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   Chapter 244 See Through Everything

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"Blah blah…… That's it." Alina got close to Leo and said in a very low voice, afraid of being eavesdropped.

After all, Sheffield was not a generous person. If he knew that she had told others about his embarrassment, he would make trouble with her!

"..." Leo couldn't believe what he had heard. It was the first time that he had heard that someone ate too much and was sent to the hospital. He really... didn't know what to say.

Moreover, he could feel that Sheffield was against him.

Because Alina said that she was going to take the shrimp dumplings to school for him.

"Shrimp dumplings must be delicious, but I didn't eat them!" Leo opened his eyes wide and looked at Alina with grievance.

Since he lost the seat in the competition last time, Leo found that as long as he pretended to be cute and weak in front of Alina, she would satisfy his every request.

After discovering this, Leo made good use of it. He secretly let Sheffield suffer a few setbacks and felt very happy.

Looking at Leo's clear and aggrieved eyes, Alina screamed in her heart. 'He is so cute, so sweet, and so adorable...'

"Ahem..." Alina gave a dry cough with bright eyes, restrained her scream in her heart, and said with a serious smile, "It doesn't matter. Next time I'll ask my cook to make more, and you'll definitely eat it!"

"Really? Thank you!" It was rare for Leo to show a little excitement on his face.

If Sheffield knew that before he left the hospital, Alina had promised to bring shrimp dumplings for Leo next time, he would explode with anger on the spot.

In the hospital, in the ward, Sheffield was lying on the bed in boredom.

He had taken some medicine to help digestion. The doctor told him to lie on the bed and wait for the food to digest slowly.

Wendy and Eric had just come to visit him. Knowing that his son stuffed himself into the hospital, Eric scolded him with a long face, and Wendy snickered beside him.

After that, Eric said that he had something to do and left with Wendy.

Although he had been used to his father's scolding, Sheffield still felt a little sad.

After all, he was his father.

After sending the master and madam away, Peter turned around and went back to the ward. Seeing the young master's listless face, he felt heartbroken.

When he caught a glimpse of

would ask about the reason why Sheffield was hospitalized, and that Sheffield would be embarrassed to answer.

But in fact, the reason why Alina didn't want to go was very simple. She was lazy.

In a twinkling of an eye, the night came. Lying on the hospital bed, Sheffield was waiting eagerly.

'Why haven't you come yet? Why haven't you come yet? Can't you finish your study earlier and come here?'

She had promised to tutor him, but she still didn't come yet.

At the bedside, there was a schoolbag and several books, which were specially asked by Sheffield to bring here.

Seeing the annoyed and impatient look on Sheffield's face, Peter said, "Young master, the driver has gone to pick up Miss Alaina. She should be here soon."

"I don't care whether she comes or not!" Sheffield said with an arrogant expression.

Peter had seen through everything. As an elder and butler, of course he would not say anything.

After turning a few pages quietly, Sheffield suddenly frowned and muttered. "Do you think there is a traffic jam?"

Peter was speechless. 'Didn't you say that you didn't care? Only two minutes had passed!'

Sheffield looked around and suddenly fixed his eyes on the phone beside his pillow. How about making a call to ask?

Would it seem that he was too eager if he made the call? What if she thought he liked her more than she liked him and became proud?

No, no. He couldn't call her!

Sheffield slowly moved his eyes from the phone to Peter.

Peter was confused. Why did the young master look at him?

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