk about love with the hero. Of course, it was more practical to talk about money. She didn't want to

effield who was sitting upright, Alina withdrew her sight, bent down to pick up her own clothes on the ground, and was about to turn around and leave.

Now that everything was settled, it was time for her to go back to her room.

Her hair hadn't been dried yet. It was said that it would be easy to have a headache if it was wet for a long time.

"Stop!" As soon as Alina turned around, she was stopped by Sheffield in a cold voice.

Sheffield didn't know why he stopped Alina. Maybe it was because she looked too calm when she picked up the clothes, or maybe it was because she didn't care about being slept at all, just because she thought ten million was worth it, or because she didn't care?

How could she not care? How could she feel that it didn't matter!

All of a sudden, a nameless evil fire rose in Sheffield's heart.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say. When he met the inquiry eyes of Alina, he blurted out in a cold voice.

"I will give you the money. Remember to keep your mouth shut!"

Actually, that was not what he wanted to say.

Hearing this, Alina smiled coquettishly, "Don't worry, Mr. Sheffield. I still have the spirit of the contract."

"That's good. You can leave now."

Alina turned around and the smile on her face disappeared in an instant. She grabbed the clothes in her hand and walked towards the door.

She found the room card and opened the door. As soon as she entered, she leaned weakly against the door.

She spread her hand open and looked at the paper that had been wrinkled by her own strength. Biting her lips, her eyes suddenly turned red.

Grievance and sadness surged up like the tide.

Ten million was a lot, but she didn't lack money!

She would rather he asked for ten million and write a check on the spot and sling it in his face!

Leaning against the door, Alina felt sad for a while. She adjusted her mood and looked up. Her eyes were a little red, but her expression had returned to calm.

After changing into clean clothes, Alina remembered that she hadn't asked the hero about the situation of Glen.

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