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   Chapter 251 Fell On Each Other

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 6923

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She was asleep!

The shyness in Sheffield's heart caused by the intimate contact between the hero and the heroine faded away like the tide. In the darkness, he stared at the girl with a poker face.

He felt frustrated.

She didn't seem to like the movie he chose. He should ask her before buying the ticket.

Alina didn't wake up until she was stepped on by someone accidentally. When she opened her eyes, she found that the otherwise dark cinema was brightly lit and the audience had left.

She... She fell asleep until the end! Where was Sheffield?

Alina turned her head in a hurry and happened to meet the gaze of Sheffield, who was staring at her with one hand supporting his chin.

"You wake up."

"Aha..." Alina was a little embarrassed, "Well, everyone has left. Let's go back."

Then she stood up and was about to walk to the corridor. She took two steps, felt nothing moving behind her, and turned back.

With one hand supporting his chin, Sheffield leaned against the back of the chair, showing no intention of standing up.

"Everyone has left. Why are you still sitting here? Do you want to stay overnight here?"

Sheffield put down his hand and looked at Alina indifferently. Alina felt a little guilty and coughed, "What... What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?"

Sheffield pursed his lips and glanced at his legs. "I'm numb. I can't get up."

Alina was stunned. Could one's legs feel numb if he sat too long? Well... It was not impossible.

After hesitating for a moment, she asked tentatively, "What can I do for you? How about... Let me help you?" As she spoke, she stretched out her right hand to Sheffield.

Sheffield took her right hand and tried to stand up, but he pulled too hard. Alina lost her footing and the two fell back into the chair together.

Alina threw herself on Sheffield, with her chin on his shoulder, one of her legs kneeling on the chair between his legs, and the other kneeling on his thigh. The posture was very embarrassing.

"Ouch..." The unexpected fall made Sheffield gasp.

Alina stood up

d them? Why does your Dad still look like that?"

In fact, Sheffield only told Peter.

"Where have you been? Why you came back so late?" Eric stared at them and said coldly.

With an expressionless face, Sheffield answered coldly, "We didn't go anywhere."

As his son was disobedient, Eric stared at his stepdaughter with gloomy eyes and said, "Alaina, tell me."

"We went to see a movie after the evening self-study to celebrate Sheffield's progress, so we came back a little late."

Hearing Alina's explanation, Eric's face softened a little.

"Go upstairs and have a rest. As a girl, you should go home early, so that your mother and I won't worry about you."

"Yes, I know, Dad." Alina cast a glance at Sheffield and walked towards the stairs.

When she passed by Eric, she was suddenly stopped by him. He stared at Alina's lips and asked with a dark expression, "What's wrong with your mouth?"

After a short pause, Alina replied, "Well, I stumbled over the steps and hurt my lips."

In fact, when she fell on Sheffield, she knocked her chin against his shoulder. She found it later in the car.

"Be careful in future." Eric said without any emotion.

Alina replied and left.

As soon as she left, father and son were alone in the quiet living room.

After a long silence, Eric said in a low voice, "Go to the study. I have something to ask you."

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