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   Chapter 270 An Uninvited Guest

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They came to the canteen, fetched food and sat down at a table for six people.

As soon as they sat down, they heard a commotion at the entrance of the canteen, and then the undulating greetings from each other.

"It's the principal and the school leaders!" Michael looked in the direction of the commotion and said.

"Well, isn't the man in the middle the one who was standing outside the classroom and looking at Alaina?" Lucas recognized that the man who was surrounded by several school leaders was Levi.

Hearing this, Alina also turned her head to look. It was really Levi. Why did he come to the canteen? He would not like to savor the taste of the school canteen, would he?

Leo and Sheffield looked up at the direction of Levi and glanced at Alina from the corner of their eyes, with a thoughtful expression on their faces.

Seeing that Levi took the plate and was about to line up to get the food, Mr. Qin hurried forward to stop him and said, "Mr. Su, how can you eat the same food as a student? Shall I ask the chef to cook some dishes for you?"

"Mr. Qin, in fact, I just want to have a taste of the food in the canteen, so I asked to eat here. You don't have to worry. Just take me as a student of that year!" Levi smiled amiably.

"Well, it seems that we are a bad host..."

The principal patted Mr. Qin on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Since Levi said so, let's have dinner in the canteen today."

Hearing the principal's words, all the school leaders didn't have any objection. They all said that it was good to eat in the canteen. Then they all took the plates and waited in line to get the food.

When Levi passed by Alina's table with a plate of food in his hand, he stopped and called Alina in surprise, "Hey, what a coincidence to see you sitting here!"

Alina looked up and smiled, "Yes, what a coincidence."

"I called you several times after class, but no one answered." Levi looked at her with a faint smile.

Alina said apologetically, "Really? I muted my phone in class and put it in the desk. I didn't hear it. I'm really sorry!"

The others lowered their heads and ate silently.

Her acting was good!

Alina and Leo were sitting on the outside of the table. Neither of them wanted to give their seats to Levi.

Mr. Qin, who followed behind, saw that

r sit together. How about we sit in front of Mr. Levi and Alaina?"

"Okay." Mr. Su turned to Sheffield, Michael and Cary and said, "You three sit at the back to make room for them."

Reluctantly, Cary and Michael moved.

But Sheffield didn't move.

The three of them had come down from the platform. Seeing that Sheffield didn't move, Mr. Su, who followed behind, had a headache. Just now, he was just trying to fulfill the will of the bosses, but forgot that Sheffield was also a stubborn child.

"Well, Sheffield, could you please sit at the back for the time being? They will only have one or two classes and you can be back soon." No matter what he said, Sheffield didn't move.

Mr. Su looked at Alina for help.

Alina looked at the sky and the ground, avoiding eye contact with him.

Things went to an impasse.

Levi felt that Sheffield had no respect for him and his eyes gradually became cold.

How dare he disrespect him!

Levi took a look at his watch and said to Sheffield with a fake smile, "We don't have much time. It'll be late if you don't move."

"Why I..." Sheffield was interrupted.

"Eric often told me that you were rebellious. I once comforted him that it was not a bad thing for a boy to be rebellious. What do you think?" Levi looked at Sheffield with a smile, but his eyes were fierce.

He was warning Sheffield that your father also had to respect me, so you couldn't provoke me!

Hearing his words, Sheffield looked terrible. He clenched his fists and looked at his desk mate expectantly.

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