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   Chapter 264 Grievance

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 6903

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On the other side of the wall, Sheffield was lying on the bed, hungry. He couldn't sleep on his side, because his face would be pressed when he slept on his side. It hurt!

As the night grew deeper, Sheffield couldn't fall asleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, his mind was filled with Alina's shocked, angry, disappointed and sad eyes.

At the thought that his relationship with Alina might return to what it used to be, he felt stuffy in his chest, as if there was a huge stone pressing on him.

Why was she the daughter of Wendy? If only she was not the daughter of Wendy!

But if Alina wasn't Wendy's daughter and if Wendy hadn't married into the Xu Family, they might not even have the chance to know each other.

Sheffield tossed and turned for a long time. It was not until he was tired that he fell asleep.

He was still thinking about how to face Alina tomorrow before he fell asleep.

The next day, the sky outside the window was bright.

Sheffield opened his eyes and looked at the window. He squinted subconsciously and felt that the light today seemed to be much brighter than usual.

Suddenly, he thought of something. He immediately sat up from the bed and took the alarm clock on the bedside table.

Half past seven.

Sheffield rubbed his eyes in disbelief, took the phone and looked at it.

Damn it! It was half past seven. He overslept!

He jumped off the bed. He changed his clothes and brushed his teeth as fast as he could, and then scooped up some water and splashed it on his face. Without wiping it, he grabbed his schoolbag and ran downstairs.

"Good morning, young master. What would you like..." Seeing young master running towards him like a gust of wind, Peter was about to ask him what breakfast he would like to have, but before he could finish, Sheffield asked, "Where is Alaina?"

"Miss Alaina went to school half an hour ago."

Sheffield was stunned. "She's gone!"

"Yes." Sheffield turned around and left with a sullen face. Peter chased after him and shouted, "Young master... You haven't had breakfa

. If he hadn't been thinking about her all the time, how could he not notice his face!

It was all her fault!

Noticing Sheffield's glances, Alina looked calm as if she didn't notice it.

'Why are you looking at me? I won't care about you from now on! Stay away from me!'

Sheffield didn't get any response from Alina. He was both discouraged and sad. Was she really going to make a clean break with him?

Didn't she question and blame him?

He would rather she was angry and beat him up than be ignored by her like this.

Tinkle... The bell rang.

The boarding students went to the canteen to have breakfast. There were only six members of the study group and two boarding students left in the classroom.

"What's wrong with your face, Sheffield? Did your father beat you?" Michael turned to look at Sheffield with a mischievous smile on his face.

Cary and Lucas looked at Michael as if they were looking at an idiot. This child must have forgotten to bring his eyes when he went out today. Didn't he see the sullen face of Sheffield?

Raising his eyes, Sheffield gave Michael a cold stare, which froze his mischievous smile.

When the others saw it, they immediately pretended that they were doing their own things seriously and that they didn't hear or see anything.

Knowing that he had said something wrong, Michael turned his head stiffly back.

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