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   Chapter 260 Slap

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Alina spent the whole afternoon in her room doing exercises. When it was five o'clock, she went to the next room with the examination paper.

Before she entered, she asked, "Sheffield, are you done?"

"Yes." Sheffield started before Alina, and he finished it long ago.

"Then let's begin to correct it!"

The two of them exchanged their examination papers, took out the answers, and began to correct it.

In less than ten minutes, they finished. They looked at each other and asked at the same time, "How much do I get?"

"Tell me first!" They said in one voice again.

"Well, let's look at it by ourselves!" Alina shoved the exam paper to Sheffield with one hand and took her own with the other hand.

There were two examination papers, two hundred and fifty-two for science and one hundred and twenty-one for math, so the total score is three hundred and seventy-three.

Alina remembered that Sheffield's science was two hundred and thirty-three points and math was one hundred and thirty-nine. His total score was three hundred and seventy-two.

"Wow... Young people are daunting! But I won. Please buy the milk tea next week!"

Raising his chin slightly, Sheffield said arrogantly, "I lost. It's just a week's milk tea, on me!"

Thinking of that someone would buy her milk tea every day in the next week, Alina smiled and said, "I want double pearls for milk tea!"

Glancing at her, Sheffield refused, "Sorry. There's only milk tea, no pearls."

Alina widened her eyes with dissatisfaction, "Hey, do you know that milk tea without pearls has no soul?"

"I don't care whether it has a soul or not. It's not me who drink it. If you want to drink a soul milk tea, you can tell the boss yourself," said Sheffield indifferently.

"Sheffield, do you know what you look like now?"


"Rascal!" Alina said sadly, "Please give me back that sincere and kind young man!"

After rolling his eyes, Sheffield ignored the girl who was good at acting and lowered his head to study the problems he did wrong.

After playing for a while, Alina noticed that Sheffield had started to do the


Alina didn't expect that Sheffield would slap Wendy.

After slapping her, Sheffield said coldly, "Get out!"

Wendy's face swelled up quickly, which showed that Sheffield used all of his strength to slap her.

Wendy turned her head and covered her face with her hands. She couldn't believe. "You, you hit me..."

"Mom!" Alina was shocked and immediately rushed over. She held Wendy, turned around and glared at Sheffield, "Why did you hit my mother?"

In the face of Alina's questioning, Sheffield pursed his lips stubbornly without saying a word.

Seeing that he neither explained nor apologized, Alina got angry. They would leave if he didn't welcome them. Why should he hit her?

"Sheffield, I've always treated you as my family. You're just an ungrateful wolf!" She was so angry that she blurted out the hurtful words.

When Sheffield heard her words, his eyes were full of self-mockery and injury. That was how she thought of him!

"Mom, let's go to my room!" Alina glared at him and helped Wendy to the door.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, a complicated expression appeared on Sheffield's face. He murmured, "Ungrateful, who on earth is ungrateful?"

There were still two pieces of examination paper on the desk, on which there were two red pens. One of them was leaking and a large part of the paper was stained with red.

It seemed that someone was bleeding on it.

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