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   Chapter 245 Puff

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Why did young master look at him like that? Peter was confused.

"Young master, do you want to go to the washroom?"

"... No, thanks." The boy's face turned red because of Peter's words. He was too embarrassed to keep looking at him.

The ward fell into silence.

Not long after, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Sheffield said excitedly.

The door seemed to have been muted and there was no sound when it was pushed open.

A nurse came in with her hands in her pockets. A hint of disappointment flashed across Sheffield's face.

"Sheffield? It's time to take medicine." As the nurse said, she took out a bag of medicine from her pocket and handed it to Peter. Then she paused when she glanced at Sheffield, turned around and left.

"..." From that glance, Sheffield felt the viciousness of the nurse.

The nurse was on the night shift who had just clocked in. She was curious when she heard that a patient was sent to the hospital because he ate too much.

In this peaceful and rich era, how could someone be admitted to the hospital for eating too much? She thought he was a fool, but she didn't expect him to be so good-looking. Was he brainless?

"Young master, please take the medicine." Peter had already poured a cup of warm water and handed it to Sheffield with the medicine.

Sheffield quickly took the medicine and put it into his mouth. Then he drank water and swallowed the medicine.

Rat-a-tat... At this moment, there was another knock on the door.

Sheffield tightened his grip on the cup and turned to the door. Just as he was about to speak, the door was pushed open and Alina flashed in with a few books in her right arm.

"Good evening, Peter. Sheffield, I'm here to make up your lessons. Are you surprised?" Alina greeted the two happily.

Peter replied gently, "Good evening."

Turning his eyes away, Sheffield said in disgust, "Cut the crap!"

Alina glanced at him and then turned to look at Peter. She asked with her eyes, "Who made our young master unhappy?"

Peter smiled and shook his head slightly, telling Alina not to mind.

Well, in fact, Alina was used to Sheffie

r one day in the future!

"Peter, wake up... It's late. I'll go back first!" In that case, of course, she had better go first

Peter was sleeping lightly. As soon as Alina called him, he woke up. Seeing Miss Alaina running out of the ward as if she was running for her life, he was stunned and found that something was wrong with the young master.

He hurried over and said, "Young master, are you okay?"

"Hurry up, toilet!" Sheffield couldn't hold it any longer.

Running out of the ward and into the elevator, Alina couldn't help bursting into laughter. "Hahaha..."

Fortunately, it was late and there was no one else in the elevator. Otherwise, they would think she was insane!

Sheffield's face was distorted. He should be holding it for a long time.

"Haha... Hahaha..." The more Alina thought about it, the more she felt that Sheffield was so funny.

After laughing for a long time, Alina finally picked up the books that had fallen on the ground and walked out of the elevator that had been parked on the first floor for a while.

When she walked out of the hospital, she was blown by the wind. She suddenly realized a serious problem.

Would Sheffield vent his anger on her because of such a shameful thing?

It was very likely since he was so arrogant.

She was suddenly in a bad mood. If only Sheffield had a selective amnesia!

That night, Alina fell asleep in a somewhat perturbed mood.

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