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   Chapter 250 I Win

Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel By Guxin Ruchu Characters: 7045

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Nobody knew since when the fight between Leo and Sheffield had turned to the surface.

Alina had made a contribution.

Since she faintly felt that Leo and Sheffield competed against each other, the fujoshi spirit she had buried began to burn.

The two boys were both beautiful, one tall and the other short. Their eyes often met in places she didn't notice. Just thinking about it, she could make up a novel of a hundred thousand words!

Alina thought that as an open-minded person, she should support boy's love. After all, it was eye-catching for two beautiful boys to stand together.

With this kind of indescribable thought, she began to "alienate" them from each other.

What she liked to do most was to ask Cary and others to bet on whose scores were higher in an exam. The stake was three-day pocket money.

They liked to see them in a love-hate relationship!

Seeing that the flames of war were about to burn herself, Alina tactfully came to a move, avoiding the death question.

Tinkle... The bell rang. Seeing the math teacher striding in with the examination paper, everyone let out a wail again.

"Come on!" Alina raised her fist and said to Sheffield.

After taking a look at her, Sheffield lowered his eyes and pushed an open notebook in front of Alina. It said, "If I win, will you invite me to watch a movie on weekend?"

Alina moved her pen and quickly pushed the notebook back.

Leo's eyes darkened when he saw the interaction between the two.

The math teacher was distributing the examination papers from group to group.

The students in front passed down the examination papers, and soon came to Alina. She turned around and handed the last examination paper to Leo, and said to him with the same gesture, "Come on!"

"Okay." Leo blinked his eyes and pursed his lips.

They had to hurriedly finish the exam in two classes.

When the math teacher asked them to hand in their exam papers, many students complained that they hadn't finished it yet.

The math teacher stood on the platform and looked at the students who were struggling and didn't want to han

were going to the Times Commercial Square, she was confused. "Why we go there? Isn't there a cinema in our neighborhood?" 'Why should we go so far?'

"The cinema in the Times Commercial Square has just been renovated. It's clean."

Alina was speechless. The reason was too powerful for her to refute.

When they arrived at the cinema, Sheffield went to buy the tickets. When he came back, he not only had the tickets in his hand, but also a large bucket of popcorn and two cups of ice coke.

Surprised, Alina took the popcorn and teased, "You are familiar with the set meal of the movie! You used to come here a lot?"

Sheffield rolled his eyes at her. Anyone who had ever watched a date between the hero and the heroine on TV knew that.

"By the way, have you told Dad and Mom that we are going to watch a movie?"


Before long, the announcement was made that everyone was allowed in.

The movie was a literary movie, about the love story of three college students.

After eating half a bucket of popcorn, Alina couldn't hold on any longer and fell asleep on the back of the chair.

She only liked to watch high-tech action movies. She really didn't like this kind of literary movies about love.

But Sheffield was watching carefully. When the hero and heroine were kissing, he stole a glance at Alina with a red face, and then found that... The girl beside him was asleep.

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