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   Chapter 280 Concrete Column

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"... I'll ask someone to buy it for you now." Garth said after thinking for a while.

Not to mention the friendship between the two, just from the fact that Alina was a guest of the Tang Family, as the host, he couldn't let the guest go back barefoot, which would disgrace the Tang Family.

It seemed that this was the only way. Alina had no other choice now. "Okay, buy a pair of shoes that can match my dress. Or I will be laughed at!"

Alina didn't want to believe a childlike man's taste, or she would be the one to lose face.

"Don't worry. I know!" Garth felt annoyed. After all, he had a sister. How could he make such a stupid mistake!

"I'll find someone to bring you the shoes. Do you want to stay outside or let me find you a room to have a rest?"

It had to be said that Garth, who had a sister, was very considerate. He thought that it would be inconvenient for Alina to walk around with one foot bare. If she stayed in the hall, she would inevitably be noticed by others.

Alina thought for a while and asked, "Do you have a room for guests to rest?"

"Yes, there is one on the first floor, but it is a little small."

After entering the "little small" room mentioned by Garth, Alina rolled her eyes and said, "Is this your "little small" room?"

It was more spacious than the master bedroom of an ordinary house.

What an evil rich man!

When Garth was about to say something, his phone rang. When he saw "sister" on the screen, he got nervous and quickly said, "My sister is looking for me. Have a good rest here. I'll ask someone to bring you the shoes as soon as possible!" Then he ran away anxiously.

As soon as the door was closed, the room was quiet.

Alina sat on the sofa for a while, feeling bored. Suddenly, her conscience reminded her of Leo who was called over by her.

He had to face Levi and all the people present alone. Would he be all right?

When he was at his home, he seemed to be able to deal with it well. It should be okay in another place?

Alina comforted herself.

Leo, who had been abandoned by her, was still sitting in his original position, even without changing his posture.

But the difference was

over!" Alina was a little surprised.

When a waiter heard her, he pointed out the window and said, "Not yet. Everyone went out for a barbecue."

Alina looked in the direction he pointed. In the distance she could see the lawn blazing with lights and the fires burning, and heard the sound of music.

"Miss, aren't you going to have fun?" The waiter saw that Alina turned to the other side of the hall instead of the door and couldn't help asking.

"Well, I'll go later," replied Alina, tilting her head.

Leo might not be in the rest area now, right? Although she felt that he must have left, out of a sense of guilt, she was going to have a look.

Knock, knock, knock... In the quiet hall, the heels hit the floor loud and clear.

As soon as she saw the table in the rest area, she met a pair of dark eyes.

Leo kept the same posture as a long time ago, and his head turned to the direction of Alina.

"You're finally back!" The boy's eyes lit up, showing a happy smile.

Alina felt moved and guilty. She took a few steps closer and said guiltily, "Leo, are you waiting for me here all the time?"

The boy nodded slightly and looked at her. "Yes, I know you will come back."

"Well... Leo, you are really a good man!" Alina rushed over and felt warm.

She held the boy in her arms. He blushed and his eyes were as bright as stars.

"What are you doing?" The touching atmosphere was suddenly interrupted by a fierce shout.

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