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   Chapter 364 Beast

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The college life was intense and fulfilling. Alina hardly ever had time to relax. Except for studying, she spent the rest of her time on finding projects to make money.

Knowing the future economic trends and with the help of Levi and Leo, Alina had accumulated a lot of money in just three years.

These wealth included a few stocks that had been rising steadily, a dozen houses in different locations, and a few shares of start-up companies.

Perhaps these assets were nothing in the eyes of some people at present. But in five or ten years, their value would be immeasurable.

After three years, Alina became calmer.

In the past, she would still want to enter the Xu Group, to get a firm foothold in the Xu Group ahead of Sheffield. Then she realized that there was no need for her to work hard in the Xu Group to make money for others.

Since she couldn't get a firm foothold in the Xu Group, she could change her direction, such as being the richest landlady in the future! Or she could be the luckiest investor in the country!

Alina was also working hard towards this goal.

Grade three, near the final exam.

One night, Alina was woken up by urine because she drank too much water. When she was struggling whether to get up at night, she suddenly heard a low sob from the lower bunk.

After listening carefully, she found that it was from Debra.

Debra cried in a very low voice, as if she was afraid of waking up the others who were asleep.

Alina didn't know why she cried secretly, and she couldn't go down to comfort her at this time. She listened to her crying for a while and pretended to turn over to make some noise.

She stopped crying immediately.

On the second day, Alina noticed that Debra's eyes were a little red and swollen. She thought that Debra must haven't slept well last night.

After washing up, the four of them went to the classroom together.

Along the way

but also teach that beast a lesson!" Yvonne said angrily.

Debra also looked at Alina with tears, hoping that she could think of a solution for her.

Looking at the sincere eyes of the three people, Alina touched her chin and said, "Don't worry. Let me think about it carefully. Before we figure out a solution, we can't let Debra alone, understand?"

"Don't worry. Before this matter is settled, we will stay with Debra!"

Debra looked at her roommates gratefully. She had cried for several times under the quilt and didn't know what to do. She didn't know whom to turn to for help. Panic filled her heart. Fortunately, they were here!

Finally knowing the reason why Debra cried alone at night, Alina began to seriously think about the solution.

If she wanted to deal with Professor Qin, she had to have the evidence of his obscenity. Without the evidence, Professor Qin would not admit it, and he might even say that Debra was slandering him and even seducing him.

It was not easy to get the evidence.

Two days later, Alina gave Debra something and told her to take action alone.

Debra was stopped by Professor Qin soon. He asked her to go with him to his dormitory to study. Debra didn't dare to refuse, but reached into the side bag of her schoolbag.

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