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   Chapter 274 Black Day

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By the time Alina had finished shopping, went to the toilet and rushed to the emergency room, Sheffield had stopped the nosebleed and was walking out with the driver.

They happened to meet at the door. There were few people at night, so they saw each other at a glance.

"What did the doctor say?" Alina asked the driver with her pale lips.

The driver was stunned. He looked at Sheffield next to him and answered, "The doctor said that he didn't break his nose bone. He will be fine after stopping the bleeding."

Hearing this, Alina breathed a sigh of relief. She looked away from the face of Sheffield and said weakly, "Let's go home."

When she turned around, she suddenly stumbled and instantly looked bad. She was completely supported by her will.

In order to cover the mess on her trousers, Alina loosened the straps of her schoolbag and hung them on her arms, so that the schoolbag just fell on her buttocks.

This was the only way she could think of.

"Wait a minute," shouted Sheffield. He ran to Alina quickly, grabbed her wrist and said overbearingly, "come with me!"

"You..." Before Alina finished her words, she was taken away by Sheffield, and then... She fell to the ground and was dragged some distance.

"Young, young master, Miss Alaina fell down!" The driver looked terrible. Young master was too rude to Miss Alaina.

Sheffield just found that she was dragged to the ground by him.

He turned around in a hurry and bent down to help her. "Why, why did you fall?"

Alina was speechless.

She dodged Sheffield's hand and stood up with her teeth gritted. Because of anger and pain, she suffered mental and physical torture. She didn't feel the straps on her arms slipped down.

"What the hell do you want to do, Sheffield?" Alina gnashed her teeth.

"Young master, where do you want to take Miss Alaina?"

Sheffield stood up straight and looked at Alina with guilt in his eyes. He lowered his eyes and pursed his lips, explaining, "I, I just want to take you to se

his nose and bled, so we went to the hospital." After explaining the blood stains on her body, Alina explained her look, "I don't look good because my period has come. Mom, my pants are dirty..."

"Oh, my God! Why are you so careless! Well, stop standing there. Go upstairs and change your clothes!" Wendy looked at her daughter's trousers and hurried to drive her away.

... Then Alina left.

With a stern look on his face, Eric asked, "Why did you hit your nose?"

The driver behind him was nervous.

"I bumped it by accident," answered Sheffield indifferently.

"Is it serious? What did the doctor say?" Eric asked, as if he was asking his subordinate.

"It's not serious. I'm fine."

"Hanson, do you have something to say?" Eric turned to the driver standing behind him with a dignified expression.

"Master, it is really an accident! I braked too hard that young master accidentally hit the back of the chair. It's all my fault!" The driver didn't dare to say that because he was shocked to hear young master say that Miss Alaina had a miscarriage.

Although Eric felt sorry for his son, he didn't scold the driver, "Well, I know. Drive carefully in future. Go back to bed early."

"Okay, thank you, master!"

After saying that to the driver, Eric turned around and found that Sheffield had already gone upstairs.

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