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   Chapter 256 Being The Host

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His stepdaughter not only made a new friend, but also had a good time with him. Eric quickly gave up the idea of looking for Alina, and continued playing golf with Fatty.

As the sun rose and it got hotter and hotter, Eric put away his golf club and warmly invited Levi, Fatty, Miss and Mr. Tang to have lunch together.

With Fatty's persuasion, Levi and Jasmine agreed soon.

It was not until then that they realized that Garth and Alina seemed to have disappeared.

Everyone was an adult, and they knew what happened.

The happiest ones were Eric and Jasmine. One gave his daughter a thumbs up, and one gave her brother a thumbs up. Good job.

Levi gritted his teeth secretly and was annoyed. The little girl really couldn't resist the temptation, but he was not worse than Garth. Why did she resist his temptation?

"It seems that Alaina didn't bring her phone with her when she came out. I wonder if Mr. Garth has brought it with him." Eric's idea was to ask Jasmine to contact her brother.

In fact, Jasmine was also curious about where her brother had taken Alina.

So she took out her phone, found Garth's number and dialed it.

Just in a moment, they heard a phone ringing not far away. "Ring, ring, ring..."

The three looked to the direction of the sound and saw Alaina and Garth waving at them at the first tee.

"Where have you been? I haven't seen you for a long time." Jasmine teased the two people who were walking towards her.

"We just sat on the stairs over there and chatted for a while."

"Chat? It seems that you two get along well with each other." Glancing at Levi, Jasmine smiled meaningfully.

"Mr. Garth said that he graduated from the Ming Hua High School. I'm studying in Ming Hua now, so I've been talking with him about our school." Alina said openly. She didn't want Jasmine to think too much.

Seeing that Alina didn't want to seize the opportunity at all, Eric was a little angry. 'What's the little girl thinking? Mr. Garth is so rich. His sister has tried to make a match for you two, but you still don't understand. What a blockhead!'

However, when Levi heard Alina's words, he smiled happily. "In fact, I'm also a student of Ming Hua. We can also talk about school together."

The smile on Jasmine's face suddenly froze. She thought that with the help of Garth, Levi would certainly feel estranged and angry with Alina. But to he

er, and two stilted buildings perched above the water. They looked very novel.

"Nice environment." Levi got out of the car, looked at the green mountains and gave a sincere evaluation.

"As long as you are satisfied," said Eric with a smile.

The waiter led them to the banquet house. There was a big grape trellis in front of the building. There were two tables under the grape trellis. One was already seated, and the other was empty.

"How about we sit outside? The sun is blocked by the grape trellis anyway. It's comfortable to be blown by the wind." After saying that, Jasmine walked to the grape trellis without waiting for others to speak.

Of course, Garth followed his sister and walked over.

The expression on Eric's face froze. He felt a little uncomfortable that Jasmine made the decision on her own. After all, he was the host, and the decision should be made by the host, right?

"It's really comfortable to sit outside. Mr. Levi, Mr. Wang, how about we sit outside?"

"Okay, I have no objection. Anyway, wherever we sit, we can eat!" Fatty sat on the chair. He was so heavy that the chair creaked.

Levi smiled and walked to the table indifferently.

On the contrary, Alina stood there with hesitation. She wanted to walk over but stopped on a second thought.

She had bad memories of eating under the grape trellis.

"Alaina, why you stand in the sun? Come and sit here." As Levi said, he pulled out the chair between him and Jasmine and looked at Alina.

Alina was speechless. 'Is he insane?!'

Jasmine was glaring at Alina. 'Who dares to sit here!'

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