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   Chapter 271 An Uninvited Guest II

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 6518

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Unfortunately, Sheffield would be disappointed.

After the slap, Alina had changed her attitude towards Sheffield.

In her eyes, Sheffield was just an ordinary classmate, who had conflicts with her.

So even though Alina felt his sight, she didn't respond.

What should she do? She only deserved to be an onlooker.

Sheffield was staring at Alina for a few seconds, but she was indifferent. A flash of sadness and loss flashed through Sheffield's eyes.

If it were before, she would have jumped out to protect him!

"Mr. Sheffield, have you made up your mind?" Levi asked with a confident smile.

With a long face, Sheffield was too angry to speak. He gathered up the books on the desk and went away.

Holding the back of the chair with one hand, Levi proudly said to him, "Thank you, Mr. Sheffield."

Sheffield was so angry that he almost exploded!

The three of them finally had their seats before the bell rang. Mr. Su felt relieved.

Three strangers suddenly appeared in the classroom. The students were not affected too much. After all, during the class time, none of them made any noise. They looked like real students.

The classroom was lively as soon as the class was over.

Jasmine was a real beautiful woman. The loose school uniform couldn't hide her good figure.

The boys in the class were at the age of fantasizing such a beautiful woman. As soon as the class was over, everyone came up to greet her with shyness or pretending to be mature and generous, and accosted her.

The girls in the class were more reserved than the boys. They greeted Levi shyly and retreated shyly under the gentle and charming smile of him.

Looking at these innocent girls, Alina couldn't help smiling.

"Are students nowadays so bold?" Obviously, Garth, who was not as popular as the two of them, turned to speak to Alina, who was pretending to read a book.

Alina raised her eyebrows, "Are you jealous?"

"Jealous? Why s

rmulas on the paper, and she was startled.

However, she quickly looked away and focused on her problem again.

When the class was about to come to an end, Alina bit her lips and stared at the last math problem, thinking hard.

She felt that she couldn't find the right point.

"You can consider to add an auxiliary line..."

All of a sudden, Levi's voice came to her ears. Alina's heart skipped a beat. She calmed down and turned her head, only to find that Levi had got close to her.

"What did you say?"

"I said you can add an auxiliary line between A and S."

Alina hesitated for a while and added an auxiliary line as he said.

After drawing the auxiliary line, Alina looked at the question on the examination paper again. She seemed to have got it.

She wrote quickly.

When she finished the last question, the bell rang.

Most of the students hadn't finished their exam yet, so everyone was still working on it.

The math teacher saw that everyone was working so hard, so he didn't remind them that the bell rang.

He was happy that the students were working hard on the exam.

"Mr. Levi, I didn't expect you to study so well!" Alina gave a thumbs up to Levi.

Alina's impression of Levi improved at once.

"Just so-so. In Ming Hua, I'm only in the top ten."

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