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   Chapter 247 Snowman

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"Good morning, Alaina! Good morning, Sheffield!"

As soon as they entered the classroom, Alina and Sheffield were warmly welcomed by the members of the study group.

Alina pulled out the chair with a smile and replied, "Good morning, everyone."

"Good morning." It was rare for Sheffield to respond with a smile.

"Sheffield, you didn't come to class yesterday. I heard that you were hospitalized. What's wrong with you?" Cary asked casually.

Sheffield was annoyed by Cary's question and the smile on his face gradually froze. Then he said coldly, "Why do you ask so much?"

Alina turned her head and gave Leo a tacit glance.

Noticing the sudden change of Sheffield's attitude, Cary smiled awkwardly and said, "I care about you on behalf of everyone!"

'I don't need your concern!' Sheffield rolled his eyes at him.

"Alaina..." Feeling that his kindness was trampled upon, Cary looked at Alina pitifully and sought justice from her.

Alina raised her chin and said with a cold face, "It's useless to call me. I will only side with my brother."

Seeing that Alina was on his side, a flash of complacency flashed through Sheffield's eyes, and his stiff expression softened.

Cary put his hand on his chest, pretending to be sad. "Alaina, I thought you'd be fair!"

"Haha... It's not too late for you to know me clearly now. By the way, I have to remind you that you have covered the wrong side of your chest and the heart is on the left!"

"Cary, you haven't graduated yet. How could you forget your biology knowledge!" Michael grinned and teased him.

"Shut up! I did better in biology than you!"

"Well... Ahem..." Noticing that the fight between them made the students in front of them look back frequently, Alina cleared her throat and reminded them to stop.

As soon as Michael and Cary heard this, they stopped playing and sat down obediently, and soon began to study.

As a grade three student in a key middle school, everyone had a heavy learning task. No one except Cary asked why Sheffield was hospitalized.

Sheffield, who had been a little worried, soon put the matter behind him.

However, after this incident, Sheffield became clingier to Alina and more possessive.

Alina didn't think too much. She thought that Sheffield was just getting more and more willing t

l her that he came back early because he missed her.

"The back door is not locked. Push the door open and get in." After saying that, Alina took off her scarf and put it around the third snowman.

The snowman stood for her.

Sheffield did not move. His eyes followed Alina and fell on the row of snowmen. There were four snowmen... That was exactly the number of their families!

"Hey, which one is me?" Asked Sheffield with a smile.

Alina looked at him coldly and thought, 'Young man, you are thinking too much. You are not here!'

Of course, she couldn't tell the truth. "You can choose whichever you like."

"I think this one looks like me." Sheffield took off his scarf and put it around the snowman beside Alina.

Alina was speechless. 'Well, as long as you are happy!'

"Atishoo..." Alina suddenly sneezed. She rubbed her nose subconsciously.

"Your hand..." All of a sudden, Sheffield noticed that Alina's hand that was rubbing her nose was red. He grabbed the other hand that was hanging beside her and scolded, "Why is your hand so cold?"

Alina withdrew her hand and explained with a wry smile, "I just made a snowman!" In fact, it was because she had been standing outside in a daze for too long.

Looking at the four snowmen again, a touch of disgust flashed through Sheffield's eyes. "Why don't you wear the gloves I gave you?"

"Hey hey... Of course I don't want to use them."

After staring at Alina for a while, Sheffield dragged her back to the villa from the back door with a serious expression.

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