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   Chapter 249 Discovery

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Her lips were moist and soft. When Sheffield came to his senses, he found that his finger had fallen on Alina's lips.

He pressed his finger slightly, and there seemed to be a current flowing through his fingertip. Her lips were softer than he imagined!

As if possessed, he put down the book, propped his hands on the armrest of the sofa, stared at the soft lips and bent over.

Sheffield was still a pure boy. He couldn't help feeling shy when he kissed the person he liked.

Although he was shy, he was happy in his heart. It was like a dream. Was this the feeling of kissing?

When he was thinking about it, he suddenly felt a strong sight behind him.

Sheffield turned his head. "Dad..." Did his father see it?

Eric looked at his son expressionlessly. What did he see just now? His son was kissing his stepdaughter secretly!

How could this happen? He couldn't allow it! No way!

However, the more he tried to stop Sheffield, the more rebellious he would be. So he had to find a way to make the best of both worlds!

In just a few seconds, countless thoughts flashed through Eric's mind.

Finally, he suppressed the surging emotions in his heart and showed a normal expression. "Why are you back today? Why don't you stay in your grandfather's house for a few more days?"

Seeing that his father looked normal, Sheffield was relieved. He resumed his frosty tone, "Not much fun, so I came back."

"What's wrong with your sister?" Eric asked as if he just saw Alina.

"Nothing. She's tired and wants to have a rest."

Looking at Alina who was sleeping soundly, Eric's eyes flashed a cold light. "Why did she rest on the sofa but not go back to her room?"

"She is too sleepy."

Glancing at his son, Eric patted on Alina's face and said, "Alaina, Alaina... Wake up..."

Alina opened her eyes unhappily. When she saw Eric, she was stunned and called, "Dad."

"Go back to your room. Don't sleep on the sofa!"

Although Alina was not completely awake, she could feel the faint unhappiness in Eric's words. She got up very quickly and said, "I know, Dad, I won't next time." Then she picked up the quilt and ran upstairs.

Looking at the slim back of Alina, a thoughtful light flashed through Eric's eyes.

"I'm going upstairs too." Sheffield didn't want to stay in the same room with Eric at all.

"Wait a minute. I have something to ask you."


do we take it again? We'll die if we take any more exams!"

"Alas... The math teacher must have got another simulation exam paper from somewhere!"

One of the students looked back and saw his classmates chatting calmly. He sighed and said to his desk mate, "Ah... I'm so envious of Alaina and the others. If only I could be as good as them!"

His desk mate rolled his eyes at him. "It's not dark yet. Stop daydreaming, okay?"

Alina and others were indeed chatting. Cary pounded the desk and said firmly, "I bet on Leo to win!"

"I bet on Leo too!" Lucas chose to support his desk mate.

Looking at them, Michael hesitated and asked Alina, "Alaina, who are you going to bet on?"

Hearing this, Sheffield and Leo looked at Alina with expectant eyes.

Alina's scalp tingled under their gaze, and soon showed a sly smile. She stretched out a finger and pointed at herself, saying, "I bet on myself to win both of you!"

"Then I'll bet on Alaina too!" Michael followed her decisively.

"Oh! Michael, you've gone too far! We want to bet on whether Leo or Sheffield had a higher score in the math examination. Why did you bet on Alaina?"

After criticized Michael, Cary looked at Alina with dissatisfaction. "Alaina, you can't do this!"

"Of course, the more people there are, the more interesting the game will be." Alina looked at Leo and Sheffield with a smile, "Who are you going to bet on?"

"You..." The two of them said in one voice. After saying that, they looked at each other and then turned their heads away in disgust.

"Humph..." Cary and Lucas despised them.

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