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   Chapter 267 The Cooperation Failed

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When going upstairs, Sheffield was still walking in front of her, and Alina was one step behind him.

Why was he still in front of her after such a long pause? Alina thought, looking at the figure in front of her.

She was confused for a moment, but soon she forgot it.

To put it bluntly, the road was not hers. It didn't matter whether he walked fast or slowly.

Alina, who was walking behind them, had no intention of overtaking. Anyway, it was not a long way to the bedroom, so she wasn't in a hurry.

She was relaxed, but the mood of Sheffield who walking in front of her was much more complicated.

She had made a clean break with him, but he couldn't help waiting for her. What a loser!

Was he walking too slowly? Could he be in her way?

Was this how they got along with each other in the future? His father should be relieved!

His father wouldn't have to worry about him being with that girl he didn't like anymore.

Looking at the door in front of him, Sheffield stopped. The moment he stopped, Alina, who was walking behind him, took a step aside to pass him.

Otherwise, she would bump into him.

They were not in an idol play. She and Sheffield were not the heroine and hero, and she was not blind. She couldn't do such a stupid thing!

Click -- There was a sound of the door lock turning. Alina opened the door first.

She raised her hand to turn the doorknob, pushed the door in, and closed the door. The girl's movements were fluid without a pause.

Unlike him, he stood at the door, with his hand on the doorknob, and did not turn it for a long time.

She had already entered, but he was still standing at the door like a fool! With a self-mockery smile, Sheffield turned the doorknob and a crisp click sounded.

After entering the room and putting down her schoolbag, Alina suddenly realized that Sheffield had just stopped at the door. Did he have something to say to her?

As an arrogant person, even if he wanted to make up, he would not speak out.

He was most likely to put on a posture. After she took the initiative to show her kindness, he would take advantage of the situation to achieve his goal and save face.

In the past, she would try to make up with him as he wished, but unfortunately, she was not willing to do so now.

Alina smiled, took off her clothes, hummed a song and walked into the bathroom.

Half an hour later, she walked out of the bathroom.

She hadn't got the answer to yesterday's question. Alina took out her phone and dialed a number.

"Beep... Beep..." As soon as the phone was connected, Alina asked lazily, "Hello, Mr. Garth, have you made up your mind?"

Garth said in a dissatisfied tone, "Hey, girl, you're still under age. Why are you in such a hurry? At least let me think about it a little longer. You asked me yesterday, and wanted the answe

eyes down and looked at the table.

"Miss Alaina, your shrimp dumplings and milk."

"Thank you, Peter." Looking at the shrimp dumplings, Alina smiled happily.

She liked this kind of succulent and tender shrimp dumplings! It was really an enjoyment for her.

Alina gulped down the shrimp dumplings.

Seeing this, Sheffield swallowed quietly, but he didn't dare to ask her to give him some shrimp dumplings.

When Alina almost finished eating, she turned to Peter and asked, "Do you still have shrimp dumplings? If yes, I'd like to pack some away."

"Miss Alaina, do you want to bring them to your classmates again?"

"Yes, they also like it."

"I knew Miss Alaina would like to bring them to school. I had them ready."

Alina laughed happily, "Haha... You know me well!"

In less than ten minutes, Alina had finished twenty shrimp dumplings and a glass of milk.

She cleaned her hands, stood up, carried her schoolbag, took the shrimp dumplings, and waved at Peter, leaving for school.

Alina never looked at Sheffield from the moment she got up to the door.

Following her, Sheffield lowered his head and pursed his lips tightly.

The car was waiting outside. Alina opened the rear door, and Sheffield sat in the passenger seat of the car.

The driver took a look at them and said with a smile, "You are still quarreling!"

Sheffield cast a cold glance at the driver.

The driver quickly put on a serious expression.

'Don't look at me. I'm driving.'

"Ha ha..." Alina was amused by the driver's expression.

Was Sheffield's childish face so intimidating?

The tense atmosphere suddenly relaxed by Alina's laughter. The driver looked at Alina gratefully from the rear-view mirror.

Sheffield bit his lips and turned to look out of the window. In fact, he was curious about what she was laughing at. What's so funny?

"Ding Dong!" Alina's phone rang.

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