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   Chapter 399 Business Trip

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When she finally sent away the resentful Wendy and smiling Mrs. Su, Alina turned her head and saw the cold and angry eyes of Sheffield.

"You had lunch for an hour."

With an innocent look on her face, Alina asked, "Has it been so long? I just chewed seventeen times per bite as the health expert said."

What the hell? Seventeen times? Every time she had lunch in the canteen, it only took about ten minutes!

Sheffield knew she did it on purpose.

Wendy sat there with a remorseful look and swallowed the anger, which sustained him through Mrs. Su for more than an hour.

However, her mother was so angry that her face was almost distorted. Why wasn't she angry? A trace of confusion flashed through Sheffield's mind.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to him.

She didn't like Levi at all. The person she liked was Leo! That explained why she didn't care that he stole her thunder in front of her future mother-in-law.

Because she didn't care, it didn't matter.

Otherwise, she would have been as angry as her mother, glaring at him and cursing him in her heart.

Wendy had been flattering Mrs. Su. She should be eager for her daughter to marry into the Su Family, but did she know that her daughter had already had another man in her heart?

As for the mother and son of the Su Family, did they know?

She had a foot in both camps and wanted to marry a rich man with the power of the Xu Family. That was really a good idea!

Unfortunately, he was back. It depended on his permission to marry a rich man.

"Mrs. Su didn't like you before. After so many years, it seems that she is still the same as before." Sheffield thought that Alina would be ashamed into anger if he said so, but he didn't expect that Alina just nodded slightly to show her agreement.

Alina really thought it was normal that Mrs. Su didn't like her. If she was Mrs. Su, she might have the same thought, so there was nothing to be angry about.

"You are so generous." A mocking smile played at the corners of Sheffield's mouth.

Alina knew that Sheffield wanted to see her get angry, but she really didn't care about it. Thinking of that he had chatted with Mrs. Su for the whole noon, she showed a loving smile and said to him, "I heard that Mrs. Su likes matchmaking. Congratulations. It won't be long before you can have coffee with another girl!"

Hearing this, Sheffield's handsome face darkened. He seemed to have made a mistake.

He said coldly, "I don't have time!"

Resting her chin on her hand, Alina looked at him and said in a low voice, "Time is like a woman... Time is like the water in sponge. If you squeeze it, you can always get some."

"No one has the right to interfere in my private affairs," said Sheffield, looking at her coldly. He hated the way she looked on.

"You are right." Alina stopped smiling and said nothing.

Of course, no one had the right, but what about Eric?

It was said that Mrs. Su was the wife of the God of wealth of the Xu Group. Although it was a little exagg

ook a shower. After having a rest, she began to dress herself.

Eric asked Mr. Zhao of the Glen Industrial to have dinner in the hotel they stayed at six o'clock.

When it was about time, Alina came out and knocked on the door of Sheffield's room.

When Sheffield opened the door, he saw Alina in a sexy long dress and having a delicate makeup on her face. He frowned slightly and said in disgust, "Why did you dress up like this?"

Alina leaned against the wall with one hand, and made an enchanting move of flipping her hair like the person in the TV. Then she winked at Sheffield and said, "Of course I want to use the advantage of women's appearance to get more information."

"Hypocritical and disgusting." Said Sheffield in a cold voice, looking away.

Being judged by a man like this, Alina thought it was an insult to her good figure! It might be hypocritical, but her sexy and enchanting figure was graceful. How could it be disgusting?

"As an elder, I don't want to argue with a kid!"

"Whose elder do you think you are?"

Alina looked around and found that there was no one in the corridor. Thinking of the fight between them last time, she became less aggressive. "No one. What did I say just now? I didn't say anything. Ah! It's almost the appointed time with Mr. Zhao. We have to go downstairs quickly!"

It was not her fault to be a coward. In the novel, the hero had never been kind to any other women except the heroine. He had slapped Alaina in the face several times.

There were also other supporting actresses who had offended the heroine, and some of them had even been kicked by him. There was no doubt that the hero was ferocious.

When she read the novel, she saw that the hero stood up for the heroine and beat up the evil supporting actresses who made trouble in all ways. She even applauded for this.

Now she had become one of them. She was afraid!

The hero's hand looked powerful. She was afraid that she would lose her teeth when being slapped by him.

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