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   Chapter 246 I'm So Tired

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Early the next morning, Alina got into the car to pick Sheffield up from the hospital, with two bags of clothes and food beside her.

Was Sheffield ready to face her?

Alina refused to face him and wanted to ask the driver to bring his things to him.

'Alas, anyway, the misfortune could not be avoided! Why is life so difficult?'

Getting out of the car at the gate of the hospital, Alina carried two bags and walked into the hospital sadly.

She passed the reception desk, passed through the hall, entered the elevator and pressed the floor button. There was only Alina in the elevator because it was still early.

Click! Click! Click... Standing at the door of Sheffield's ward, Alina hesitated to open the door.

She raised her hand. Before she could put it down, the door was opened from inside.

"Peter..." It was Peter who opened the door. He stayed in the hospital last night to look after Sheffield. "Has Sheffield woken up?" asked Alina dryly.

"Good morning, Miss Alaina. Young master just woke up and is washing up."

After taking a glance at the ward, Alina found that the quilt on the bed had been lifted, and the sound of water could be heard faintly from the washroom.

In Sheffield's absence, she lowered her voice and cautiously inquired, "Last night... Is he all right now?"

All her worries boiled down to a word, "Is he in a good mood?"

Peter was amused by Miss Alaina's careful look. He thought, 'As long as you don't mess with young master, young master will be fine!'

"Miss Alaina, don't worry. Young master is all right now."

"Really?" Alina looked suspicious, as if he wasn't telling the truth.


Hearing the sound of the water dying away, Alina suddenly stuffed the two bags into Peter's hands and said quickly, "You take the clothes and food. I'll wait for him in the car downstairs." After saying that, she ran away before Peter could react.

She was still a little worried. She decided to meet him as late as possible.

When Sheffield came out of the washroom, he saw Peter holding two bags in his hands. Surprised, he asked, "Has Alaina been here?"

"Yes, she has. She's already down and said she woul

sked her now, would she talk to him? Would she? Would she? Was she angry now? He didn't mean it, really! Sheffield stole glances at Alina from time to time, getting more and more anxious.

Even after getting off the car, Sheffield didn't have the courage to break the silence.

After getting out of the car, Sheffield followed Alina gloomily and began to give up.

He didn't care if she ignored him! Yesterday, she said she missed him on the phone and felt sorry for him. But today, she ignored him. Was women's attitude so fickle?

Seeing that it was almost time for class, Alina walked very fast. As a person with a strong sense of time, she didn't like to be late.

Looking at Alina's receding figure, Sheffield was very depressed.

When Alina turned around, she found Sheffield several meters behind. He lowered his eyes and looked listless.

"Sheffield, are you stepping on ants? If we don't hurry up, we will be late!" After shouting, Alina found that Sheffield didn't seem to want to quicken his pace, so she turned back, took his hand and ran away.

"It's too late. We need to run!"

It was not until Sheffield was running for a few steps that he realized what had happened. His eyes lit up and he grabbed the warm fingers on his palm.

He turned his head to look at the girl who was dragging him to run. The depressed expression on his face was swept away, and his eyes were full of joy.

The joy of the boy was so simple!

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