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   Chapter 365 Something Happened

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The second day, Professor Qin was told by the director that the headmaster asked him to go to his office after class.

"Knock, knock, knock." Professor Qin knocked on the door politely and then pushed the door open. "Mr. principal, what can I do for you?"

Sitting on the chair, the headmaster looked at the middle-aged man in front of him carefully. To be honest, from his appearance and work performance, it was impossible to know that this man was a scumbag in private.

"Professor Qin, I called you here today because someone reported that you used your power to threaten and humiliate a female student. Is that true?"

Professor Qin's face changed slightly, but he soon calmed down when he thought that he didn't succeed in getting Debra. He refuted with an excited and angry look, "Slander! It is a pure slander! How could I do that! I have a wife and a son. Besides, I'm a teacher. You know what kind of person I am. How could I do such a bad thing?"

The headmaster's face was serious. "Do you mean that the accusation is a charge of void?"

"Mr. principal, we have worked together for so many years. You should know what kind of person I am! There must be some students who are dissatisfied with my harshness to them and deliberately retaliate against me! Please trust me!"

"I haven't said anything yet. Why are you sure that the students are making up stories to take revenge on you?"

Professor Qin's eyes froze for a moment. "I believe it must have nothing to do with the teachers in the school. Only young students could do it. Mr. principal, do you really doubt me?"

Seeing the innocent look on Professor Qin's face, the headmaster knew that he wouldn't admit it until he saw the evidence. With a long face, the headmaster took out a recorder pen from the table and pressed the play button

Early in the morning, as soon as the headmaster got up, Alina came to visit him with this recorder pen.

He recognized the man's voice immediately after hearing a few words from the recorder.

Before he could listen to the whole recording, his face turned livid. He didn't expect that Professor Qin, who usually looked gentle, would be a beast in human form!

"……" This, this was obviously the conversation he had with Debra in his dormitory last night. How could it be recorded? How could it be in the principal's hands? It must be Debra who reported him! How dare she! How dare she set him up! ! !

Professor Qin finally could not pretend to be calm. He looked at the headmaster anxiously and begged, "I can explain this! It's not what you heard! In fact, I was just bluffing Debra. I didn't really do anything to her. Trust me, please!"

The headmaster showed a distressed expression. "As a university professor, how could you do such a shameless thing! Do you know that if this news spreads out, the reputation of our school will be ruined by you?!"

"I know I'm wrong. I can make a self-criticism of this matter, and also apologize to Debra in private. Can you please forgive me?"

The headmaster shook his head and sighed, "It's too late. You'd better find another job."

In the morning, after listening to the recording, he told Alina that he would deal with this matter seriously.

Alina said that Professor Qin didn't deserve to be a teacher. If such a person could still stay in the school to teach, she would not only post it on the school forum, but also report it to t

s soon as she became the director, she saw Debra's resume.

As her good friend, of course she had to open a back door for her, so Debra also joined the Xu Group.

Since she planned to be the number one landlady in the country, Alina had become indifferent to her work in the Xu Group.

She went to and off work on time every day and never worked overtime for one second.

At first, her employees thought that Miss Alaina was really capricious. Later, like her, they tried to finish their work during working hours and got off work on time.

This had also caused complaints from colleagues in other departments. They said that they couldn't find anyone in Alina's department when it was time to get off work.

Alina said directly, "Our department doesn't work overtime. If you have anything, please come to us during working hours."

Later, everyone gradually got used to the rules of Alina's department to go to and off work on time, and they even learnt from them secretly.

Eric could do nothing about it.

Ah, the stocks she bought had risen a few percentage!

She heard that the house price had gone up several hundred dollars per square meter recently.

Haha, the bonus of the small company she invested in was much higher than last year! She could buy two more houses!

Alina's life was too happy every day!

She seemed to hear the sound of money dropping into her pocket every day. It was the bell from heaven!

On a weekend afternoon, Alina was lying on a bench on the lawn at home, listening to the music and falling asleep. Suddenly, Wendy rushed over and woke her up.

"Alaina, Alaina... Something bad happened to your father!"

Alina's sunglasses were shaken off. She opened her eyes and asked, "What happened?"

"The hospital just called and said that there was a car accident. You Dad is being rescued in the hospital!" Wendy was so worried that tears were about to fall.

"……" Alina was in a trance. A car accident, another car accident! In this family, Wendy had a car accident, Sheffield had a car accident, and Eric had a car accident now. Would she be the next one?

She quickly shook off the messy thoughts in her mind and comforted Wendy, "Mom, don't worry. Dad will be fine! I'll go to the hospital with you right away!"

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