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   Chapter 255 Ex-Fiancee

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 7244

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Hearing the voice, Alina and Levi turned their heads at the same time.

What came into view were a beautiful woman and a handsome man. The two of them looked like each other, and Alina thought they should be relatives.

A touch of impatience flashed across Levi's face when he saw them. "Jasmine, why are you here? You don't like playing golf, do you?"

"I don't like it, but my brother likes it. I came with him. I didn't expect to meet you here. What a coincidence!" Jasmine looked at Alina up and down with hostility and asked in disdain, "Who is she? Your new girlfriend, humph, just this figure..."

Alina took a look at her big bust, which was so big that even a loose T-shirt couldn't cover it. She had to admit that compared with the sexy figure of Jasmine, her underdeveloped figure was really not attractive.

But it didn't matter. She was young!

"It's none of your business who she is. There is no relationship between us anymore. Please mind your own business, Miss Tang."

Walking closer to Levi, Jasmine raised her eyebrows and said in a coquettish tone, "Miss Tang... You didn't call me that before!"

Alina immediately remembered a scene in a movie: When you liked me, you called me sweetie. But now you don't like me anymore, and you call me Mrs. Niu.

Puff... Thinking of this, Alina almost burst into laughter. Fortunately, she bit her lips and held back her laughter.

Noticing her expression, Garth asked in confusion, "Miss, what are you laughing at?"

Huh? Alina was dumbfounded. She didn't expect to be caught.

Levi and Jasmine also fixed their eyes on her. Especially Jasmine, she looked at Alina with unfriendly eyes.

Faced with the inquisitive eyes of the three people, Alina said calmly and innocently, "I'm not laughing at all. I just felt a little itchy on my body just now. I can't help grinning. You misunderstood me, Sir."

"Humph!" Jasmine snorted arrogantly, thinking that she didn't dare to laugh at her.

Hearing her answer, Levi showed a faint smile.

Seeing the innocent and honest look on Alina's face, Garth frowned with suspicion. Was he really wrong?

"Levi, why don't you introduce her to us?

The more they talked, the more congenial the two became. They found a step and sat down to chat, forgetting to play golf.

On the other side, after a round, Eric and Fatty came back. When he saw that the woman standing next to Levi was not Alina, Eric was stunned and looked around. Eh, where was his daughter?

With a club in his hand, Eric walked towards Levi and asked, "Mr. Levi, where is my daughter Alaina?"

"Isn't she over there?" As Levi spoke, he looked at the tee over there, but no one there.

Glancing at the embarrassed Levi, Jasmine smiled at Eric and said, "Your daughter is with my brother. The two young people may go somewhere to enjoy the scenery."

Eric looked at Jasmine up and down and asked Levi, "Who is this lady?"

"This is Miss Jasmine of the Tang Pharmaceutical Group. Jasmine, this is Alaina's father, Mr. Xu from the Xu Group."

"Hello, Miss Tang." Mr. Xu said with a smile.

Compared with Eric's enthusiasm, Jasmine was cold and reserved. "Hello."

'She is Jasmine from the Tang Pharmaceutical Group. It seems that the Tang Family had been engaged to the Su Family before. Is this Miss Tang who had been engaged to and canceled the engagement with Levi?' Mr. Xu thought quickly and couldn't help feeling that it was not appropriate to bring Alina here today.

However, she just said that Alina was with her brother, who was the young master of the Tang Pharmaceutical Group. That sounded good.

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